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The Cooperative Admissions Examination is a standardized high school admission test used by many Catholic schools in the Northern New Jersey and Hudson Valley region. It tests your child’s scholastic aptitude and achievement in reading, writing, mathematics and critical thinking.

The exam consists of ten units that measure cognitive skills reminiscent of IQ tests and traditional achievement questions such as reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary and grammar.

COOP Exam Questions And Answers

The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS) is used by all of the high schools in the Diocese of Rockville Centre to determine who gets into the ninth grade.

You must bring a sharpened No. 2 pencil and your admission card, along with a second form of identification, such as a library card, on the day of the exam.

Your admittance card, together with a second form of identification, such as a library card, and several freshly sharpened No. 2 pencils, should be brought on the day of the exam.

There are no breaks during the two and a half hours of the exam. There are no calculators or other electronic devices allowed, and the COOP test is purely multiple choice. There is no punishment for speculating.

Schools compare and decide on applicants based on the test results. Some schools may also use the exam to give scholarships to students who perform well.

COOP Catholic School Exam

The Cooperative Admissions Examination is a common standardized test used by many Catholic high schools to evaluate students’ abilities in language, reading and mathematics. It consists of seven test sections and can be completed in two and a half hours.

It is designed to assess a mix of prior knowledge and ability to process new information. The test has sections that assess cognitive skills such as sequences, analogies and quantitative reasoning and achievement questions such as conventional reading comprehension, spelling and vocabulary.

This test is administered once a year in the beginning of November to eighth grade students who want to attend Catholic high school. The exam is a multiple-choice test and can be taken on a computer or paper and pencil.

The COOP test is an important part of the Catholic high school admissions process. It helps the school make objective decisions about students and their academic records from 6th, 7th and 8th grade. It also allows schools to award scholarships to high scoring applicants. This test is very competitive and requires careful preparation to ensure your child’s success.


The nj coop exam is a standardized test that tests students in the 8th grade about their ability to do math, reading and reasoning. It is offered once a year on a Friday in November and the results are released in mid-January.

The test is designed to help students and parents make the best choices for their high school education. It enables schools to better match students with programs that are the right fit and provides a measure of student progress over time. The nj coop exam is part of the Cooperative Admissions Examination (COOP) program, a centralized system for administering and tracking entrance exams at participating Catholic High Schools in New Jersey.

The nj coop exam has many worthy achievements to its credit, but the most important is its ability to help you find your perfect fit at a Catholic high school. Unlike many other standardized test programs, the nj coop exam allows you to view results online in real-time. The test is also designed to keep your information secure and confidential, so you can focus on taking the nj coop exam with confidence.

COOP Exam Practice Book

The coop exam practice book is an important tool that helps students pass the exam. It includes 6 full-length practice tests, comprehensive reviews of test content and practical strategies for scoring your best on the Cooperative Admissions Examination.

It also provides a wealth of practice questions, which can help students gain confidence in their abilities and determine the areas they need to work on. It can also reduce exam anxiety, which can be a significant cause of low marks on the exam.

Aside from the coop exam practice book, students should also prepare for the test with other study materials. A good study guide will include information on the exam, such as how much time is allotted for each section and the types of questions that are asked.

It also includes a free eBook version of the study guide that can be downloaded on a computer or a tablet. The eBook will include all the information that is included in the print edition. This will allow students to review the content of the exam at their own pace.

COOP Exam Prep

The COOP Exam is a standardized admissions examination for students seeking admission to Catholic High Schools in Northern New Jersey and the Hudson Valley region. It tests students in reading, language arts and math and also includes additional material to assess academic aptitude and memory.

The exam measures scholastic aptitude in verbal and non-verbal abilities as well as achievement in Reading, Language Arts and Math, as well as the ability to apply those skills to reasoning. It is used in conjunction with effort and performance ratings from grades 6, 7, and 8, as well as previous standardized test results, to determine the admissions readiness of applicants.

You can easily score higher on the COOP by using a comprehensive coop prep program that focuses on all aspects of the exam. This will help you improve your overall understanding of the exam as well as your ability to quickly understand and answer questions.

Our COOP study guide includes a variety of coop practice test questions and answers that allow you to practice answering them in a realistic testing situation. This will ensure that you will be able to complete the COOP test in a timely manner without missing any important sections of the exam.

COOP Exam Registration

The coop exam is an important step for eighth graders in gaining admission to Catholic high schools. The exam is offered once a year in October or November and is administered through local high schools.

The exam includes seven separate tests, each taking around 2 1/2 hours to complete. It tests a combination of prior knowledge and ability to process new information.

It measures scholastic aptitude and achievement in the areas of reading, language arts and mathematics and also assesses academic aptitude and memory. Combined with effort and performance ratings from grades 6th, 7th and 8th and previous standardized test results, high schools use the COOP examination to determine a student’s readiness for college level studies.

During the registration process, candidates are able to select the testing location and date. Once registered, they will receive a notification email that contains the test administration details.

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COOP Exam Results

The Cooperative Admissions Examination (also known as the HSPT) is one of the most widely used high school tests in the country. It measures students’ ability in reading, language arts, mathematics and more.

The test is based on a scaled score system, which means that your child’s score is compared to the average of a group of similar students. This can be a helpful indicator of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, especially in areas like vocabulary and writing skills.

Generally, the coop exam is given once a year in the beginning of November to 8th graders who want to attend Catholic high schools. In the event that a student misses the exam, they will receive a makeup exam a week later.

The coop exam is an important part of the high school application process, and earning a top score can make a big difference. However, it is not the only factor that is considered when deciding on which students to accept.

COOP Exam Scores

If your child has a strong desire to work for a specific company, the Cooperative Admissions Examination (COOP) is an important step in getting them hired. The exam is a standardized admissions test that can help schools compare applicants and grant scholarships.

The COOP test is a 2.5 hour standardized admissions exam that measures students’ ability in Math, English, reasoning, and critical thinking. The test is given in November each year to eighth graders who are interested in attending Catholic high schools.

Several factors affect coop exam scores, including how many questions your child answers correctly and how difficult the questions are. Your child’s coop exam scores will be averaged and then compared to other students to create a scale score or percentile score.

The COOP test also has a pattern recognition section that tests your child’s ability to identify patterns in pictures and apply them to incomplete pairs of letters, figures or numbers. This part of the test is worth one point for each correct answer and no points are lost for incorrect responses.


The Cooperative Admissions Examination, or coop for short, is a high school placement test that 8th graders in northern New Jersey and Hudson Valley schools take to help them get into the right high school. This test is made by a company called STS Testing and measures the most important facets of a student’s academic potential in a standardized format.

There are seven tests on the coop hspt, each measuring a different aspect of a student’s ability to learn in a given time frame. The coop hspt is one of the more complex exams a prospective student will ever face. It may also be one of the most stressful. It can be daunting to think that your child’s future could depend on a single test score. However, if you are willing to put in the effort and prepare properly, the coop hspt is a worthwhile endeavor that could result in a successful and fulfilling high school career. Moreover, it is an opportunity to give your children a sense of independence as they embark on their college careers.