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If you want to work in the field of critical care and aviation, then becoming a Certified flight registered nurse may be the right career path for you. However, this certification requires extensive training and knowledge of pre-hospital emergency nursing.

It is important to get your nursing school degree and take the National Council Licensure Examination. You must also have a valid registered nurse license.

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CFRN Certification

Flight nurses care for patients in a helicopter or plane while they’re being transported to a medical facility for longer term treatment. This is a challenging job, but it’s rewarding, too. “There are so many times when you know that what you did, as a team of nurses and doctors, made the difference,” says one flight nurse.

The process of becoming a flight nurse takes between 5 and 10 years. This includes earning a nursing degree, obtaining career experience as an RN, and obtaining a CFRN certification.

Continuing education is also important for flight nurses to keep their skills sharp and to meet regulatory requirements. However, this training can be difficult to schedule and may not always fit into a busy work schedule. Despite these challenges, the benefits of continuing education for flight nurses include professional growth and the opportunity to improve patient outcomes. In the 2022 CFRN pulse survey, nurses reported that holding the credential makes a difference in their sense of pride and self-efficacy. This is a significant finding that should be explored in more research on transport nurse specialty certification.

CFRN Review Course

A CFRN review course is a great way to prepare for the Certified Flight Registered Nurse exam. It offers practice exams, a content outline, and sample questions to help you understand what you can expect on the actual test. The course also includes analytics and reports to help you identify your weaknesses so you can focus your study time effectively.

Nurses with the CFRN certification work with a variety of patients, including those involved in motor vehicle accidents or natural disasters. They may also be dispatched to fly an injured hiker or person in a remote area to the nearest hospital. Some nurses work for search-and-rescue agencies, while others are part of a medical team for an air transport company or the military.

While most nurses need a bachelor’s degree to become a flight nurse, it is possible for some with an associate’s degree in nursing to obtain the position. However, it is important for these nurses to work in a traditional emergency department to gain experience before pursuing their CFRN certificate.

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CFRN Study Guide

The Certified Flight Registered Nurse exam is a challenging test that aims to determine whether the nurse has the necessary skills to work in this specialized field of nursing. Nurses with this certification can be found in both military and civilian settings. Flight nurses are part of a larger medical team that gets patients to a care facility safely and promptly. They are responsible for caring for patients while in transit and ensuring that the patient remains stable.

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Certified Flight Registered Nurse

Flight nurses work for search-and-rescue agencies, hospitals and trauma centers, the military, or private medical transport companies. They must be registered nurses (RNs) and hold a minimum of an associate degree in nursing, though many employers prefer or require a BSN. They should have extensive emergency/critical care experience, either in the ED or ICU.

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They provide medical care for patients while transporting them via helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft. These specialized nurses are part of a team that includes paramedics and physicians. They often have to triage patients and then develop a plan for their treatment based on the results of the evaluation. They must work in a limited space with few resources.

They can expect to work 12- or 24-hour shifts. They can work in a variety of environments and conditions, from blazing summer heat to subzero winter cold. They must be able to think on their feet and cope with stress. They also need to inventory supplies used on a trip and restock before the next flight. Their patient population can range in age from neonates to the elderly.

CFRN Pass Rate

Passing the CFRN exam can fast track your career. But it’s a lot harder than other nursing exams, and you need the right preparation to do well. Failing the test can delay or derail your career. This is why you need to get the best study guides and practice tests available.

The CCRN exam is the highest-stakes test for nurses. A CCRN pass rate of 87% for first-time NCLEX-RN test takers is a very high achievement. However, it’s important to remember that national and state NCLEX pass rates don’t necessarily reflect the quality of a nursing school or individual test takers.

You’ll need a nursing license and two years of flight transport experience to qualify for the CFRN exam. You’ll also need to have a registered nurse (RN) certification in the US or a foreign nursing license that’s equivalent to an RN. You’ll need to submit an application online to the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN). Once you’ve applied, you’ll receive an exam eligibility email containing your scheduled CFRN exam date.

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CFRN Renewal

Typically, prospective flight nurses need at least three years of experience in emergency or critical care nursing. They also need a valid registered nurse license and certification. In addition, they must pass the NCLEX exam before they can start work.

Flight nurses can find employment with civilian companies as well as the military. They often travel in helicopters to the scene of a disaster, such as a car crash or natural disaster, and treat patients. They may also transport patients from one facility to another. Some flight nurses are employed by private companies that offer air ambulance services.

