CNA Courses

CNA Courses

To answer the question of “How to be a CNA?” the first thing that you should do is take up CNA courses. You can earn your CNA degree after completing the required education and training. Through certified nursing assistant courses, you’ll be able to learn patient care and basic nursing skills, among others.  

🧑‍⚕️What is a CNA course?

CNA courses are those that will help students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become certified nurse aides. They’ll help prepare you for the certification exam, which is a test that you are required to take in order to be eligible for practice. 

To know what’s a CNA coursework, here is a list of some of the CNA courses you’ll have to take:

Basic Care Course

This course is an introduction to all of the basic nursing procedures and nurse aide practices, such as taking vital signs. Its content will  also tackle infection control, patient rights, and safety procedures. 

CNA Theory Course

This course will examine issues related to being a CNA. It will also provide a general review of hygiene management, data collection, practical nursing techniques, and infection control.    

Fundamentals of Nursing Course

This course will cover a lot of topics, from the role of nursing assistants to legal and ethical issues of patient care. It will help students learn the duties of certified nursing assistants in the nursing process.

Home Health Aide Course

This course will be a combination of lecture and lab work. It will be an introduction to all of the issues related to home health aide. It will cover patient safety, recordkeeping, and food management. It also includes an observational period where students can gain experience by working in a nursing home. 

CNA Clinical Course

This course will give students the opportunity to work in direct patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse. They’ll be able to work in different environments, such as doctor’s offices, nursing homes, or hospitals. 

Body Systems Course

This course will focus on anatomy and physiology. It will help the students learn more about the human body and its functions. It will also cover topics that talk about the body’s response to certain medications. 

Acute Care Nurse Assistant Course

This course will cover topics that are needed in environments such as hospitals and clinics. Students should know how to take care of a patient’s social, psychological, and physical well-being. It will also help them develop their practical nursing skills. 

Patient Care Course

This course will include psycho-social, spiritual, and physical patient care. It also covers topics about the emotional needs, cognitive impairment, or abnormal behavior of the patients. Furthermore, students will know how to help patients cope with loss.

📁 How do you apply for nursing aide courses?

You can consider two things. You can take CNA courses online, or you can look for institutions that offer certified nursing assistant programs. You can choose whatever works for you. It can either be an online CNA program or one where you have to attend classes personally. But, an important factor to keep in mind in choosing is that they must be accredited CNA programs. It is must be state-approved to ensure that you’ll meet the standards for CNA certification.

You can find the ideal program for you by searching for some of Google’s most popular keywords like “CNA courses near me”, “Nursing aide school near me”, “How to become a CNA for free” or “Certified nurses assistant courses”.

💸 How much does a CNA course cost?

It varies depending on where you choose to enroll. But, generally, CNA courses are less expensive compared to other courses in the medical field. You can also choose to enroll in vocational schools or community colleges where it might be less costly. You also have to consider other things when you calculate for your expenses such as the cost of course materials, books, medical examination, and background check fees.  

📖 How long is a CNA course?

It depends on the CNA program. It could take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks or 6 to 12 weeks. The crucial thing is that the program should be accredited, and you have completed the required number of classroom hours and clinical training. 

🙋 CNA Questions

Should I take a CNA course and an EMT course?

Both courses are advantageous. But, one of the good things about CNA courses is that it doesn’t take long to finish it. Being an EMT or emergency medical technician is also a fulfilling job, but if you want to complete your education faster, you can choose to be a CNA.

What is a better course to do, a CNA or an MA?

There is no better course since it will all rely on whether you like the course or not. They can be beneficial to you either way. Also, a CNA or medical assistant (MA) are mostly similar. They differ in that CNAs involve more patient care than MAs.   

What are nursing bridging courses?

Nursing bridging courses are those that will help you switch from your current career and into nursing. Those who are RPNs, LPNS, or CNAs are often the ones who make use of nursing bridging programs. It is because they already have a certain educational level and experience in the nursing field. Moreover, through this program, you won’t have to complete a full four-year college nursing program if you have an associate or bachelor’s degree.

What are the best CNA courses online for free?

Even if you can’t earn your CNA certification online for free, you can still take free CNA courses online like the ones below:

What is the CNA refresher course mean?


CNA refresher courses are for CNAs who have already been qualified and want to recertify. Different states have different certification standards, however in many of them, passing a refresher course will reactivate an expired or unused certificate. Check with your state’s Nursing Aide Registry licensing authority to see if the refresher course meets their re-certification standards.

Several hours of classroom teaching and laboratory experience are usually included in these courses. CNA responsibilities, patient rights, and infection control are all possible study topics. The lesson may also cover how to check vital signs, turn, or position yourself.

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