CNO (College of Nurses of Ontario) Test Prep Guide


The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) is the governing body for nurses in Ontario, Canada. It runs the Registered Practical Nurse Examination (REx-PN) for practical nurses seeking to practice in Ontario. This guide is here to offer support and advice for those preparing for the CNO test.

Key Takeaways

  • The CNO is the nursing regulatory body in Ontario, Canada.
  • The CNO administers the REx-PN exam to assess the competency of practical nurses.
  • This guide offers strategies and resources for the CNO test.
  • Passing the CNO test is essential for nursing in Ontario.
  • Being ready and knowing the test details are crucial for success.

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Strategies for Preparing for the REx-PN

The first big step is to go through the REx-PN practice materials from the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). These will help you understand how the exam is set up and what you need to know. Knowing this can make your study plan more effective.

For internationally educated nurses, taking programs focused on current nursing practices in Ontario is key. These programs dive deep into what regulatory requirements, nursing standards, and professional nursing practice look like in the province. They help bridge any knowledge gaps.

Take English or French Language Courses

If English or French isn’t your first language, consider language courses. They’ll boost your communication skills. This is crucial for understanding exam questions and showing your nursing competency.

Join Nursing Peer Support Groups

Being part of a nursing peer support group is a great idea. It offers a chance to swap stories, questions, and tips with others also preparing for the REx-PN. You can learn a lot from their experiences with the Ontario nursing board and nurse certification.

Study the Test Plan and Exam Preview

Don’t forget to glance over the REx-PN Test Plan to see what topics and skills you’ll be tested on. The exam preview is also handy as it gives you a feel for the real test with sample questions. It all helps you get used to the testing style.

Consider Exam Preparation Courses

Some people opt for third-party exam preparation courses besides their own studies. While the CNO can’t vouch for them, they can be a good supplement. These courses usually give you a structured plan, practice, and extra support to boost your confidence for the REx-PN.

nursing practice

By making use of these ways and resources, future practical nurses can up their odds of acing the REx-PN. This shows they’re ready to join the nursing field in Ontario, Canada.

Registering for the NCLEX-RN

To work as a Registered Nurse (RN) in Ontario, you need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam. The CNO (College of Nurses of Ontario) makes this a requirement. On the Pearson Vue website, you can find details to register for the NCLEX-RN. Also, they provide a Candidate Bulletin. This document has everything you need to know about the exam, like content, format, and how it’s scored.

Pearson Vue Registration Process

If you’re planning to take the NCLEX-RN in Canada, you first need to sign up on the Pearson Vue website. This site is in charge of all the testing. You’ll need to make an account, send in your application and documents, and pick a place to take the test.

NCLEX-RN Candidate Bulletin

The NCLEX-RN Candidate Bulletin is a must-read for anyone looking to become an RN. It has the exam’s outline, format, scoring method, and more. This guide is key for your prep and to ace the NCLEX-RN exam in Canada.

CNO (College of Nurses of Ontario) Test Preparation Resources

The CNO supports future nurses in getting ready for their exams. This includes the REx-PN and NCLEX-RN tests. They give study materials that cover all important exam areas. This helps students really understand what the test will be like.

Test Plans and Content Outlines

The CNO has detailed plans and outlines for exams. They show what nursing skills will be tested. This allows students to focus their studying on what’s truly needed. Knowing these details helps nursing exam takers prepare better for the cno (college of nurses of ontario) test.

Computer-Adaptive Testing (CAT) Format

Both the REx-PN and NCLEX-RN tests are in a CAT format. The CNO explains how this type of test works. It adjusts the question difficulty based on how well you’re doing. Understanding this helps nurse licensure candidates plan their test-taking strategies.

Practice Tests and Sample Questions

The CNO also provides practice tests and questions. These materials let students see what the real exam will be like. They can practice and see where they need to improve. This makes them more confident and ready for the nursing licensure and ontario nursing registration tests.

College of Nurses of Ontario


Passing the CNO test is a big deal for nurses in Ontario. It’s key for becoming licensed. This guide helps nurses prepare well. With good study habits and the right resources, they can do it.

The rules for IEN nurses in Ontario have changed. Now, they need to pass the NCLEX-RN by a certain date. The CNO is updating affected nurses by June 30. They want to be sure all RNs have the same skills, no matter where they studied.

Nurses who pass the NCLEX-RN after this date will get further instructions from the CNO. All IEN nurses should first apply through the NNAS. This step makes sure nurses from other places meet Ontario’s standards.

Staying up-to-date with CNO rules is crucial. Nurses must use all the available help and keep learning. This way, they can get their license and have a great nursing career.


What is the CNO (College of Nurses of Ontario) test?

The CNO is the nursing regulatory body in Ontario, Canada. It administers the REx-PN for practical nurses. This exam checks their skills for Ontario’s registration.

How can I prepare for the CNO test?

Start by reviewing the CNO’s practice documents. Enroll in programs for internationally educated nurses. Take language courses to improve your skills. Join nursing groups for support.Thoroughly go through the REx-PN Test Plan and exam sections. It’s also a good idea to take an exam prep course.

What other exams are required for nursing registration in Ontario?

Besides the REx-PN, you must pass the NCLEX-RN for an RN license in Ontario. This is another important exam the CNO mandates.

What resources does the CNO provide to help candidates prepare for their nursing exams?

The CNO offers many resources for exam prep. This includes detailed test plans and content, CAT format info, and practice questions. These resources aim to support your preparation.

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