In the 2022 CFRN pulse survey, flight nurses reported that they value their specialty credential. This is in line with the results of the 2017 HumRRO-commissioned CEN value of certification study. RNs who hold the CFRN credential feel that it helps them to advance in their careers and provides a sense of accomplishment. In fact, a growing number of nurses are seeking the certification. It is important to network with other flight nurses, both online and in person, to get the best job possible.

CFRN Salary

Flight nurses often work shifts that extend into the middle of the night. This is one of the most stressful and demanding parts of the job. They have to be available on short notice, and they must always be prepared for the next call.

Flight nurse salaries vary by location and level of experience. Those who are certified as critical care registered nurses (CCRN) earn higher salary levels. These professionals usually have two to five years of nursing experience in the ER and ICU at an accredited US healthcare facility.

During a medical transport, flight nurses may be called to treat a wide range of patients. They may be dispatched to the scene of a car accident or natural disaster, or they might be sent to a patient who lives in a remote area.

Flight nurses also perform a number of other duties, including maintaining patient charts and ensuring that all necessary equipment is on board the aircraft or helicopter. They may be required to provide first aid and resuscitation, insert IVs, and monitor vital signs. In addition to their regular pay, flight nurses receive a variety of benefits and perks like workers’ compensation, medical insurance, retirement contributions, and paid leave.

CFRN Requirements

The CFRN exam is a challenging test that requires a lot of hard work. If you are thinking about becoming a flight nurse, the CFRN exam is an important part of your career path. The good news is that you can beat this test with the right study prep. In fact, succeeding on the CFRN test is within reach of anyone who is willing to commit to thorough preparation and repetition.

The CFRN is a rigorous certification that validates nurses’ specialized knowledge and skills. It is awarded by an independent, third-party organization. The credential is valid for four years and requires renewal every four years by taking the CCRN exam or completing continuing education credits. In order to maintain the CCRN credential, nurses must complete 24 CE hours each year.

CFRN Exam Questions and Answers

The exam has a pass rate of about 60%, which is a respectable number but still low enough to demonstrate the need of preparation for this examination.

You must adhere to the following qualifying conditions in order to become a CFRN:

  • Be a registered nurse (RN) with a valid license in the US or one of its territories.
  • Have worked as a flight nurse for at least two years full-time or an equivalent amount of time.
  • Possess a current competency verification from your workplace.

The certification of Certified Flight Registered Nurse displays an individual’s specialized knowledge and skills in flight nursing, which is the practice of providing emergency care to patients during air transport.

There are 175 multiple-choice questions in the test.

A certification, such as the Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN), is a credential that an individual has obtained that displays their particular knowledge and skills. The Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing, for example, is a third-party institution that grants certification.

Follow these steps to become a certified flight registered nurse (CFRN):

  • Obtain a nursing degree, either a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, so that you can sit for the NCLEX-RN exam and become a registered nurse (RN).
  • As flight nurses operate in demanding and constrained conditions, they can gain expertise and abilities in critical care, trauma, and emergency nursing. Before you may submit an application for certification as a flight nurse, you must have at least two years of professional nursing experience in these fields.
  • Obtain numerous associated specialty credentials, such as the Neonatal Resuscitation Program, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Basic Life Support (BLS) certificates (NRP). These credentials prove your capability to offer patients of all ages and circumstances life-saving care.
  • Submit an application to the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing for the CFRN designation (BCEN). To take the exam, you must be eligible, pay the exam price, and reserve a date. You have three hours to complete the 180 multiple-choice questions on the exam. Topics, including general principles of practice, patient care, and transport operations, are covered in the exam.
  • Succeed on the CFRN exam to earn your certification. To pass the test, you must receive at least a 75% on it. After taking the exam, you will get your score report and certificate within four weeks. The initials CFRN can be used to denote your certification after your name.
  • Continue your study and certification through recertification. For your accreditation to be renewed every four years, you must complete at least 100 hours of continuing education and pay a recertification fee. If you would prefer, you can retake the test.

Whether or not you are a member of a professional association affects how much the CFRN exam costs. The exam costs $230 if you are an ASTNA member (Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association). You must pay $370 for the exam if you are not a member of any professional associations.

  • Set Up Your Profile
  • Check Your Eligibility
  • Fill Out Your Application
  • Submit Application & Pay
  • Get Approved
  • Schedule Your Exam
  • Prepare For Your Exam
  • Take the Exam
  • Get Your Results

CFRN stands for Certified Flight Registered Nurse Certification.