Drawing Practice Test

Drawing Practice Test

Sketching and drawing are excellent ways to develop your creative abilities and begin to think in new ways. Art demonstrates that there are usually multiple solutions to a problem. Art promotes critical thinking and creativity. These can be quite beneficial in terms of personal development and problem-solving.

Pursuing a career related to drawing is an exciting way to show your creativity. If you are passionate about drawing and want to turn your passion into work, it is useful to know the requirements for different positions. Drawing and illustration professionals can focus on art, design, business, or technology.

Drawing Exam

The Art Directorate of the Maharashtra Government established the Elementary and Intermediate Grade Examination in 1880. It began with 18 students for the initial examination and has grown to about 2 lakh students who take the exam every year. The purpose of these exams was to encourage and foster an interest in art education among young aspirational individuals.

These tests are usually held in the second half of September each year. Only those who pass the Intermediate Drawing Grade Examination are accepted into specialized higher courses such as Commercial Art, Fine Art, and Foundation. While possessing this additional accreditation is not required for other creative courses such as Fashion Design, Interior Design, or Textile, it does provide you an advantage over your peers. In reality, if you have taken this exam, you will be given precedence in various IT and other vocational courses.

The elementary grade exam is for students in grades 7 and up. Those who pass the elementary exam are eligible to take the Intermediate exam.

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Drawing Exam Pattern


       Paper 1 – Object Drawing – 2 ½ hours
       Paper 2 – Memory Drawing – 2 hours
       Paper 3 – Design – 2 hours
       Paper 4 – Plain Practical Geometry & Lettering – 2 hours


       Paper 1 – Still Life – 3 hours
       Paper 2 – Memory Drawing – 2 hours
       Paper 3 – Design – 3 hours
       Paper 4 – Plain Practical Geometry, Solid Geometry & Lettering – 2 ½ hours


  • Object Drawing
  • Still Life
  • Memory Drawing
  • Design
  • Plain Practical Geometry, Solid Geometry & Lettering

Drawing Career

Most drawing careers require a solid information on a particular artistic expression and medium, for example, oil pastels, painting or acrylics and mastery in Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs. The degree of involved drawing or outlining by means of PC delivering fluctuates relying upon the organization’s item, necessities and clients. A craftsman should know their objective client well and outline an item plan in light of the end-client.

The following are 14 common careers requiring drawing abilities:

  1. Fashion designer
  2. Animator
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Art Teacher
  5. Textile designer
  6. Illustrator
  7. Technical Illustrator
  8. Tattoo artist
  9. Interior designer
  10. Architectural drafter
  11. Industrial designer
  12. Motion graphics designer
  13. Art director
  14. Advertising designer       

Drawing Study Guide

Exam Preparation

Concentrate on your craft, which will help you progress.

1. Understand the syllabus: There are six major subjects on which you must focus while studying for this exam.
2. Time Management: Exams in elementary and intermediate grades include a wide range of topics and require a            great deal of attention to detail.
3. It’s critical to concentrate
4. Improve Your Observation Skills

Best Beginner Drawing Course

Here are the best drawing classes for beginners:

Course NameProviderKey Topics
Ink Drawing TechniquesSkillshareInk Drawing
Character Art SchoolUdemyCharacter Drawing
Anatomy for Figure DrawingUdemyFigure Drawing
The Art & Science of DrawingUdemyDrawing Basics

Learn drawing online for free

Here are the best free drawing lessons:

       1. Kline Creative. The Kline Creative website offers free online drawing courses for beginners of all ages, from                   small children to adults.

       2. ArtyFactory.

       3. YouTube.com.

       4. DrawingCoach.com.

       5. DrawSpace.

       6. Academy of Art University.

       7. Toad Hollow Studio.

       8. How to Draw It.

Best books to learn drawing for beginners

  1. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards
  2. Drawing for the Absolute Beginner by Mark and Mary Willenbrink
  3. How to Draw What You See by Rudy De Reyna
  4. You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Draw in One Month or Less
  5. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
  6. Drawing People by Barbara Bradley

Drawing Questions

What is drawing 2 class?

