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What is the Civil Service Exam?

The Civil Service Exam is the test taken by those who want to apply for civil service jobs. It helps determine the candidates that have the necessary ability and aptitude for learning the job quickly. Before it was the United States Civil Service Commission that managed the civil service, but the agency has long been abolished. Today, the OPM or the United States Office of Personnel Management and the Merit Systems Protection Board manage the civilian workforce.  

According to the Civil Service Exam Study Guide 2021 & 2022the exam varies depending on the position applied for. It’s substance, content, and format differs based on the local government, state government, or the specific federal agency that is offering the exam. Thus, this means that there is no uniform civil service test

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What are the different services in civil service?

The United States civil service includes two kinds of services: the competitive and excepted services. The applicant must take either of the two exams stated below.

2 main types of the Civil Service Examinations:

  1. Competitive exam – those applicants who want to apply for a certain civil job must compete with each other for the position.
  2. Non-competitive exam – those applicants are tested to identify whether they have the qualifications for a certain position, and the only thing they need to do to become eligible is to pass. 

As previously mentioned, the civil service exam will vary depending on the federal position applied for. Based on the book, Master the Civil Service Exams,  here are the main categories that applicants can choose from so that they’ll know what exam to take:

Federal Civil Service Positions

  • Professional – these are jobs that require applicants to have knowledge in a specialized field. They should have completed a college or postgraduate education.  Examples of these jobs are accountants, biologists, engineers, and attorneys.
  • Administrative and Managerial – these  jobs entail the overseeing of contracts with the private sector and purchasing for the government goods and services. Examples of these jobs are personnel officers, contract specialists, administrative assistants, and personnel officers.
  • Investigative and Law enforcement – these are the jobs that are often employed by government agencies such as the U.S. Postal Services, the Department of Justice, the Treasury Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The positions for this require their employees to guard property, patrol borders or be involved in operations that need highly technical intelligence.
  • Technical – these are jobs that involve their employees in support work such as Electronic and Computer Technology.
  • Clerical – these include a lot of varying jobs such as mail clerks, secretaries, information clerks, administrative assistants, and court reporters, among others.
  • Labor and Mechanical – these are civil jobs that include positions such as food preparation and service workers, mechanics, and maintenance and repair workers.
  • Unskilled – these are the jobs that are open to those that do not have enough skills or only have a small amount of training. Examples are janitors, housekeeping aides, and laundry workers.

Civil Service Exam Format

What is the test type for the exam?

Most exams are dominated by multiple-choice type questions, and it will last for several hours. The applicant will often be given a question booklet and an answer sheet, but there are several agencies, localities, and states that use computer version tests. Also, during the taking of the exam, an examiner will supervise.  

What is the scope of the Civil Services Examination?      

Since there is no uniform exam, then there wouldn’t necessarily be any uniform scope and content. There are varying test requirements and subjects that each job position might have. That is why it is crucial that the applicant must first research it. They can go to to know more about job announcements. The announcement will indicate the instructions regarding the test. It will describe the kind of exam that will be given and the content areas and subjects that are covered in the written test.

Civil Service Scope of Exam

There are different content and formats for the exam, but most civil service tests have a common scope. 

The Civil Service Exam Study Guide 2021 & 2022 shows that most exams cover these topics:

Basic English LanguageThis section involves subjects such as spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, and analogies.
Problem-SolvingThis section covers basic mathematical skills and recognition of patterns.
Interpersonal This section contains questions regarding situations in a hypothetical workplace. The applicant will be asked, which is the most appropriate or effective response.
ClericalThis section contains basic tasks in the office. It includes filing, reading charts, alphabetizing, verifying names, and completing forms, among others.

In the civil services examination, your verbal ability will be tested. This section tests your knowledge about word meanings and relationships. It will also have questions concerning how a word should be spelled correctly. It will also cover your ability to recognize grammatically incorrect sentences. Lastly, it contains items that determine your comprehension of written materials.

Moreover, there are questions that determine your arithmetic capabilities. Not all exams for civil servant jobs will have this section. It all depends on the kind of position you are applying for. Jobs that require this skill are cashiers, clerks, etc. Their understanding of topics such as graphs, tables, fractions, ratio,  and proportion will be tested. 

