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The Certified Agile Service Manager course focuses on the application and integration of agile thinking into service management processes and process design projects. This approach helps IT deliver value to customers faster and improves collaboration between Development and Operations.

Establishing agility sustainably in your organization takes time and commitment. It also requires a team that understands and is willing to adopt agile ways of working.

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An Agile certification is a valuable asset for any project manager. It demonstrates that you have successfully completed a rigorous agile training program and are familiar with the methodologies used in agile projects. This will allow you to increase the flexibility and collaboration of your team, making it more effective in a rapidly changing business environment.

The DevOps Institute’s Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM) certification is an operational counterpart to a Scrum Master, helping to instill agile thinking throughout the IT organization and lay the foundation for a successful DevOps culture. Learn how to use the principles and practices of Agile to improve IT efficiency, reduce risk and enhance customer satisfaction.

This course positions learners to successfully complete the independent EXIN CASM exam. Successful completion of this 60-minute exam, consisting of 40 multiple choice questions, leads to the award of the CASM Certificate.

This course teaches attendees how to implement and support Agile Service Management in the context of an ITIL-based IT service portfolio. It covers how to incorporate Agile and Scrum into ITSM processes, and how to use an iterative approach to process improvement to speed up the flow of work. This will enable the IT organization to meet customer requirements more quickly, overcome constraints in process workflows and improve collaboration between the IT and development teams.

CASM Certification

If you’re aiming to get into the role of Agile Service Manager, EXIN’s Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM) course will help you prepare and position yourself to achieve this career goal. This course teaches the concepts and principles of Agile Service Management, which is an umbrella term that covers the application and integration of agile thinking into IT service management processes and process design projects. It also advocates pursuing short-term, incremental targets and taking an iterative approach to plans that leads to improved velocity in the development of service implementations.

The training is conducted by instructors who are well-versed in the principles and practices of agile service management. It also provides learners with hands-on practical assignments to enhance their learning experience and help them understand the practicalities of this role. The class culminates with an independent certification exam. Successfully completing the 60-minute, multiple-choice exam with 65% or more marks leads to your official certification as a Certified Agile Service Manager.

Organizations that fully embrace DevOps and agile principles see a higher rate of business success. Those who have the knowledge and skills to implement agile service management in their organizations are in high demand and can enjoy lucrative salaries. Enroll in this course to take your IT career to the next level.

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Agile Service Manager

Achieving CASM certification is a great way to get started with Agile service management. This two-day accredited course provides a thorough introduction to Agile Service Management, the application, and integration of agile thinking into ITSM processes and process design projects. This approach improves IT’s effectiveness and efficiency and helps it continue to meet customer needs, services, and demands.


The syllabus is based on the Agile Manifesto and includes iterative planning, shorter feedback loops, and the use of automation. It also focuses on continuous learning and improvement, enabling teams to develop and implement working services faster. The resulting rapid service management processes can reduce risk and lead to better ROIs.

The IBM Netcool Agile Service Manager allows operations teams to load resource data and configure a topology view of a dynamic infrastructure or service. This visualization enables real-time, historical, and on-demand views of complex network infrastructures and services, and increases the speed and accuracy of problem detection, resolution, and analysis. It also increases operational efficiency and enhances collaboration between teams.

Agile Service Manager IBM

Agile Service Manager is an application that allows you to view, manage and monitor dynamic infrastructure and services. It offers a full view of networked resources and their ecosystems, including states, histories, and relationships in real-time or over a defined time window. The solution also provides operations teams with a working understanding of their environment to reduce mean-time-to-resolution, increase troubleshooting capabilities and improve automation and collaboration.

Netcool Agile Service Manager is deployed as a suite of microservices hosted in Docker containers. These containers communicate with one another through a dedicated, high-performance graph database and are accessed through a front-end web interface known as IBM Tivoli Netcool Agile Service Manager UI. The core microservices are hosted separately from the UI on different server machines, and communication between them takes place over encrypted connections using the HTTPS protocol.

When deploying a Netcool Agile Service Manager deployment, it is important to consider the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which introduces stronger data protection requirements for personal information. This includes how the product is configured to ensure that separation of duties is maintained, and how personal data is secured when stored in archival format.

Certified Agile Service Manager Certification Cost

Whether you want to improve your performance in a portfolio, program, or project management, there are numerous training options. The most popular are PRINCE2 and PMI certifications, but there are also emerging frameworks such as Agile and Scrum. There are also many certifications available for IT governance and service management. These include COBIT (COBIT 5), ITIL, and TOGAF 9.

The Certified Agile Service Manager certification introduces the application and integration of agile thinking into service management processes and process design projects. This allows IT to make production smoother and quicker, maintain high quality, reduce risk, and enhance efficiency.

This course positions learners to successfully complete the Certified Agile Service Manager exam. The exam is offered on the last day of class for classroom students or a voucher can be purchased for a webcam-proctored exam that can be taken at any time. Successfully passing the 60-minute exam, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions, leads to the candidate’s designation as a Certified Agile Service Manager. This certificate is endorsed by The DevOps Institute which is dedicated to advancing the human elements of DevOps success.

