CNA Classes

CNA Classes

To be a Certified Nursing Assistant You will have to do CNA Practice Test for short is one of the most rewarding jobs for those who want to seek a career in the medical field. In order to be certified, aspiring nursing assistants must undertake classes and rigorous training to qualify.  After completing such education, they will then be required to take the certification or competency exam.

📂 What do CNA classes consist of?

You can complete CNA certification classes in 2 ways: In-person Classes or Online Classes. 

In-Person CNA Classes

In-Person classes mean that you take them by going to the training programs yourself. You can enroll in vocational and technical schools, community colleges, hospitals, and the American Red Cross. There are also 2 ways of learning in

CNA Classes. Classroom Instruction and Clinical Experience. The former requires you to attend classes in your preferred institution and learn through an instructor. The latter requires that you get hands-on training. There are some hospitals that offer CNA training. You’ll get to experience it first-hand, but they may require you to work for them after getting your license.

The following table shows the structure, content, and how long the CNA classes are

In-Person Class


Duration of Programs

Learning Format

Vocational/Technical Schools

Classroom Instruction and Clinical experience that includes topics such as the Fundamentals of Nursing.

4 to 12 weeks

CNA day and night classes; Hybrid 

Community Colleges

Classroom Instruction and Clinical experience that includes topics such as the Fundamentals of Nursing and Health Overview.

6 to 16 weeks

CNA day and night classes; CNA Weekend Classes; Hybrid


Mostly Clinical experience with the students working on patients. 

4 to 8 weeks

CNA day and night classes; CNA Weekend Classes

The Ameican Red Cross

Classroom Instruction and Clinical experience that includes topics such as Vital Signs, Art of Caregiving, and other procedural skills. 

4 to 8 weeks

CNA day classes

🖥️ Online CNA Classes

On the other hand, online classes have been considered as convenient. There are free CNA online classes that can be taken by those who prefer this option. The problem, though, is that not many states offer online classes. It is because it doesn’t have the hands-on training that they want the CNAs to have. But because some want to get CNA training online.             

The only thing that could be different is that their classroom instruction hours are done online, while their clinical experience is done face to face. 

What kind of stuff should you learn to become a CNA?

Most CNA classes offer some of the following subject areas in their curriculum:

  • Basic hygiene procedures
  • Medical terminology
  • Medical ethics
  • Infection control
  • Rights of patients
  • Documenting and keeping records
  • Patient rights, care, and safety
  • Anatomy
  • Safe transport and movement of patients
  • Patient communication
  • Pre-/Post-operative care procedures
  • Knowledge of diseases

🏫 Free CNA Classes Near Me

Becoming a CNA can lead to a variety of professional prospects in the healthcare business, as well as a more profitable path. However, you must first pass the CNA exam in order to receive your certification. You’ll need to enroll in either a state-approved CNA training school or a hybrid online program to perform either.

You may wonder and ask, “Are there any CNA schools near me?”, “Any CNA certification classes near me?”, “Nursing homes giving CNA classes near me?” or “Can I take CNA classes online near me?”, “Well then if there is, are those CNA online classes free?. But before that, you should look for state approval of online programs. Check with your state board of education to see which online programs are approved so you can be sure the material meets state criteria before enrolling. You will not be able to sit for the CNA certification exam until you have received authorization.

Carefully review the program’s details. In Oregon, for example, there are two levels of CNA certification, and some online schools only prepare students for one of them.

❓ How Long Does it Take to Become a CNA?

The simple answer is between five and twenty weeks, although this is dependent on a number of factors. We’ll take a deeper look at each of them in the next sections.

Where will you attend the course?

It is important to consider the location of the course. The length of time it takes to complete different courses offered in different places may vary. Some fast-track courses can be completed in as little as a few weeks, while others can take up to a month and a half to finish.

Who is in charge of the course?

The course’s provider is also a consideration. There are some universities that cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Then there are community colleges (not all of them) that offer longer, more time-consuming courses. This does not, however, imply that the course is any less comprehensive.
Getting through the exam

Students who fail the exam will have to retake it. A student may have to wait a specified amount of time before retaking the test, depending on where the course is administered. However, failing the exam can cause the process of becoming a CNA to be delayed.

Because different states have varying criteria, there is no set time for becoming a licensed nursing aide. It is possible to become one in as little as three weeks. This includes the time it takes to complete an accredited/approved course as well as the time it takes to pass the exam. Remember that if you want to work as a CNA, you must pass the exam; else, you will have to retake it

📗 How Long are CNA Classes?

A minimum of 75 hours of classroom and clinical training is required of CNAs. Any nursing team needs a CNA, or certified nursing assistant. While under the supervision of a nurse, a CNA offers direct care to patients. They assist with physical and sometimes complex responsibilities for patient care, making them an important member of a healthcare team. Feeding, bathing, repositioning, and moving patients are examples of these responsibilities. A state-certified CNA training course is required to become a CNA. The length of these classes varies from state to state, but they are normally around 75 hours.

📘 What about Weekend CNA Classes?

CNA classes are offered at a variety of community colleges, technical schools, and local hospitals and medical facilities. These training institutions provide a variety of class schedule alternatives based on the students’ needs.

Weekend CNA programs and evening CNA classes are two of the possibilities accessible, and they may be beneficial to individuals who are currently employed elsewhere but wish to pursue a career in nursing due to the growing demand for nurse aides and other allied healthcare workers.

Weekend programs are perfect for those who already have a job and are willing to sacrifice family time in order to pursue a new and stable profession as a nursing assistant.

Those who want to become nursing assistants can benefit from weekend CNA classes. They still have a full-time job, which they must maintain in order to meet their financial obligations, as these sessions are held on Saturdays or Sundays, and you can complete the training quickly by enrolling in these classes.

🙋CNA Questions

How much are CNA classes?

The cost of CNA classes differs for each state and institution. There are many factors that will influence the fees, so it is better to research the requirements of your state and the place where you will enroll. CNA classes cost typically between $700 and 1500 dollars. The cost of the state certification exam, uniforms, and classroom supplies is covered by certain programs with higher fees. Those with a lower fee may not.

Are online CNA classes a good option?

Yes, they could be. If you are someone who prefers to take the CNA classes on a certain schedule, you can choose to take it online. Those who do not have the luxury of time, such as workers, can do this. Moreover, there are institutions where you can take the classroom instructions online and the hands-on training face to face

Who offers free CPR classes in the USA?

You can check out the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association if they would offer free CPR classes. But if they do not, then CPR classes don’t actually cost that much. It is often under $50.

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