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Giving rapid relief therapy for the following is a patient with asthma's top priority in terms of self-management:

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A self-management priority for a patient with asthma is to provide quick relief therapy for bronchospasm.

Bronchospasm refers to the sudden constriction of the smooth muscles in the airways, resulting in the narrowing of the bronchial tubes and difficulty in breathing. It is a characteristic feature of asthma and can lead to symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing.

When the ambulatory care nurse says: "During a patient's office visit, the ambulatory care nurse exhibits an understanding of the components involved in getting an accurate medication reconciliation."

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This statement by the ambulatory care nurse demonstrates knowledge of factors involved in obtaining an accurate medication reconciliation during a patient's office visit. It highlights the understanding that natural products, such as herbal supplements or alternative remedies, can potentially interact with other medications.

A 20-year-old patient phones the office to complain about a buddy who has been consuming alcohol excessively all day. First, the ambulatory care nurse assesses the buddy to see if:

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The ambulatory care nurse first determines whether the friend is exhibiting labored breathing.

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to alcohol poisoning or alcohol overdose, which can have serious health consequences. One of the potential signs of alcohol poisoning is labored breathing. If the friend is exhibiting labored breathing, it may indicate a medical emergency and immediate medical attention should be sought.

The ambulatory care nurse screens the patient if she suspects drug-seeking behavior by asking about the patient's medical history, including the patient's age at first use, frequency of use, tolerance and withdrawal symptoms, and:

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The ambulatory care nurse who suspects drug-seeking behavior screens the patient by obtaining a health history including the age of first use, frequency of use, symptoms of tolerance, symptoms of withdrawal, and mental functioning.

Within the context of home health care, the following are the nurse case management's main responsibilities:

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The primary responsibility of nursing case management within the home health care setting is to provide continuity of care.

Nursing case management in home health care involves coordinating and overseeing the delivery of healthcare services to patients in their own homes. The goal is to ensure that patients receive comprehensive and continuous care throughout their healthcare journey.

A sebaceous cyst is excised from a patient. The patient receives detailed written and verbal instructions from the ambulatory care nurse about how to care for their wounds, how to recognize infection symptoms, and when to return for suture removal. The nurse exhibits competence in this patient's post-procedure follow-up by:

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The nurse demonstrates skill in following up with this patient post-procedure by calling the patient to evaluate their condition according to facility policy.

Following up with patients after a procedure is an important aspect of post-operative care. It allows healthcare providers to assess the patient's recovery, monitor for any complications, and address any concerns or questions the patient may have.

Using protocol during telephone triage has the following advantages:

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A benefit of protocol use during telephone triage is to enhance decision making.

Telephone triage involves the assessment and prioritization of patients' symptoms and concerns over the phone to determine the appropriate level of care. Protocols or guidelines are often utilized during telephone triage to provide standardized approaches for assessing symptoms, asking relevant questions, and making appropriate decisions regarding the level of urgency and recommended actions.

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