Hypothetical workplace situations will also be asked. As an applicant, one of the jobs of civil servants is to communicate with the public sector. They have to have the necessary skills for public relations or public education campaigns.

The clerical section, on the other hand, is considered an exam that requires its applicants to be quick and accurate. Often this section is closely timed than the others. The applicant shall be tested on their name and number checking, typing, and alphabetic filing. 

How is the exam scored?

Most civil service exams scores are on a scale of 100. The average passing score is 70. The number of points coincides with those you answered correctly, while wrong answers are not counted. If you have a passing score, you will be placed on the eligible list. The list is ranked by scores. So, those with the highest scores will be at the top and will be the first ones to be considered for any available jobs.   

Civil Service Exam Preparation

Method 1: You have to read the whole question. 

Test-takers often make the common mistake of not reading everything carefully. The time limit may seem daunting, but it is always best to be calm when taking the exam. You must read it down from the first word to the last. There might be trick questions that on first glance might seem familiar to you. Thus, it is always advisable to read it all fully. 

Method 2: You shouldn’t overthink it.

Normally, you might feel anxious and worried when taking the test. You might overthink a particular question because of your nervousness. It is best that you try to take in deep breaths. You have to reorient yourself and focus. Otherwise, you’ll end up panicking. Before taking the test, you can do the things that make you feel stress-free so that on test day, you’ll be able to take the exam with no worries.

Method 3: You should take note of the subtle negatives.

In most multiple-choice questions, there are many that make use of subtle negatives. For example, the meaning of a question might be reversed with words like except or not. So, if the question was something common like “What is included in…?” but then the question is reversed to “What is not included in…”  then it is an example of subtle negatives. Thus, as stated in the first method, always read the question carefully. 

Method 4: You can restate the question to understand it better.

If you have a hard time understanding a certain question, you can always rephrase it. This might help you answer it, or it might help you figure out how to approach the problem. Also, changing the words into something you can understand will help make the process easier for you.

Method 5: You must always remember that there are no patterns for the answers.

Some test-takers might think that they have the exam resolved through patterns. This is absolutely erroneous since the author of the questions will not resort to such methods. You should not rely on patterns or guesswork and instead study and prepare for it. You can take some civil service practice exams or civil service practice tests to help you through. By taking such study materials, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the content and format of the exam. 


Civil Service Exam Study Guide PDF Free

The Civil Service exam isn’t particularly challenging. The majority of students struggle with planning and execution. It is recommended that you take practice exams to prepare for the exam. If you’re looking for Civil Service exam sample questions PDF, Civil Service exam reviewer with answer key PDF, or Civil Service exam pattern PDF, you’ve come to the right place. To see if you’re ready for the exam, we recommend taking our Civil Service exam.


Civil Service Exam Questions and Answers

The Civil Service Exam is the test taken by those who want to apply for civil service jobs. It helps determine the candidates that have the necessary ability and aptitude for learning the job quickly. Before it was the United States Civil Service Commission that managed the civil service, but the agency has long been abolished. Today, the OPM or the United States Office of Personnel Management and the Merit Systems Protection Board manage the civilian workforce.

A highway patrol officer, for example, performs a variety of duties, including keeping an eye out for prospective speeders and ensuring that drivers follow the law. Top-ranking officials may be protected by highway officers. Police officers are individuals who serve and protect their communities.

Civil service jobs are government jobs in the United States. This could include positions in the federal, state, or local government.

Depending on the job, the procedure for taking the civil service exam differs. While exam lengths vary, you should plan on spending at least a couple of hours, if not more, on your exam. Multiple-choice, short-answer, and oral components can all be found in tests.

Is a purposeful activity to improve a civil service’s efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism, representatively, and democratic character in order to promote better delivery of public goods and services while increasing accountability.

Meritocracy – In imperial China, the civil service exam system was a system of testing aimed to choose the most studious and learned individuals for appointment as Chinese government bureaucrats.

You must devote enough time to studying. Many students study for the exam for up to a year. While taking the civil service test, you should prepare to answer questions in math, reasoning, reading, and writing.

It indicates that the individual is employed by a government agency, whether federal, state, or municipal. Each government agency is in charge of its own employment system, handles its own personnel needs, and employs a variety of hiring procedures.

