CNA Classes

CNA Classes

Being a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA for short is one of the most rewarding jobs for those who want to seek a career in the medical field. In order to be certified, aspiring nursing assistants must undertake classes and rigorous training to qualify.  After completing such education, they will then be required to take the certification or competency exam.

What do CNA classes consist of? 

You can complete CNA certification classes in 2 ways: In-person Classes or Online Classes. 

In-Person CNA Classes

In-Person classes mean that you take them by going to the training programs yourself. You can enroll in vocational and technical schools, community colleges, hospitals, and the American Red Cross. There are also 2 ways of learning in CNA classes: Classroom Instruction and Clinical Experience. The former requires you to attend classes in your preferred institution and learn through an instructor. The latter requires that you get hands-on training. There are some hospitals that offer CNA training. You’ll get to experience it first-hand, but they may require you to work for them after getting your license.

The following table shows the structure, content, and how long the CNA classes are

In-Person Class Curriculum Duration of Programs Learning Format
Vocational/Technical Schools Classroom Instruction and Clinical experience that includes topics such as the Fundamentals of Nursing. 4 to 12 weeks CNA day and night classes; Hybrid
Community Colleges Classroom Instruction and Clinical experience that includes topics such as the Fundamentals of Nursing and Health Overview. 6 to 16 weeks CNA day and night classes; CNA Weekend Classes; Hybrid
Hospitals Mostly Clinical experience with the students working on patients. 4 to 8 weeks CNA day and night classes; CNA Weekend Classes
The Ameican Red Cross Classroom Instruction and Clinical experience that includes topics such as Vital Signs, Art of Caregiving, and other procedural skills. 4 to 8 weeks CNA day classes

Online CNA Classes
On the other hand, online classes have been considered as convenient. There are free CNA online classes that can be taken by those who prefer this option. The problem, though, is that not many states offer online classes. It is because it doesn’t have the hands-on training that they want the CNAs to have. But because some want to get CNA training online because of their schedules or work, they opt to enroll in these classes.

In addition to that, what the online classes teach is mostly similar to the curriculum of in-person classes. The only thing that could be different is that their classroom instruction hours are done online, while their clinical experience is done face to face. 

What kind of stuff should you learn to become a CNA?

Most CNA classes offer some of the following subject areas in their curriculum:

  • Basic hygiene procedures
  • Medical terminology
  • Medical ethics
  • Infection control
  • Rights of patients
  • Documenting and keeping records
  • Patient rights, care, and safety
  • Anatomy
  • Safe transport and movement of patients
  • Patient communication
  • Pre-/Post-operative care procedures
  • Knowledge of diseases

If you are trying to look for free CNA classes or certified nursing assistant schools, you can check out some of the places listed below:

CNA classes Charlotte NC

American Academy of Healthcare, LLC

(704) 525-3500

Carril Learning Academy, LLC 

(704) 373-0034

Central Piedmont Community College-Central Campus 

(704) 330-2722

Chosen Health Care Institute, Inc. 

(704) 547-1988

Victory Health Career Center

(704) 717-7063

CNA classes Omaha

Clarkson College 

(402) 552-3396

Metro Community College 

(402) 502-1207

Nebraska Methodist College 

(402) 354-7100

Omaha Area Health Education Center (AHEC) 

(402) 502-1207

Promise Health Care Training Center Inc. 

(402) 968-4786

CNA classes in Chicago

City Colleges of Chicago – Arturo Velasquez Institute 

(773) 843-4338

Chicago Community Learning Center  

(773) 506-1503

City College of Education, Inc. 

(773) 255-4959

Great Paragon Healthcare, Inc.

(773) 274-7694 

Samland Institute of Allied Health and Technology 

(773) 202-4730

CNA classes Milwaukee

Milwaukee Area Technical College 

(414) 297-6542

Quality Healthcare Options

(414) 475-7337

Milwaukee Center for Independence 

(414) 937-2020

1. Johnson Educational Center Ltd 

(414) 438-9390

Mount Mary University

(414) 930-3000

CNA classes Utah

Utah State University Eastern – Blanding

(435) 678-2201

Utah CNA Training Centers LLC

(801) 990-9333

Utah CNA Training Centers LLC

(801) 990-9333


(801) 599-4780

Orchard CNA of Northern Utah

(801) 358-2102

CNA classes Richmond VA

Virginia School for Nurse Aides and Health Education

(804) 353-1747

Community College Workforce Alliance

(804) 523-CCWA

2. Sargeant Reynolds Community College – Advanced Career Education Center Hermitage

(804) 371-3000

Richmond Technical Center 

(804) 780-6237

Centura College

 (877) 523-9528

CNA classes Las Vegas

College of Southern Nevada

(702) 651-5690

West Career and Technical Academy

(702) 799-4340

Milan Institute

(702) 671-4242

East Career and Technical Academy

(702) 799-8888

Southeast Career and Technical Academy

(702) 799-7500

Those are just some of the locations you can visit. If you still cannot find your preferred classes, you can research some of these most frequently searched keywords on Google to find the right class:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are CNA classes?

The cost of CNA classes differs for each state and institution. There are many factors that will influence the fees, so it is better to research the requirements of your state and the place where you will enroll. 

Are online CNA classes a good option?

Yes, they could be. If you are someone who prefers to take the CNA classes on a certain schedule, you can choose to take it online. Those who do not have the luxury of time, such as workers, can do this. Moreover, there are institutions where you can take the classroom instructions online and the hands-on training face to face.

Who offers free CPR classes in the USA?

You can check out the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association if they would offer free CPR classes. But if they do not, then CPR classes don’t actually cost that much. It is often under $50.