CompTIA Software Troubleshooting Practice Test 3


Which of these can help in the prevention of phishing attacks?

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Phishing attacks are a type of spam email. Spam filters can help to cut down on the amount of phishing emails that are received.

A technician wants to restart a service to see whether it fixes an application problem. Where can he restart the service?

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To restart a service, open Services.msc. In the services menu, search for the service in question. In the left panel there should be an option to restart the service.

A user is having problems with a frozen program and wants to terminate it. What is the location where the user can perform this action?

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If an application freezes or will not close, ending the task from Task Manager is often a quick way to resolve these issues. To end a task, launch Task Manager and locate the application in question. When the application is located, click “End Task”.

A technician helps a person access safe mode on their computer. The Windows operating system on the computer is an older version. To enter safe mode, what key should the user repeatedly press during the initial boot?

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Booting a Windows computer into Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking will boot the computer with only the necessary configuration. Safe Mode boots the system with only drivers absolutely necessary to do so. If you suspect problems with drivers, or need to modify system settings that are otherwise unavailable due to booting issues, Safe Mode can help. To enter Safe Mode, repeatedly press F8 during initial boot.

On their mobile phone's touch screen, a user is having inaccurate touch response issues. The problem persists even after performing a hard reset on the device. What will be the user's next step?

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To resolve inaccurate touch screen response issues, perform a hard reset of the device. If that fails, replace the digitizer.

How many failed login attempts on Apple iOS mobile phones will cause the device to erase everything internally if enabled?

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On Apple iPhones, if you have the security setting enabled, ten failed login attempts will cause the device to erase everything internally. This feature is disabled by default, but can be enabled in your Touch or Face ID settings for enhanced protection.

A technician needs to use a bootable USB drive to start a computer. They want to do so by changing the computer's boot sequence. To modify the boot order, where can this technician go?

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At times, it is necessary to boot to a different location than the default. The boot order can be changed in the BIOS of the device.

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