Read Our Guide On The Three Types Of Civil Service Exam Jobs You Can Get

Civil Service Exam Jobs

There are a lot of jobs that you can apply for if you pass the civil service exam. The examination is used in various fields.  It tests the knowledge and skill of the applicants for the position they are aiming for. It is considered as a prerequisite for employment.  What are civil service jobs? There are 3 types of civil service jobs: federal, state, or municipal jobs. 

Federal Civil Service Jobs

It is a fact that the federal government is the largest employer in the country. According to the book, Master Civil Service Exams, “it employs more than 2.8 million civilian workers in the United States and an additional 100,000 civilian workers—one-half of whom are U.S. citizens—in U.S. territories and other countries.” What are examples of federal civil service jobs? It is classified into 2 categories: Professional (General Schedule) and Trades, Crafts, or Labor (Wage Grade). These are even further categorized by series and/or grade.
  1. Professional – these are civil government jobs where you are required to have the necessary knowledge and experience of a clerical, scientific, administrative, technical, or artistic nature. 
Here are some civil servant examples you can check out:
  • 0100 – Social Science, Psychology, and Welfare
These are government workers whose duties are to administer, perform, advise, supervise, research, or other professional and scientific work, related clerical work, or subordinate technical work in social sciences, psychology, and administration of public welfare.
  • 0-200 – Human Resources Management
The civil service job descriptions under this category include duties such as advising, performing, or supervising work that is involved in all things related to human resources.
  • 0300 – General Administrative, Clerical, and Office Services
Under this category, as a civil officer, you will be responsible for administering, advising, supervising, or performing work, such as management analysis, secretarial work, mail and file work, operation of office equipment, and other clerical and administrative work.
  1. Trade, Craft, or Labor – these are civil service jobs that require the performance of physical work and the necessary knowledge and experience of a trade, craft, or manual labor nature.
If you are looking for positions under this category, you can check out the list of civil servant jobs below:
  • 2500 – Wire Communications Equipment Installation and Maintenance
This job will require you to be involved in the installation, construction, maintenance, and testing of all kinds of wire communications systems and other  electrical-mechanical associated equipment.
  • 3100 – Fabric and Leather Work
These are occupations that involve fabricating, repairing, and modifying clothing and other related equipment made of plastic film and filaments or natural and simulated leather, among others.
  • 3400 – Machine Tool Work
These are positions that will include the setting up and operation of machine tools and the use of hand tools for repair. It will involve metal parts, tools, machines, and other materials. 

State and Municipal Civil Service Jobs

Based on the same book, it is stated that state and local governments have provided a lot of job opportunities for many people. “More than 19 million people work for state and local agencies throughout the United States; about three-fourths of these employees work in local government, such as county, municipality, town, and school district governments.”

What are the examples of state and municipal civil service jobs?

For these kinds of positions, it is usually divided by departments, agencies, boards, offices, etc. If you want to know more about your state or local jobs, you can visit your state government website and look for your preferred job announcements. You can also consider this list of civil service jobs:
  • Administrative. Accounting and Fiscal Control

These jobs will require duties such as analyzing, preparing, and verifying financial reports. Examples of such jobs are accountants, auditors, economists, etc. 
  • Education

The majority of job positions in state and local government are related to educational services. A lot of schools, universities, or colleges employ not just teachers but administrative personnel, guidance counselors, and clerks, among others, as well.
  • Trades and Maintenance

Employment in trade usually requires formal training acquired in high school, community college, vocational, or technical schools. The duties are based on the knowledge and experience you have learned. Furthermore, there are different types of trade, and some don’t even require formal training. Examples are automotive and diesel mechanics, supervisor, equipment foreman, carpenter, boiler plant operator, and others.

Civil Service Jobs Near Me

If you are looking for civil service jobs near you, it’s important to search first your state government website, or you can visit USAJOBS. You need to know the available positions through job announcements. Whether you are looking for PA civil service jobs, NYS civil service jobs, Louisiana civil service jobs, NJ civil service jobs, or NYC civil service jobs, it’s important that you know the requirements first.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are civil servants? What are examples of civil servants?

If you have passed the civil servant exam and got employed, you are considered as a civil servant. To know what a civil servant is, you must differentiate it from public servant jobs. The former achieved their positions for merit and are considered highly-skilled. They also got selected through examination. The latter, on the other hand,  is when they get employed through an appointment. They are usually not required to take an exam.     

How to apply for state jobs? 

The most important thing when it comes to applying is to obtain job information. When government agencies have vacancies, they publish job announcements or examination announcements. These will contain the work requirements, duties, salary, location, and other details. 

What are your tips for civil services interview preparations?

Your personal profile is crucial when it comes to the interview. Based on the information you’ve given, they’ll ask you questions that will reveal your personality. You will first be asked about your name and then your level of education. You need to make an impression and give honest answers as much as you can. You might also be asked about your work experiences. You must state the reasons why you left your previous job if any. Then you must explain why you think applying for the civil service is better. Those are just some of the things you have to remember, among others.

Why are civil servants important?

Civil servants play an important role in society. They help in matters of administration, and without them, the government wouldn’t function. 

How many jobs are there in the civil service?

There are so many, from federal, state, and municipal jobs, you have a lot to choose from if you do apply. You can check out the following for the civil service job that you want:
  • American Jobs Centers
  • State Civil Service Commissions
  • City and statewide publications
  • School boards and boards of education
  • City and state municipal buildings
  • Local libraries
  • Local college or university placement offices.  
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