EPA Practice Test (608 Core)


In very high pressure appliances, what type of refrigerant is used?

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R-503 is the only refrigerant on the list that is used in VERY high pressure appliances. R-410A and R-22 are used in high pressure appliances. R-500 is used in medium pressure appliances.

Which of the following devices is at the liquid line's end?

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Expansion Device

The liquid line serves to connect the condenser to the expansion device - which is located at the end.

How much money does the EPA give to those who report other
individuals who release refrigerants into the atmosphere?

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Individuals can report their findings to the EPA via the official EPA website.

Which of the following refrigerant groups does R-22 belong to?

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R-22 is a part of the HCFC (hydrochloroflurocarbons) class.

When inspecting for leaks in various systems, which gas should be used?

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Nitrogen is relatively stable and has a low temperature under pressurization.
These features make it useful when checking for leaks.

Which of the following terms best describes the process of changing a refrigerant from a liquid to a gas through the use of heat?

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Latent Heat

In the latent heating process, the temperature does not change, but the state changes from a liquid to a gas.

In a medium-pressure appliance, which of the following refrigerants is used:

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R-11-Low pressure appliance
R-500 - Medium pressure appliance
R-503 - Very high appliance
R-410A - high pressure appliance

Which of the following has the least amount of ozone depletion potential:

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Chlorine ion at stratosphere is responsible for depletion of ozone molecules at stratosphere. HFC refrigerants do not have chlorine ions. Therefore HFCs have minimum ozne depletion potential. However HFC refrigerants are green house grasses and contributes to global warming.

What phase and condition are the refrigerants in the suction line?

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Cold Vapor

Refrigerants absorb heat and convert it to cold vapor.

The ozone layer in the stratosphere extends how many miles above the Earth's surface?

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The stratosphere extends 31 miles high. It is just above the troposphere.

Which of the following items is (are) a violation of the Clean Air Act?

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All of the above

All of the above are violations of the Clean Air Act:
Falsifying or failing to keep required records.
Failing to reach required evacuation levels before opening or disposing of appliances. Knowingly releasing CFC or HCFC refrigerants or their substitutes while repairing appliances.

In what year did the Montreal Protocol take place?

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This international treaty went into place in 1989. It was designed to protect the ozone layer by phasing out various chemicals.

Which of the following is obtained when ozone reacts with chlorine ion:

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When chlorine ion reacts with ozone molecules in stratosphere oxygen and chlorine monoxide (clo-)is form. Chlorine monoxide (clo-) then again reacts with ozone molecules to oxygen and chlorine ion.

Despite the fact that R-22 is considered as non-toxic, it

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can cause asphyxia.

Even though R-22 is considered non-toxic, it can cause asphyxia.
NT Note:
Asphyxiation, which is essentially suffocating resulting from a lack of oxygen, can occur when refrigerants are released and present in medical rooms, confined spaces, etc. Because the refrigerant is heavier than the oxygen you breath, it actually displaces it from the floor up and deprives you. This is why refrigerant sensors that actuate alarms and ventilation equipment are mandated for mechanical equipment rooms.

When using a system-dependent recovery system on a compressor-operated appliance, the technician should:

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Correct answer: Run the compressor and recover from the high side of the system only.

An appliance with an operating compressor and completely restricted capillary tube or metering device requires only one access valve on the high side of the system.

What standard must reclaimed refrigerant meet before it may be resold, according to EPA regulations?

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ARI 700

Under EPA's regulations, what standard must reclaimed refrigerant meet before resold? ARI 700
NT Note:
ARI 700 is a standard or publication by the AIR Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute and is the standard specification for refrigerants.

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