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Florida Atlantic University has moved up as a top national university in Social Mobility rankings. It is now #112 in the U.S. among Top Public Universities. This is up from #131 the year before, the biggest jump in Florida for two years in a row. Also, it climbed to #209 in the Top National Universities, from #262 last year.

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Key Takeaways

  • FAU is a top-ranked university in Florida, rising in national rankings for public and national universities.
  • The FAU test is a crucial part of the university’s admissions process, evaluating an applicant’s academic preparedness.
  • FAU considers a range of factors, including test scores, GPA, and other application materials, in the admissions process.
  • Certain majors at FAU have additional admission requirements beyond the standard ones.
  • Home education students and GED applicants must meet specific test score requirements for admission consideration.

Understanding the FAU (Florida Atlantic University) Test

The FAU (Florida Atlantic University) test is key to the school’s admissions process. It looks into your academic skills and how likely you are to do well at the university. You’ll face questions that test your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, as well as your subject-specific knowledge.

Test Overview and Purpose

This test is like other standardized tests but focuses on your readiness for college. Its goal is to give the admissions team a good look at your academic strengths. Thus, they can make wise decisions on who to accept based on how well you do, among other things.

Preparing for the FAU Test

To get ready for the FAU test, you should use all the test preparation resources available. This might mean looking at sample questions, working on your time management, and understanding what’s gonna be on the test, both content-wise and how it’s formatted.

Test Sections and Content Areas

It’s split into portions that touch on different aspects of learning like critical thinking, problem-solving, and specific subjects. These parts aim to offer a full look at your potential to succeed in college.

Test SectionContent Areas
Critical Thinking and Problem-SolvingAnalytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills
Subject-Specific KnowledgeMathematics, English, science, and other core academic subjects
WritingComposition, grammar, and essay writing skills

Getting to know the FAU test’s ins and outs can make you more ready for it. It’s a big part of doing well in the college admissions process.

FAU (Florida Atlantic University) Test: Key Factors to Consider

If you’re applying to FAU, doing well on the FAU test is very important. The score you get, combined with other parts of your application, decides if you get in. FAU sets specific score rules and benchmarks for admission.

Test Scores and Admission Requirements

The FAU test score ranges for the Middle 50% of accepted students are clear:

TestSummer Admission RangeFall Admission Range

High school applicants need 18 units to apply. For those with a GED, specific scores are needed. This includes at least a 600 on the GED Total Battery Score with no sub-score below 150. Or, a GED SAT score of 1090, with a math of 490 and EWR of 480. Or, a GED ACT composite score of 21, with at least 17 in math and 19 in English.

Academic Programs and Majors at FAU

FAU has many academic programs and majors. Students can choose from areas like engineering, business, the arts, or the sciences. This gives a lot of options for different interests and goals.

Campus Life and Resources

At FAU, campus life is full of energy. Students can join clubs, sports, and more, creating great experiences. There are also lots of support services. These include help with academics and career advice to make sure students do well.


Florida Atlantic University is becoming a top choice in the state, thanks to the FAU test. This test looks at a student’s academic skills and goals. It ensures that new students can do well at FAU right from the start.

FAU is always improving how it handles tests, like the Civic Literacy Test and CLEP exams. This helps students earn college credits in a flexible way. The Testing Center is on several campuses to help students do their best.

As things change in the education world, FAU keeps its commitment to top-notch quality. They try to make a place where students can truly grow. Knowing about the FAU test helps future students get ready for the cool but challenging journey at this vibrant school.


What is the FAU (Florida Atlantic University) test?

The FAU (Florida Atlantic University) test is very important for joining the university. It checks if students are ready for university-level work. This includes areas like critical thinking, problem-solving, and knowledge in certain subjects.

How important is the FAU test score in the admissions process?

Doing well on the FAU test is key for getting into the university. Your test scores matter a lot, along with other parts of your application. The university needs you to meet set score requirements to be accepted.

How has FAU (Florida Atlantic University) performed in national rankings?

FAU has improved its national standing, especially in Social Mobility, according to U.S. News and World Report. It is now #112 among public universities, climbing from #131. This jump was the biggest in Florida.FAU also improved to #209 among all national universities, up from #262. These rankings reflect FAU’s academic strength, student success, and support for diversity.

What is the significance of FAU’s performance in national rankings?

FAU is now recognized as a top university in Florida. It’s known for its strong academics, success of its students, and supporting a diverse student body. The FAU test helps the university pick students who are ready for its challenging programs.

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