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❓General Questions for Aspiring CNAs

What is a nursing assistant?

Nursing assistants are the ones who help with patient care by doing daily tasks such as bathing, feeding, recordkeeping, the taking of vital signs, and other healthcare tasks.

What does CNA stand for?

CNA stands for certified nursing assistant. You are a CNA if you completed the required training and education, and you passed the CNA certification test.

How to become a certified nursing assistant?

  1. You must enroll in CNA classes and afterward obtain a nurse aide certification. You can take the certification exam for CNA at Pearson Vue testing centers. 
  2. You have to make an excellent resume. It must contain your skills as a certified nursing assistant.
  3. You should look at the nursing aide job description. It will show whether you have the CNA qualifications that are required for the job.     
  4. You can then look for CNA jobs hiring in places near you. You should look for CNA positions that you prefer and then pass your resume and other necessary documents.    
  5. You have to ace the job interview by answering the questions based on your knowledge of the responsibilities of a nursing assistant.

What is a nursing organization?

Your journey does not stop when you become a registered nursing assistant. You also have to apply and become a member of nursing organizations.

Nursing organizations help in the professional development of nurses, be it RNs, LPNs, or CNAs. Through these organizations, you’ll be able to meet with people of the same profession. You’ll also be given various opportunities to become a better healthcare professional. You’ll be provided with educational conferences and chances of certification. These organizations also offer continuing education, which is vital when it comes to the medical field. The list below shows some of the official websites for nursing organizations:

  1. Canadian Nurses Association
  2. American Health Care Association
  3. AMDA – The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine 
  4. American Nurses Association
  5. National Institute of Nursing Research 
  6. National Student Nurses’ Association
  7. National League for Nursing 
  8. National Council of State Boards of Nursing
  9. American Nurses Credentialing Center 
  10. International Council of Nurses 
  11. American Association of Nurse Practitioners 
  12. American Association of Colleges of Nursing
  13. National Nurses United 
  14. Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  15. National Association of Hispanic Nurses 
  16. American Academy of Nursing 

How long does it take to become a CNA?

It depends on the program you will be applying for, but the average period for completing your training can take at least 4 to 12 weeks. 

How much do nursing assistants make a year?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, certified nurse aides have a salary of approximately $28,540 per year. If you convert it to an hourly wage, it will be $13.72. Also, if you are asking for the monthly wage, it will be $2,380. 

What do CNAs do in hospitals?

There are a lot of duties that CNAs have in hospitals. They provide assistance to patients and nursing staff alike. They also ensure that patients will have the care that they need in the health facility. They do tasks such as transporting patients using wheelchairs, helping them bathe, etc.    

What is a traveling CNA?

It is a nursing assistant that usually works in a home health facility. Their services are employed through traveling CNA agencies. A travel CNA job description contains various duties and responsibilities. CNAs must help take care of multiple patients. It often involves patients that are chronically ill. Moreover, they also work in more than one location.  

How much does a traveling CNA make?

The typical wage for a traveling CNA is rather variable. This implies that salary varies depending on years of experience and skill level. Moreover, salary varies greatly depending on where you fly. This also implies that there may be numerous prospects for progress within this field.

How much money does a traveling CNA make? A traveling CNA earns significantly more than a typical CNA on average. A traveling certified nursing assistant earns an average of $67,100 per year in the United States. Simply put, this equates to around $32.26 per hour, which is more than double the hourly wage of a typical CNA.

Furthermore, depending on travel CNA companies, skill level, and experience, travel CNA salary $139,000 or as little as $18,000, according to studies.

What is the difference between a CNA and a CMA?

A CNA is someone who has specific tasks and duties. They are often considered as caregivers because they give basic patient care. They usually provide long-term care for patients that are terminally ill or those who need assistance in their day to day living.

A medical assistant is someone who gives more emphasis on medical care and administrative work. They are the ones who take note of a patient’s medical conditions and as well as provide them with their appropriate medications.

One of the clear differences between the two is that for medical assistants, they have both administrative and medical work. On the other hand, certified nursing assistants focus more on patient care and personally interacting with their patients.

What is the difference between CNA and LVN?

A licensed vocational nurse is someone who works under the supervision of registered nurses. In comparison to CNAs, LVNs or LPNs have to take the NCLEX-PN exam. This exam will give them the license to practice. It also takes longer to complete the necessary education for LVNs because it will take them a year.  

What is the difference between CNA and RN?

A registered nurse is someone who works and assists physicians in various procedures. They have an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing, while CNAs only require a high school diploma or GED. To complete the required education, it will also take at least 2 to 4 years. They must also pass the NCLEX-RN exam so that they can be licensed.  

Can a CNA administer medications?

It depends. The duties and responsibilities of a CNA differ for each state. In some states, RNs may delegate the task of administration of medications to CNAs. It is as long as they have the skills and training for it. They are also often supervised by RNs when they do such tasks.

What are the tips passing CNA skills test?

  • Every day, put all of your performance skills to the test.
  • Dress for success.
  • Pay close attention to each scenario.
  • If necessary, repeat the skills that have been tested.
  • Use body mechanics that are safe.
  • Respectfully approach your patient.
  • Take your performance exam with confidence.

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