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DKT Practice Test

The Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) is the first stage in the licensing process. You must pass the DKT to get your learner driver license.


Alcohol and Drugs
Limits, laws and guidelines for driving after using alcohol, drugs and prescription drugs
Test 1
Core DKT knowledge and road rules for general driving in your car
Test 1
Defensive Driving
Rules and guidelines for staying alert behind the wheel, dealing with fatigue, and driving defensively.
Test 1
General Knowledge
Broad concepts for safe car driving including signs, speed limits, intersections and road rules
Test 1 | Test 2 | Test 3
Traffic signs, vehicle movements, give way rules and road position at intersections
Test 1 | Test 2
Negligent Driving
Rules to avoid driving negligently in your car
Test 1
Guidelines and rules regarding pedestrians
Test 1
Seat Belts/Restraints
Seat belt and restraint rules
Test 1
Speed Limits
At different driving conditions
Test 1
Lights and Lanes
Correct use of lanes, the different types of lanes, merging, and giving way
Test 1 | Test 2

Traffic Signs
All warning signs and road information signs
Test 1 | Test 2

To get your learner’s permit in Australia you’ll need to first pass the Driver Knowledge Test, and here you’ll find all 553 questions online from the DKT handbook for NSW including car, motorbike and heavy vehicle sections with the actual questions and answers.

These free practice theory tests will get you well on your way to being able to drive on the roads, and go for your provisional license.