What is a CNA training program?  

CNA Training

What is a CNA training program?  

For you to become a CNA, you must first complete a state-approved education program. It means that you have to take certified nursing assistant training to get the required education. 

CNA Training Requirements

Before enrolling, you must first check both the state and federal laws. Each state has its own training requirements for its CNAs. 

For federal requirements, here are some of the things you have to remember:

  • You must have at least 75 hours of initial training.
  • You must have at least 12 hours of annual continuing education
  • You must keep in mind that each state has the authority to require continuing education hours and additional training. 

Aside from those, you must also take note of these common prerequisites that you should fulfill before enrolling in a training program:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must have a high school diploma or GED.
  • You must have a clean background, which means that you do not have criminal and drug test records.
  • You must pass the fitness test and have the necessary vaccinations.
  • You must have a healthcare work experience, if applicable.

After obtaining all of the requirements, the next step is to find the right nursing training. Below is a list of some of the CNA training in different states:

CNA training NJ (New Jersey)

For free CNA training:

Concord Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center



Amboy Nursing & Rehabilitation Center



Bayshore Community Hospital



For paid CNA training:

Bergen Community College


(201) 447-7100

Ace Healthcare Training Institute


(908) 851-2700

Burlington County Institute of Technology


(609) 267-4226

CNA training Seattle and Other CIties in WA

For free CNA training:

Norse Home


(206) 781-7400

Vashon Community Care


(206) 567-4421

Marysville Care Center


(360) 659-3926

For paid CNA training:

South Seattle Community College


(206) 934-5300

Tacoma Community College


(253) 566-5000 

Divine CNA Training


(206) 724-0830

CNA training Oregon

For free CNA training:

Independence Health and Rehabilitation Center


(503) 838-0001

Columbia Care Center


(503) 543-7131

Blue Mountain Community College


(541) 276-1260

For paid CNA training:

Oregon Coast Community College


(541) 996-6222

Salem Health


(503) 561-5200

Klamath Community College


(541) 882-3521

CNA training in CT (Connecticut)

For free CNA training:

Quinebaug Valley Community College


(860) 932-4000

Village Crest Center for Health and Rehabilitation


(860) 354-9365

Housatonic Community College



For paid CNA training:

Bridgeport Hospital Bridgeport


(203) 384-3000

Avon Health Center Avon


(860) 673-2521

Bethel Health and Rehabilitation Center


(203) 830-4180

CNA training NYC (New York)

For free CNA training:

Highfield Gardens Care Center


(516) 365-9229

Grand Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center


(718) 518-8892

Arnot Ogden Medical Center


(607) 737-4100

For paid CNA training:

Mandl School- The College of Allied Health 


(212) 247-3434

Corning Community College 


(800) 358-7171

College of Staten Island 


(718) 982-2000

If you haven’t found your desired nursing assistant training, you can search for some of Google’s most researched keywords to find the right place for you: 

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Frequently Asked Questions about CNA

How do CNA training programs impact the medical industry?

To become a CNA, you are not required to have a college degree. This provides  a lot of opportunities for many people. It would lead to an influx of nursing assistants that will help improve the medical field. The industry can be quite competitive. But with more people in the profession, the more healthcare progresses. 

How hard is CNA training?

It is not that complicated with the right preparation and review. For example, you can take CNA practice tests. Through them, you’ll be able to know the exam structure and the type of questions that will be asked.

What are the advantages of CNA training?

Through CNA training, you’ll be able to provide appropriate patient care and be more knowledgeable about the medical industry. Your experience as a CNA will help you if you want to pursue further education. You’ll be able to proceed with becoming a registered nurse if you want to. 

How much training does a CNA have to have a year?

In most cases, CNA training programs will last to at least 4 to 16 weeks. It is also continuing education. It means that even after passing the CNA test, you’ll have to continue taking some classes or training to renew your license.