Drawing II’s goal is to give each student specialized drawing media experiences, enhance perceptual abilities in terms of drawing from studio set-ups, and/or educate the student original drawing medium problem-solving.

What is fashion illustration line drawing?

Drawings, paintings, and computer drawings of clothed figures are all examples of fashion illustration. Fashion graphics drastically minimize the amount of waste produced in the fashion industry. It aids the designer in researching form, function, fit, and feel prior to production.

How to practice shading drawing?

       1. Select your pencils with care. When shading, a pencil with a duller tip will produce larger areas.
       2. Use several shading techniques.
       3. When shading, get to know your values.
       4. Practice aids in the development of insight.
       5. Figure out which shading approaches work best for you.

How to hand study drawing?

1. Measure the length and width of your hand. Find the most points on the right, left, top, and bottom. Pay close              attention to the line directions. Compare the elements’ sizes and proportions.
2. Make a list of all the joints and angles. Create a shape.
3. Finally, shade, beginning with the darkest regions.

How to draw a woman?

       Step 1: Begin by sketching an upright oval shape in the upper middle of your piece of paper.
       Step 2: Draw a rough outline of the woman’s head and shoulders.
       Step 3: Create the Woman’s Dress
       Step 4: Draw the Woman’s Left Leg afterwards.
       Step 5: Now finish both of the woman’s legs.

How to draw an octopus?

  1. Begin with the head shape.
  2. Add two outside legs to the mix.
  3. In the middle, draw a third leg.
  4. In the right-hand space, draw two legs.
  5. In the left-hand area, add another leg.
  6. In the background, draw two more legs.
  7. Remove the line and add eyes and bumps to the head.
  8. Draw circles in the water and on the legs.

How to do face drawing practice?

  1. Prepare your drawing or painting materials.
  2. Before you begin, take some time to thoroughly look at each picture.
  3. Using gentle pencil strokes, draw the major forms and lines.
  4. Add any last-minute details.

How to draw a mermaid?

  1. Draw the head and a face on it.
  2. Begin by drawing the neck and then the arms.
  3. Bring the arms and hands to a close.
  4. Draw the top and bottom of the body.
  5. Add a swirly tail at the bottom.
  6. Make a bunch of floaty hair.
  7. Finish the tail with a hair flower and accents.
  8. Add fish and plants to the background.

How to draw a model sketch?

  1. Draw a vertical line across the paper’s center.
  2. Divide the paper into nine portions of equal size.
  3. Make a drawing of the pelvic area.
  4. Draw the body’s torso and shoulders.
  5. Draw the head and neck.
  6. Make the legs.
  7. Make a drawing of the arms.
  8. Make a foot drawing.
  9. Make a fashion design.
  10. Make a drawing of your design.

How to draw a dolphin?

       Step 1: Create the dolphin’s body.
       Step 2: Create the Tail.
       Step 3: Create the Fin and Flippers.
       Step 4: Draw the mouth and divide the top and bottom.
       Step 5: Finish the line drawing and draw the eye.
       Step 6: Add some color to the dolphin.

What are the types of fashion illustration style?

  • Illustration in a pencil. One of the most popular and classic types of illustration is pencil drawing.
  • Illustration in charcoal. The charcoal pictures are frequently mistaken for pencil drawings.
  • Illustration of water. Water illustration is a one-of-a-kind illustration style.

What does the time clock drawing assess?

The clock-drawing test is used to screen for dementia and cognitive impairment, as well as to assess spatial dysfunction and neglect. It was designed to test visuo-constructive ability, but we now know that aberrant clock drawing occurs in a variety of cognitive disorders.

How long should you do gesture drawing practice?

Depending on what you’re practicing, there are different aims to achieve with gesture drawing. You can draw fast sketches of 30-60 seconds in order to capture the atmosphere quickly. You can also work for much longer if you have a realistic eye.