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The DKT (Driver Knowledge Test) is the first step toward getting a driver’s license in Australia. To receive your learner’s permit, you must pass the DKT. We all don’t want to fail, but sadly, many individuals do. One of its most significant steps in learning to drive is passing the DKT. You won’t be able to drive a car unless you pass this test. After passing the DKT, you are free to begin learning to drive under supervision at your own pace, which for most individuals means over the next 12 months before taking the driving test.

The purpose of the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT Test) is to ensure that learners have a thorough understanding of road markings, traffic signs, and signals on Australian roads and raise awareness of safety rules and regulations before they begin driving on the road. To pass the driving knowledge exam, learners must properly answer at least 12 DKT questions out of 15 general knowledge questions and at least 29 DKT questions out of 30 road safety questions (DKT exam).

DKT Test Practice 2022 FREE

Passing the DKT is not difficult if you put forth the effort. Everything you need is right at your fingertips, and you can keep taking practice tests until you’re confident you’re ready, saving time, effort, and money. So, how can you pass the driver knowledge test on your first try, get your learner’s permit, and start taking driving lessons with a professional driving instructor to acquire your P1 permit? Let us give you some pointers on acing this theory exam the first time.

  • The Road Users Handbook should be studied.
  • Take a DKT Online Practice Exam
  • Obtain a copy of the DKT question bank 
  • Recognize The Format Of A Driving Exam

Book Driving Test NSW

You may schedule a driving test in NSW online. The steps for creating an online reservation are as follows:

  • Choose ‘Book online’ 
  • ‘Your details (existing Transport customer)’, ‘First time customer’, or ‘Log in’ are available options.
  • Select ‘Continue’ after entering your information.
  • Select a test.
  • Select a location.
  • Decide on a date and time.
  • Fill in the payment information.
  • Confirm your order and make your payment.
  • Your confirmation can be viewed, printed, or emailed.

You must pass multiple examinations at each stage of the NSW driver/rider graduate licensing process to get to a full license, including:

  • driver/rider knowledge test
  • hazard perception test
  • driving practical test.

Change Driving Test NSW

If you need to view, amend, or cancel a driver or rider license test that you’ve scheduled, you can do it online within the appropriate notification time. Any changes or cancellations to your reservation must be made at the very least:

  • one day before your planned Hazard Perception Test or Driver/Rider Knowledge Test

  • 2 days before your scheduled Driver’s Exam

  • You have two days before your Practical Skills Test (Kerbside Test) if you’re in an undeclared region.

Here are the procedures to check, change, or cancel your schedule:

  • Choose ‘Change online’ 
  • Please enter your reservation number.
  • Put your surname.
  • Choose ‘Continue’.
  • To see, edit, or cancel your test, follow the prompts.

DKT Question Bank

All questions that could be asked during the test are included in the DKT question banks. The knowledge test for drivers consists of 45 multiple choice questions with three options each. While the test only has 45 questions, they are drawn from a pool of 364 questions. It’s a good idea to download the question bank and go over all of them again. Take the practice test once you’re confident in your knowledge base.

What do I need to take to my DKT

To be eligible to take the DKT exam, you must be 16 years old or older. The following items are required for the DKT exam:

  • a completed Licence Application form (PDF, 404.42 KB)
  • proof of identity/your Photo Card if you have one
  • pair of glasses or contacts (if you wear them).
  • your proof of signature.
  • your concession card details (if applicable)
  • a completed medical report (if applicable)
  • your payment
  • the PDF form – ‘Licence Application’

DKT Book

Are you worried about your impending Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)? Increase your confidence in passing the DKT by identifying knowledge gaps that you can fill. These compact volumes resemble the theory portion of the actual driver’s test. It includes practically all general information and road safety questions, such as the road and traffic rules, that you’ll need to ace your driver knowledge test. This book contains information on road rules, traffic rules, traffic signs and symbols, basic road safety, and commonly asked questions:



A Guide to the Driving Test

The driving test is an important part of obtaining a driver’s license. As the driving test approaches, it’s only natural to feel worried, so we’ve put together some Driving Test Tips NSW. All you can do now is make sure you’re prepared for the test. Learn the rules of the road and get plenty of practice driving in various situations. According to research, the greatest method to enhance your driving skills is to put in a lot of practice time with a skilled instructor. You will get the opportunity to show the examiner that you are prepared and can drive safely on the day of the test. An officer will guide you through a 25-zone course and keep track of your progress on a score sheet during the driving test. Your score is determined by your ability to display low-risk behaviours in various settings. You’ll be judged on five major performance areas:

  • Speed management (S)
  • Road positioning (P)
  • Decision making (D)
  • Responding to hazards (H)
  • Vehicle control ©

Recommendations are the greatest method for discovering an excellent tutor. If you’re a new driver, you’ll likely know a lot of individuals who are also learning to drive; ask them if they’d suggest their instructor.

How Many Questions in DKT

The DKT is a computer-based test that must be passed to obtain a class C learner’s permit. You must answer 45 questions about traffic laws and safety. After you’ve met all of the prerequisites, you’ll be able to take your driver’s exam. Please pick up a Road Users Handbook and an application form from any RMS office or download it from the RMS website before taking the DKT. Review the Road Users Handbook and take the practice test to ensure that you are prepared. Booking in for the DKT at your local RMS office is recommended (but not required) to avoid waiting. The DKT can be taken in any RMS office, and if you fail, you can take it again the next day.

Driving Test Tips

It would be best if you were well-prepared for the examination. The truth is that a single mistake can cause you to flunk the entire test. Even if you’re scared, you’ll need to drive safely. So, here’s a simple checklist to ensure you’re prepared for the exam.

  • Before the exam, schedule a driving session with your instructor.

  • Make sure you practice a lot.

  • Make sure you have everything you require.

  • Make use of your instructor’s vehicle.

  • Your car will be tested before you can start driving to ensure that it satisfies basic criteria.

  • Bring your instructor along for support.

  • Don’t give up if you think you’ve failed.

  • Decide on where you wish to take your exam.

  • Make sure you’re familiar with your test routes.

  • Choose the most suitable time to take your test.

  • Learn to drive in a variety of situations.

  • Do not rush to get your driver’s license.

  • Increase the effectiveness with which you check your mirrors.

NSW Driving Test Score Sheet

Learning how to interpret the driving test score sheet is a fantastic approach to learn how to pass the driving test. Because understanding what examiners are looking for and how they record the good and bad things you do during a driving test is important. There are 25 zones in each driving test. The evaluation table has 25 numbered rows. Each row indicates a zone of the driving exam that has been completed. Each zone of the driving test has a different length, and you are graded on five areas of low-risk driving. The examiner uses a score sheet designed to record a lot of information with the least amount of writing when taking a driving test. Because they want to be able to monitor your driving and record the outcomes in real-time, they employ a sort of short handwriting because it just requires a small amount of writing. There are three components to the driving test score sheet:

  1. The Assessments panel is located on the right-hand side of the test score sheet. The examiner will keep track of what you do or don’t do during the driving test in this section.
  2. A section labeled “fail and immediate fail items” is located on the left side. This is where the Assessments Panel’s summary information of any failed items is recorded.
  3. The day of the test, the start time, the registration details of the test vehicle, the test track you will be tested on, and your signature at the top of the page are all administrative details.

DKT Pass Mark

The pass rate for all DKT practice tests is 91 percent. You’ve almost finished the DKT exam; now it’s time to determine whether you passed or failed. The employee at the help desk will tell you about the outcome. If you pass the DKT exam, you will be asked to stay for a short period to complete the necessary procedures for issuing a learner driving license, such as a photo session, payment, learner license printing, and receipt printing. If you fail the DKT test, they will advise you of the outcome. After 14 days, you can arrange the next DKT test.