You can’t get your certificate right away after passing the civil service exam. The deadline for claiming the certificate is normally thirty (30) days after the results are posted. Only once the Commissioned has stated that the certificate is available may you claim it.

To check the status of an exam or list, contact (212) 669-1357, register into your account in the Online Application System, or go to our open data portal and search “civil service exams.” Scores are valid for a period of up to four years.

The civil service tests, which are given across the state of New York, are meant to assess the knowledge and abilities needed to perform well on the job. Civil service exams are most typically given on a computer in a timed, multiple choice format.

Employees of government agencies and non-departmental public bodies such as museums, commissions, and other organizations are covered by the Civil Service Pension Scheme. The type of Civil Service pension you receive is determined by when you joined, but it is one of the most generous of its kind.

Since 2001, women have made up more than half of all civil servants. This percentage has risen from 46% in 1991 to 54% in 2018. However, women continue to be underrepresented in high civil service positions, with only 43% of senior civil workers being female, up from 17% in 1996.

To become a fireman, the state administers a civil service examination every two years.

In CEVAS 2nd Floor Espana Place Building Espana Boulevard Corner Adelina Street Sampaloc Manila City Metro Manila Beside McDonalds Espana, you can file a service exam.

Civil service exams are conducted by your local, state, and federal governments. You should visit their websites on a regular basis because certain tests are only available once or twice a year.

Working in Singapore’s civil service has certain benefits. The fundamental benefits of the civil service can be summed up as follows: security. Consistency. Subsidized Skills Development, Subsidized Facilities, Services that are practical.

When applying for a civic service position, you must demonstrate to the interviewer that you have the skills and desire to help your community. The ideal applicant for government or community roles is someone who believes in the mission of the organization where they work.

These tests determine a candidate’s qualifications for a specific Civil Service position. The assessments are intended to ensure a competitive and fair employment process. Applications are accepted throughout a filing period for each exam.

The length of the exam will vary depending on the examination, but expect it to last at least several hours.

The Civil Service now has 445,480 employees, up from 430,080 in 2018. Employment stands at 413,910 full-time equivalents (FTE), up from 399,150 in 2018. Women make up 53.9 percent of these civil servants, which is unchanged from the previous year. Ethnic minorities account up 12.7 percent of the population, up from 12.0 percent in 2018.

Each jurisdiction determines the fee. A test fee and/or a filing fee may be charged.

If you want to work for the government, one of the first things you should think about is how much education you’ll need. A bachelor’s degree is held by 31.5 percent of civil servants.

Prepare all of the prerequisites for the authentication of the Certificate of Eligibility, including the original and photocopy of the marriage certificate issued by the PSA (for women who got married after taking the civil service exam). If you work or live in another country, you must produce a photocopy of your passport as well as another form of identification.

Make certain you conduct significant research, study the civil service practice test, and planning ahead of time.

Daily writing practice is essential. Take a newspaper editorial or a topic from the syllabus and create a question and write an answer to it. Make the most of your resources: The usability of information obtained from books or newspapers.

Yes, Health care, paid time off, stability, and retirement funds are all common perks of civil service work. These advantages can help you live a better life.

The Civil Service Rules control personnel practices in all state agencies and departments, and they are mandatory for all state classified employees.

The purpose of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 is to give Federal management the flexibility they need to improve government operations and productivity while also protecting employees from unfair or unjustified actions.

Oral and written components, as well as computer-administered multiple-choice examinations, are typically included in civil service exams. Some civil service tests may also incorporate elements of “work simulation.”

The Civil Service Exam application must be filed in person at the CSC Regional Office (CSC RO) or any of the CSC RO’s Field Offices where you intend to sit the exam. To locate a Civil Service Commission office in your region, go to the Civil Service Commission Office Directory.

It would be ideal if military retirement and civil service retirement could be combined, but it isn’t as simple as working in public service and retiring with two incomes. How retired and separated military members plan for retirement is influenced by federal law and other considerations.

The civil service refers to a branch of government made up primarily of career administrators who are hired on the basis of professional competence rather than being appointed or elected, and whose institutional tenure often outlasts changes in political leadership.

The Civil Service Commission was established to regulate federal government employment.

