Certified Professional Food Manager
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Certified Professional Food Manager test is a low-cost assessment program that is accredited by both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Conference for Food Protection (CFP) and provides test takers with simple and flexible options. It was created in collaboration with renowned food specialists to reflect real-life scenarios in order to assist food industry professionals in understanding important food safety principles and successfully applying their knowledge in the workplace.

The CFM Program accredits and licenses training programs for those who are new to the food business and require certification. The DSHS also permits Test Sites to administer the food manager’s examination to persons who have adequate experience in the food sector who wish to take it.

The American National Standards Institute – Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP) accredits examinations given through training programs and test venues. National reciprocity is granted to CFM credentials obtained from these providers. Internet examination providers are likewise licensed under the CFM Program. These providers’ CFM credentials are recognized throughout the state.

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CPFM Exam Requirements

On January 7, 2010, the DSHS stopped administering the CFM exam. After that date, individuals must take the CFM exam through a CFM training program or an examination provider. The American National Standards Institute – Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP) or the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) accredit CFM tests offered by training programs and examination providers. National reciprocity is granted to CFM certificates issued by ANSI-CFP providers. State reciprocity is granted to CFM certifications obtained through DSHS providers. Training records or CFM certifications provided by certified examination providers or training programs are not kept by DSHS. For information on CFM credentials, please contact the examination providers or training programs directly.

To register for a CFM training program or exam, do not apply or submit money to DSHS (Application Fees are Non-Refundable). The DSHS does not offer CFM training or exams, nor does it issue CFM certificates. Food enterprises that are licensed by a local health jurisdiction should contact that jurisdiction for information on their food management certification requirements.

Acquire CPFM Certificate

Passing a DSHS or ANSI-CFP certified food manager certification exam is required to earn the CPFM certification. Any approved examination provider or training program can administer the food manager certification exam. For a period of five years, the certification is valid.

County health departments, public health districts, and city health departments must recognize certificates issued by the DSHS as meeting the Health and Safety Code, Chapter 438, training and testing requirements.

CPFM Examination Providers

Test Sites

A test site is a physical location where a DSHS-approved Internet exam or an ANSI-CFP examination is administered. The licensed test site can provide you with test schedules and locations. Those who have sufficient understanding of the food industry are eligible to take the CFM exam, which is offered at test centers. A CFM certificate is granted upon successful completion of the examination and is valid.

Internet Examination Providers

Internet examinations are DSHS-approved examination delivery systems for food manager certification that use the Internet. Those who have sufficient knowledge of the food sector and wish to take the CFM examination can do so through CPFM online examination providers. A CFM certificate is granted upon successful completion of the examination and is valid.

ANSI-CFP Examination Providers

ANSI and the Conference for Food Protection have collaborated to accredit organizations that provide food protection manager certification. The DSHS recognizes this program, which is based on the Conference for Food Protection Accreditation Standards. The CFM examination is offered by ANSI-CFP examination providers to persons who have sufficient knowledge of the food industry. A Certified Professional Food Manager certificate is granted upon successful completion of the examination and is valid.

Professional Food Manager PDF

Several regulations and safety precautions must be followed in any professional culinary workplace to ensure that the food provided is safe to consume. That is why most food establishments hire a food safety manager who must be certified. You’ll require study tools like the texas food management exam answers PDF and food manager certification study guide PDF if you’re studying for the CPFM. We recommend taking a free CPFM practice test to learn more about CPFM.

The National Restaurant Association designed and administered the ServSafe Manager Certification exam as part of the ServSafe Food Safety Training Program. Using example questions to study for your ServSafe exam is one of the most effective methods available. Study tools such as ServSafe study guide PDF, ServSafe manager study guide 2022 PDF, and ServSafe manager study guide PDF are also available. We also provide sample tests such as the ServSafe manager practice test 1 and ServSafe manager practice test 2 for the greatest preparation. You can use sample tests to see how well you’ve studied for the ServSafe Manager exam.

CPFM Questions and Answers

Ask your local Environmental Health Department, the California Restaurant Association, or the ANSI website for further information.

You must complete food handler training with an ANSI-accredited provider in your area to obtain your food handler certificate.

A food safety manager ensures that the food is safe to eat before it is prepared and served. You are the quality control manager for the food your staff make as a food safety manager.

To ensure compliance, review performance, identify remedial action, and implement follow-up assessments, the Food Safety Manager conducts safety meetings, audits, and inspections.

Yes. Most health departments that recognize the ANSI-accredited Food Manager Certification enable the test to be proctored online. However, internet proctoring is not permitted in some places. If you see the option for online proctoring when you choose your product during the checkout process, it means it’s acceptable in your area.

For information on where and when tests are available, call or visit the websites of accredited certification organizations.

Food Safety Supervisors in NSW are required to renew their certification every five years.

Individuals must pass a certification test conducted by any approved Manager Certification Test Provider to become certified food managers in compliance with Department of Health requirements.

By passing an approved and accredited food safety certification examination, the certified food manager must be recertified.