FREE ALAT Ethics in Animal Research Questions and Answers


Which of the following is an ethical responsibility of an Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician?

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Technicians must report any signs of mistreatment or distress to ensure ethical treatment of animals.

How can an Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician contribute to the refinement of animal research procedures?

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Technicians can contribute by suggesting and implementing improvements in care and handling to minimize distress and enhance welfare.

What does the term "3Rs" in animal research ethics stand for?

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The "3Rs" stand for Replace, Reduce, and Refine, guiding principles for ethical animal research to minimize the use of animals and improve their welfare.

When an animal's pain or distress cannot be adequately alleviated, what action should be considered?

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Euthanasia should be considered to prevent unnecessary suffering when pain or distress cannot be alleviated.

Why is it important for an Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician to stay informed about current ethical standards and regulations?

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Staying informed about ethical standards and regulations ensures the humane treatment of animals and legal compliance.

What is the primary ethical principle guiding animal research?

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The primary ethical principle is to minimize harm and distress to animals while conducting research.

What should an Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician do if they observe a protocol deviation that compromises animal welfare?

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It is crucial to report any protocol deviations that compromise animal welfare to the IACUC or a supervisor for corrective action.

Which of the following documents provides guidelines on the ethical treatment of animals in research?

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The Animal Welfare Act provides guidelines on the humane treatment of animals in research.

What is the role of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)?

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The IACUC is responsible for overseeing and evaluating the animal care and use program within an institution.

Why is it important to use the minimum number of animals necessary in research?

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Using the minimum number of animals necessary helps to align with ethical standards and minimize suffering.

What is the ethical significance of providing environmental enrichment to laboratory animals?

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Environmental enrichment is ethically significant as it reduces stress and allows animals to exhibit natural behaviors.

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