How to Prepare For the EIAT and NEIEP Test 2025

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Whether you are thinking about taking the NEIEP or the EIAT test 2025, you will need to learn how to prepare for it. You will need to learn about the test, the length, how to get the best score possible, and how to prepare for it. There are many free resources that you can use to help you prepare for the test.

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EIAT and NEIEP Test Questions and Answers

The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test is a difficult examination requiring applicants to demonstrate their reading, mechanical comprehension, and mathematical computation skills. It can be a challenging barrier between you and your ideal apprenticeship or future career.

The examination lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

Three elements comprise the Elevator Aptitude Test: literary comprehension, mechanical comprehension, and arithmetic computation. The test is pass/fail, and a score of at least 70% is required to pass. Those who pass will be subjected to a test of tool recognition and an interview.

The minimum score required to pass the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test is 70%. Any candidate who scores at least 70% will be called to schedule an interview. Reapplication is required if a test score is 69% or less. However, 70% is usually insufficient.


Those interested in embarking on the adventure of a lifetime as an elevator installer need look no further than the National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP) aka NEI or NEIEP to learn the ins and outs of the craft. As part of the Roger Williams University, the school offers a range of noncredit and degree programs for those interested in entering the elevator industry as an elevator installer, elevator technician or elevator installer. The university also offers a comprehensive program for instructors in the elevator construction industry.

The National Elevator Industry Educational Program aka NEIEP is not for the faint of heart. Those who have the wherewithal are invited to take part in the prestigious mavericks program. The program is the largest of its kind in the nation. In addition to the mavericks program, the school offers a variety of degree programs ranging from Associate’s to Master’s degrees.

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Taking the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT) is the first step towards a successful career in the elevator industry. This test measures numerical and mechanical aptitude. There are multiple choice questions on the test. If you want to get the best score possible, you must study for the test. The test is given at a designated assessment center.

The test is made up of four sections. The mechanical reasoning is the second most important section. This section asks about the effects of a paddle’s length, a load’s weight and the path of a pulley. The question requires candidates to exaggerate small differences to make the answer obvious.

The math section of the EIAT tests basic arithmetic computation. These calculations are done without the use of a calculator. The math section covers gears, wheels, pulleys and fractions. It also includes word problems and number system conversions.

The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test is part of the application process for the National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP). The NEIEP is a joint labor-management program that enhances apprentices’ knowledge and skills. The program also benefits employers.

EIAT Test Study Guide

Getting a good score on an EIAT and NEIEP test is a prerequisite for success in the elevator industry. Taking this test can be a daunting task, but there are several things you can do to ensure that you do well.

The test is made up of three sections: reading comprehension, mechanical comprehension, and numerical reasoning. Each section tests a different skill. The reading comprehension section involves reading a passage and answering questions that assess your ability to understand the meaning of the text.

The mechanical section requires candidates to apply physical principles to a variety of objects. This includes levers, pulleys, weight, and circuits. For example, questions might ask you how the length of a paddle affects its performance. Similarly, a question may ask you to determine the effects of pivot points.

There are also a few questions in the numerical reasoning section that test your ability to calculate and understand the concept of multiplication. These questions require you to make use of basic mathematical formulas and number system conversions.

How Long is the EIAT Test

Those who want to enter the elevator industry need to pass the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT) before they can be considered for employment. This test is designed by the National Elevator Industry Educational Program, which is part of the International Union of Elevator Construction. This test is a way to ensure that apprentices have a uniform level of skill.

The test is a combination of numerical reasoning skills, mechanical aptitude, and reading comprehension. The test is usually given at an assessment center. It lasts about fifteen to twenty minutes. Candidates are not allowed to use a calculator during the test. This test can be stressful for unprepared candidates. However, with proper preparation, it can be an easy test.

The math portion of the test covers basic numerical computation and basic arithmetic operations. It includes word problems, percentages, fractions, and number system conversions. It is not overly complicated, so it does not take a lot of time to answer.

The other portion of the test is the tool recognition test. This test is designed to determine if applicants can recognize the tools used in the industry. This test is not part of the EIAT score, but is included in the interview.

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Getting your hands on the EIAT and NEIEP coveted golden ticket requires a bit of legwork. The first order of business is completing the application. The next is the requisite pre-screening. This will likely include a thorough background check. The final stage is a series of personality tests. It’s best to have a list of questions ready to go. Lastly, the test is scored on a scale. For the purposes of this article, I’ll just mention a few notables. Having a score of 8 and above is a good start. After that, it’s time to move on to the next level. Getting a job in the elevator industry entails a series of hurdles. Luckily, there are numerous resources at your disposal. One of the better resources is iPrep, which boasts an impressive selection of pre-screened applicants. Moreover, the site’s interactive portals are perfect for a little R and R. The site also features a handy FAQ page. The best part? iPrep’s concierge is onsite to help you score the top prize.

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Taking an EIAT or NEIEP aptitude test is a great way to assess your qualifications. The test is designed to test your ability to work with other people and to use common mathematical formulas. It is also a great way to determine whether you have the right aptitude for a job in the elevator industry.

There are three sections to the EIAT test. The first is a reading comprehension section. It has 30 questions. The second section is mechanical comprehension. It has questions related to tools such as levers and gears. The third section is a maths section. It includes word problems, fractions, percentages, wheels, force, and number system conversions.

It is important to note that the EIAT exam is not designed to be taken with a calculator. If you are worried about not being able to use a calculator, you should practice answering questions without one.

You can also take a free practice test. Some websites offer free EIAT practice tests. Others require you to pay a fee. It is a sound investment for your future.