EMT Operations Practice Test 1

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Which of the following patients would be appropriate for air medical transport from your scene?

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The high speed motor cycle mechanism is perhaps the highest degree of concern in this question. The other mechanisms do not have the potential of multiple organ systems being involved. The bee stings, while they are painful, present little risk of being ground transported or even left home to follow their physicians directions if there are no signs of anaphylaxis.

You are dispatched to 123 Somewhere Rd to a call for an injured woman... You are dispatched to 123 Somewhere Rd to a call for an injured woman. As you approach the door of the home, a man opens the door and tells you "this is none of your business" and to "get out of here". What is the correct course of action in this case?

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As an EMT you should never place yourself in harm’s way. If you feel a situation may be dangerous you should always wait for assistance from the police.

When you arrive at the receiving facility you must transfer care to the ED staff... When you arrive at the receiving facility you must transfer care to the ED staff. By giving a report to the attending nursing staff about the past medical history, the patient’s complaint assessment, and interventions you have just allowed for what?

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Giving a report to the receiving facility's staff allows for continuity of care and continued care. This not only allows for a more speedy response by the receiving facility but eliminates unneeded repeated assessments and evaluations.

Upon arriving on any scene, what is the most important action an EMT should do?

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Scene safety should be the number one concern for any emergency responder to any scene. By positioning the squad in a way to block the scene from traffic which might not be paying attention then all responders can work with in the scene safely. Ease of access to the vehicle is of concern but not at the risk of scene safety.

While responding, ambulances are particularly at risk of collisions in which areas?

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Cars sitting at intersections may block the view of the ambulance operator and cannot see other cars approaching. Cars approaching the intersection when the light is changing may not want to stop and may accelerate through. Additionally, cars sitting at a stop light might not be paying attention and can accelerate without looking.

You are dispatched to the scene of a 9 year old girl who has been struck by a car. Police are unable to reach her parents. What gives you the ability to treat the girl?

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In the absence of a parent or guardian, evaluation, treatment and/or transport of a child should not be delayed pending parental consent. Therefore consent is "implied" assuming the parent would want you to help their child.

Arriving on scene of a multi-car accident... Arriving on scene of a multi-car accident, the in-charge EMT tells dispatch that they have arrived and what they have found. "Squad 3 is on scene. There is a three car accident. All patients are out and walking on the scene." What is this information called?

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A scene size up allows for several things 1) lets other responding companies know what to expect once they arrive on scene. 2) Allows for an upgrading or downgrading of the assignment. 3) lets dispatch know what to expect in adding extra resources.

If a patient refuses treatment and an EMT treats the patient anyway, what crime can the EMT be charged with?

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To treat a patient without some form of legal consent could be considered Battery

EMS should set up in which zone during a HazMat incident?

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The EMS crew is not protected with the appropriate personal protective gear to operate in the hot or warm zones. Patients must be decontaminated thoroughly prior to the EMS sector taking over care of the patient. There are no exceptions here, the potential of exposure to the hazardous material is too great.

Headlights are often overlooked as part of the emergency warning lighting system. Headlights should be used while______________?

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Emergency warning lights are often overlooked in busy high traffic areas. Headlights can make a difference when safety counts. Even during daylight hours headlights increase the chances that the ambulance will be seen. Some headlights are wired to flash when the other emergency warning lights are on which enhances the distance downrange the ambulance can be seen.

When is it acceptable to take a patient directly from the hot zone without going through decontamination?

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It is never acceptable to skip the decontamination; the risk of exposure of the EMS crew and other health care providers is too great to allow patients to by-pass decon. Most decon teams are capable of handling life threats as the patient is going through the decontamination process.

You have called an air medical service to come pick up your accident victim... You have called an air medical service to come pick up your accident victim from your scene. The helicopter contacts you when they are 5 minutes out. They ask for landing zone (LZ) information. Which of the following should be included in this safety brief?

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Any obstructions which would interfere with the approach and departure of the aircraft are very important. Power lines are especially critical as they are impossible to see from the air so the air medical crew will rely on the personnel on the ground to point that information out. Type of surface is important to anticipate dust, grass or other debris which will become airborne during landing. High tension power lines which are in the area are equally important as they may be in the approach or departure pattern.

This practice of protecting yourself and your patient from the transfer of bodily fluids is known as what?

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Body substance isolation is a practice of isolating all body substances (blood, urine, feces, tears, etc.) of individuals undergoing medical treatment, particularly emergency medical treatment of those who might be infected with illnesses such as HIV, or hepatitis so as to reduce as much as possible the chances of transmitting these illnesses

While responding to a Hazardous Materials incident, the EMT should approach the scene from _________?

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When responding to a known HazMat incident, the Emergency responders need to approach the scene from up wind, uphill and up river. This keeps the plume ahead of the responders and avoids exposure of the emergency workers.

What law provides protection from legal action to someone who provides help to an injured person?

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Under the common law, Good Samaritan laws provide a defense against torts over the activity of attempted rescue.

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