CRPC (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) Test Guide

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The CRPC® (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) program is from the College for Financial Planning. It’s ideal for financial experts who work with people on retirement. This program helps advisors craft a retirement plan that meets each client’s needs before and after they stop working. It also covers topics like managing money and planning for what happens to someone’s assets when they’re no longer alive. By finishing the program, advisors can get credit for Course FP515 in the CFP® program or in another course for a Master’s in Financial Planning. Plus, they meet the continuing education (CE) needs for keeping their CFP® credential up to date.

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Key Takeaways

  • The CRPC® designation is a key certification for working in retirement planning.
  • Finishing the CRPC® program gives graduates credit toward the CFP® and Master’s programs at the college.
  • CRPC® alumni can meet their CFP® certification’s education needs by taking the CRPC program.
  • The CRPC® program looks at many areas of retirement planning, like Social Security and government benefits.
  • Getting the CRPC® designation shows you’re an expert in helping people retire.

Understanding the CRPC Certification

The CRPC® (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) is a mark of excellence in the field. It is granted by the College for Financial Planning, which is part of Kaplan Company. This certification showcases that a financial advisor or a retirement professional is an expert in guiding clients towards a well-prepared retirement.

Getting the CRPC® involves studying a wide range of topics. These include the needs of people before and after they retire, how to manage assets, estate planning, and the complete retirement planning process. The program focuses on maximizing the experience for clients as they plan their retirement.

Furthermore, it covers the best strategies for investing your money for retirement. You’ll also learn about Social Security and other government retirement benefits. It helps you pinpoint various sources of retirement income and understand your healthcare options after retirement. Additionally, it educates on the emotional and financial changes retirement brings, designing your retirement income streams, achieving your tax and estate planning objectives, and meeting fiduciary and ethical guidelines.

Eligibility Requirements

For the CRPC®, professionals have to meet certain criteria. They need to complete the required coursework and pass an exam with at least 70% correct. This shows they have the know-how to help people plan out their retirement effectively.

After getting their CRPC®, holders must update their knowledge every two years. They do this by taking 16 hours of continuing education. It’s part of staying current and confirming they still follow the College’s rules.

Benefits of Earning the CRPC

The CRPC® gives retirement a professional touch. It instills confidence in a financial advisor’s skills in various aspects of retirement planning. This ranges from making the most of Social Security benefits to wisely investing money for retirement and managing taxes. It also includes knowing your way around retirement accounts and estate planning.

With a CRPC® holder guiding your retirement planning, you can be sure you’re in good hands. You’ll get advice from someone who focuses on this key part of financial planning every day. It’s designed to make sure you feel secure as you plan for your retirement.

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CRPC (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) Test Preparation

The CRPC® program teaches a lot about retirement planning. It helps you learn about making clients happier. You’ll also study how to invest wisely for retirement. You’ll learn about Social Security and other benefits too. The course covers how to handle lower income later in life and choose the right healthcare. It even shows how to prepare mentally and financially for retirement.

Designing retirement income streams is a big part of the program. So is meeting your tax and estate planning goals. And you’ll also learn about following the right rules and being honest as an advisor.

Course Curriculum

The CRPC® program mainly uses digital textbooks. They come in different eBook types. You can also get printed books if you want. Besides that, you’ll have quizzes for each unit to test what you’ve learned. And there’s a practice exam to help you get ready for the real thing.

Study Materials and Resources

At the end of each unit, you’ll find a quiz. It has 30 questions and is for checking your knowledge. And there’s a 20-question quiz for the ADPA® program. Plus, there’s a Practice Exam similar to the final test. It’s designed to show you where you’re doing well and where you need to work harder. You can take the Practice Exam twice to improve your score.

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Taking the CRPC Exam

To earn the CRPC® designation, students need to score 70% or higher on the final exam. This test is closed-book and takes place over 3 hours, allowing two tries. It covers all topics of the CRPC® program, focusing on understanding and applying concepts in real retirement planning.

Exam Format and Structure

Students preparing for the CRPC® exam can pick between Live Online or OnDemand classes. Live Online classes feature a set schedule and are led by instructors. OnDemand lets students go at their own pace. But, everyone needs to finish the program and pass the exam within 120 days of starting.

Registration and Scheduling

Prior to the CRPC® final exam, students should carefully review course materials, do module quizzes, and utilize the Practice Exam. The Practice Exam helps pinpoint where to focus study efforts. It’s also crucial to understand how the exam is structured and the time limits. This helps in preparing well and avoiding exam day surprises.

Test-Taking Tips and Strategies

The CRPC® exam includes topics such as retirement income strategies and estate planning fundamentals. Knowing these well and applying their concepts can boost your chances of passing the final exam. It’s essential to be fluent in these key areas for success during the first or second attempt.


The CRPC® designation is a big plus for those in the finance world, especially in retirement planning. It shows they know how to handle retirement plans, from how to invest and make the most of Social Security to estate planning and keeping risks low. If you’re looking for help with retirement, a CRPC®-certified advisor is a solid choice. You’ll know they have the right knowledge and skills to help you reach your retirement dreams.

The CRPC® program covers a lot for financial advisors, like knowing all about retirement income strategiestax-efficient withdrawal strategies, and being ethical in planning. This know-how lets CRPC® advisors give solutions just for you. It makes moving into retirement a lot easier and more successful. By staying educated, they’re always up-to-date and seen as top advisors in their field.

Are you a finance pro wanting to up your retirement game, or someone looking for expert advice? The CRPC® credential stands for a deep commitment to greatness and helping clients live out their retirement dreams. With a CRPC®-certified advisor, you know you’re working with a top-tier retirement planning pro.


What is the CRPC (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) designation?

The CRPC® designation shows that someone is an expert in retirement planning. It’s given by the College for Financial Planning – a Kaplan Company. This certification helps clients know they are working with a professional who can assist them in getting ready for retirement.

What are the eligibility requirements for the CRPC program?

Anyone looking to earn the CRPC® must finish specific courses at the College for Financial Planning. They then need to pass an exam, answering 70% of the questions correctly.

What are the benefits of earning the CRPC designation?

The CRPC® designation offers clients peace of mind. It tells them their advisor understands retirement planning well. This covers everything from Social Security to estate planning and the emotional side of retiring.

What is covered in the CRPC program curriculum?

The CRPC® program teaches about enhancing client experiences and different investment strategies. It also discusses government benefits, retirement income sources, health care in retirement, and more. This knowledge helps in creating tax and estate plans and managing ethical and regulatory concerns.

What study materials and resources are available for the CRPC program?

The CRPC® program offers e-textbooks as the main study material. It also includes quizzes and a practice exam. These resources help students check their understanding and get ready for the final exam.

What is the format and structure of the CRPC final exam?

The CRPC® exam is closed-book and must be taken with a proctor. Students have 3 hours to finish, with a chance to try twice. It tests all parts of the course, making sure students can apply what they’ve learned.

How can students prepare for the CRPC final exam?

For the CRPC® exam, it’s vital to review the materials well. Doing the quizzes and using the Practice Exam is also recommended. These practice tests show where you’re strong and where you need more study time.

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