You’ll have no issue getting your learners license in NSW if you thoroughly study the Road Users Handbook and DKT Question Banks. We can assist you if you have your L license and L plates and are ready to start earning your P1 and P2 licenses. A learner’s permit is not difficult or expensive to obtain. You’ll have to study to learn the road regulations and pay the necessary fees. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for study materials such as dkt practice test pdf and dkt test pdf. We suggest that you take prep tests such as DKT online test, DKT practice test, DKT test, DKT driving test, DKT practice test NSW, and etc. Understanding the exam format, how it works, and what to expect when taking the test is crucial. Since you’re ready for the real thing, the free online practice DKT is a great place to start. This test follows the same style as a real DKT and includes questions that you would see on your DKT. If you pass the practice DKT, you’re probably ready for the real thing.

What Happens if you Fail DKT

Your driving test was a failure. Despite popular belief, it is not the end of the world. On your first attempt, you have a 40% chance of passing. Even though they’ve practiced driving for hundreds of hours, people regularly fail the driving test. If you don’t pass, you can examine your score sheet to see where you might improve. The testing officer may offer some suggestions on how to enhance your performance. They are unable to discuss specific situations or incidents, though. To figure out where you might have made a mistake, you’ll have to look over their general comments. You can retake the test on the same day or schedule a retake later, depending on availability. Each time you take the test, you’ll need to pay a charge. If you don’t pass the test, you won’t be able to start learning to drive, which could have long-term consequences for your job, school, and social life.

DKT Question and Answer

  • a completed Application for License (PDF, 404.42 KB)
  • proof of identification
  • Contact lenses or glasses (if you wear them).

The genuine DKT consists of 45 questions. Rather than attempting all 45 questions on each practice exam, we’ve constructed categories to work with, just like the RMS DKT. This gives you the freedom to take each practice exam at your leisure. Alternatively, you can practice the 45-question DKT in a single sitting.

You can either retake the test on the same day or schedule a retake later, depending on availability. Each time you take the test, you’ll have to pay the price.

The cost of the Driver Knowledge Test is estimated to be around $26.00. (As of April 1, 2021.) When you book DKT online, you must pay this cost to Service NSW.

  • Click on the ‘Book online link.
  • Select ‘Your details (existing Transport customer),’ ‘First-time customer,’ or ‘Login’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill up your information and click ‘Continue.’
  • Select a test. 
  • Decide on a site. 
  • Decide on a time and day.
  • Fill up the payment information. 
  • Confirm and pay for your order.
  • Check your confirmation by viewing, printing, or emailing it.

The DKT is a computer-based test that must be passed in order to obtain a class C learner’s permit.

Your learner license is good for 5 years or until you acquire your Red Ps if you pass the DKT (provisional P1 license). After 5 years, you can renew your learner’s permit, but you’ll have to retake the DKT, so get those hours in as soon as possible.

The DKT is a theory test with 45 questions divided into two portions.

RMS is a useful tool for practicing DKT.
It is impossible to pass DKT without practice. Practicing, on the other hand, is simple. “RMS Practice DKT” is available online, or you can download an app for practice questions from official sources.

Take a look at the California Driver’s Handbook. Give yourself a few days to get through it because it contains a lot of crucial information.

It takes about 30-45 minutes to finish the test.

If you’re ready to take the real test, taking the free online practice DKT is an excellent next step. This test follows the same style as a real DKT and includes questions that you would see on your DKT. If you pass the practice DKT, you’re probably ready for the real thing!

  • Click the ‘Change online’ option on the toolbar. 
  • Enter your reservation number.
  • Type in your surname.
  • Click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to view, modify, or cancel your test.

Try to stay cool and take your time when taking the test. You can take as much time as you want because there is no time limit. Carefully read the question and each option.

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