The Civil Service Exam has an 80 percent pass rate at all levels. This means that you must score at least 80% to pass the exam.

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally created environment, such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewerage systems, pipelines, building structural components, and railways.

The exam’s scope is determined on the position you’re applying for.

Your civil service examination will take place at a civil service testing center in the city or county where the position is available. The place and time of your exam will be communicated to you by email or mail a few weeks prior to the exam day.

Most civil service tests require you to be at least 18 years old, with some requiring you to be older.

The FBI Special Agent Exam Phase I Test and the Secret Service Special Agent Entrance Exam are two popular federal civil service tests in the United States.

You serve solely at the will of the appointing authority in a non-civil service or “at will” agency. For any cause or no reason, you may be recruited, demoted, or fired.

Reading, proofreading, using instructional manuals, and writing letters and memos are just a few of the tasks that your verbal abilities will be assessed for.

The exams are given on a regular basis, usually weekly or monthly, and are available at a variety of assessment locations throughout the state. The assessment may take the form of a written exam, a physical evaluation, or, in some situations, a psychometric analysis, which tests the candidate’s aptitude in several areas linked to the profession, depending on the nature of the employment.

The physical fitness and fundamental abilities required to work as a police officer are assessed in the police civil service exam. The test evaluates job-related reading comprehension, math principles, language, and the ability to write incident reports. The first phase is a physical agility test that determines one’s degree of fitness.

Candidates must meet the requirements for nationality, age, and educational qualification in order to sit for the Civil Services Exam. The candidate must be at least 21 years old and no older than 32 years old.

Before you may take the Professional Civil Service Exam, you must have a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college. You can apply for second-level scientific, technical, and professional posts up to Division Chief level if you pass this test.

Lord Cornwallis established the Indian Civil Service, earning him the title of “Father of Indian Civil Service. ” Cornwallis recognized the importance of organizing the civil services in order to solidify British power in India.

Teachers who work in public elementary, middle, and high schools are classified as civil employees because their salaries are paid by the taxpayers.

Former offenders, such as those convicted of a felony DUI, may be able to find work in the civil service in many cases. Many government entities will recruit you even if you have a criminal background. A felony record will not prevent you from working for the federal government, according to USSA Jobs.

Because there are so many different civil service tests to choose from, the answer is very dependent on the one you’re taking.

Appointing authorities are required by civil service law to pick qualified applicants from civil service lists. Reserve, Intermittent, Permanent, and Temporary appointments are among the options. There are two sorts of appointments that can be established if there is no waiting list: emergency and provisional. 

On exam day, only bring the following items:

  • I.D. card – the same I.D. card presented at the time of application submission BLACK
  • Original PSA/LCR Birth Certificate printed on Security Paper (only if I.D. card does not have a date of birth);

Under Civil Service Regulations, you can fail a civil service test and yet keep your job. You have two options: one, you can stay in the post for up to 90 days after the exam results are revealed. Then you’ll have to be let go. Alternatively, if you failed but no one else did, you can keep your job.

Time management, critical thinking, and problem solving, to name a few To stick to a strategic study plan practice.

Although not all civil service exams are the same and may vary depending on the civil service job, the goal of all civil service exams is to assist in the screening of applicants.

These are graded on a score and are not subject to interpretation.

The time between taking a test and receiving results varies, but candidates typically receive exam results three to four months after the exam date.

Scores vary from 70 to 100, and they’re good for two years.

The average test consists of 165 to 170 questions, with a time limit of two hours and forty minutes to three hours to finish it.

Make an effort to think about your ambitions for a government career before your interview. Research the agency’s goals and mission to see how you may connect your personal objectives with them.

Police officers are classified as government workers.

Jobs in the civil service range from blue-collar work to the highest levels of administrative and regulatory posts.

A minimum score of 96 is necessary.

Local government civil service aims to eliminate political favoritism and coercive influences that historically drove public employees to donate money and time to partisan political candidates at the expense of the task for which they were paid.

Any color will suffice. Slippers, sleeveless shirts and blouses, shorts and short pants, and sleeveless shirts and blouses are not permitted.

Before visiting a CSC Regional or Field Office, check with the nearest CSC office to see if the certificate is available. To learn about the Commission’s contact numbers and email address, go to their website/directory.

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