CompTIA Security Practice Test 2


A telecommunications business has filed a lawsuit against some of its workers for alleged fraud and unauthorized use of company assets. You're a member of the team tasked with gathering evidence and protecting its admissibility.
Which forensic procedures are you most likely to employ?

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Correct answer: Chain of custody

You work as a business networking consultant, and one of your clients is a huge retail outlet. Configuring a wifi router in their coffee shop area is your mission for them. Customers who are in line will use the wireless connection to connect to the Internet. You want to make sure that wireless clients can connect to the Internet but not to the retail outlet's offices' internal systems. Where will the wireless router be plugged in?

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Correct answer: DMZ

A corporation recently encountered a shoulder surfing problem. Which of the following protections would be beneficial in this situation?

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Correct answer: Screen filters

Your on-premises identity provider (IdP) is being integrated with a cloud-based service. Federated authentication is available through the cloud-based service. Which two protocols from the list below could you utilize for the integration? (Select two.)

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Correct answer: SAML & OpenID Connect

One way to federate with a cloud-based service is to use SAML, which has been around for a long time and is widely accepted. Another alternative is OpenID Connect, which is newer than SAML and gaining traction in the market. LDAP and Kerberos are authentication and directory integration protocols for on-premises systems; they are not appropriate for internet-based authentication.

Which of the algorithms below is a symmetric-key algorithm?

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Correct answer: DES

Which of the following protocols was created as a secure alternative to Telnet?

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Correct answer: SSH

An employee in the research department was surfing the web when the host was infected with Malware.
Which log, as a technician, is most likely to reveal the source of the infection?

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Correct answer: DNS Logs

You work as an IT consultant for a company in a coastal area that is subject to storms and flooding on occasion. The continuation of business operations is important because of your company's location. Which of the following plans focuses on minimizing the impact of a disaster on workers, customers, and IT systems?

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Correct answer: Business continuity

Which of the following is a criterion for reliability?

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Correct answer: MTBF

MTBF is a measure of reliability.

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