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Certified Agile Service Manager Training

The Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM) course is the operational counterpart to the Certified Scrum Master and lays the foundation for DevOps. It combines Scrum and ITSM concepts with best practices from Lean, DevOps, and SRE to create an integrated service management framework. It helps IT departments deliver value faster and meet customer expectations by providing a better flow of work. It also helps teams collaborate more effectively and improve their time to market.

The CASM training from Zeolearn is the perfect way to get started with Agile and become a successful DevOps Service Manager. It is a highly interactive course that consists of practical assignments, workshops, and quizzes. This is a virtual classroom course so you can attend from anywhere in the world.

The course will culminate with a certification exam. Successfully passing the 60-minute exam with 65% or more of the questions will earn you the CASM certificate. This certification is valid for two years. The certificate will be available through the DevOps Institute’s online examination system.

Netcool Agile Service Manager

Agile is a framework for software development that emphasizes individuals and interactions, working software over formal documentation, and responding to change instead of following a strict plan. It also encourages a continual improvement of the process. Many organizations use Agile to improve their product development and service delivery processes. These improvements help them meet customer demands more quickly and efficiently. The Agile methodology can be used in any industry, and it is a highly flexible approach that can adapt to changing requirements.

The Certified Agile Service Manager course positions learners to successfully complete the CASM exam. Successful completion of the 60-minute exam, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions leads to the certification of CASM. A passing score is 65%. Attendees are issued an Exam Voucher to take a proctored online exam at their convenience.

Netcool Agile Service Manager allows the real-time view, support, and management of highly dynamic infrastructures and services. It provides better visibility of the entire topology, helps with problem detection and resolution, reduces false alarms, enables automation and collaboration between teams, and improves performance and operational efficiency. It provides the ability to see how bare metal hardware, virtual servers, containers, and virtual network components make up the business service. The tool also displays the evolution of the topology over time and enables you to monitor changes in the service.


Embracing DevOps and Agile principles can increase customer value, and improve business performance in a rapidly changing world. Organizations that fully adopt these practices are more likely to experience higher rates of revenue and profit growth while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

The Certified Agile Service Manager Exam is designed to help IT professionals instill Agile thinking and ways of working into their ITSM processes and process design projects. It promotes pursuing short-term, incremental targets and incorporating regular feedback in order to create value-generating services quickly while also allowing for flexibility and adaptability. It’s an operational counterpart to the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification.

Firebrand’s accelerated DevOps Institute Certified Agile Service Manager Course provides you with the opportunity to gain this internationally recognized certification, based on the latest version of ITIL and best practice principles from Agile methodologies like PRINCE2, SCRUM, and ICAG. This enables you to integrate Agile into ITSM processes and policies, improve product quality, reduce risk, and enable collaboration between development and operations teams resulting in an improved flow of work and quicker time to value.

The class culminates with an independent certification exam. Successfully passing the 60-minute exam, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions, leads to a Certificate of Certified Agile Service Manager awarded by the DevOps Institute.

CASM Questions and Answers

Agile Service Management is the application of agile ideas and techniques to the IT service management setting (ITSM). It blends the adaptability of agile approaches with the structure of ITSM to provide services that are responsive, customer-centric, and value-driven. It emphasizes cross-functional teams, regular communication, and customer feedback to encourage collaboration, continuous improvement, and adaptation. By embracing Agile Service Management, organizations can improve their ability to respond to change, offer services more quickly, and increase ITSM-related customer satisfaction.

There are some significant differences between agile service management and traditional service management. While traditional service management adopts a structured and sequential methodology, agile service management prioritizes flexibility, adaptability, and iterative delivery. While traditional service management may put more emphasis on process adherence and operational efficiency, agile service management focuses a heavy emphasis on client collaboration, ongoing feedback, and delivering value rapidly. Agile service management prioritizes tasks using methods such as user stories, backlog management, and sprints, whereas traditional service management places greater emphasis on long-term planning and forecasting. Cross-functional teams, acceptance of change, open communication and collaboration, and continual improvement are all encouraged by agile service management. Traditional service management, in contrast, may employ specialized teams, a stricter change management procedure, institutionalized communication channels, and a stability-focused approach. Depending on their unique requirements and environment, organizations can select components from each strategy.

Understanding the Agile tenets and identifying areas that can gain from Agile approaches are crucial for integrating service management into an Agile context. Establish cross-functional teams, prioritize and iterate service management activities, and use agile frameworks like Scrum or Kanban. Encourage open communication, encourage ongoing improvement, and keep a keen client focus. Make sure team members receive training and assistance so they can understand the tenets and procedures of Agile methodology. Organizations can successfully integrate Agile into service management by following these steps, which will increase adaptability, reactivity, and customer happiness.

Since agile techniques encourage flexibility, adaptability, collaboration, and customer happiness, they may be a good fit for service management. Organizations may adapt to changing customer needs, enhance service delivery, and promote continuous development by implementing agile concepts. Before evaluating whether Agile is the best method for service management, it’s crucial to take into account the unique context and needs of each firm. When deciding if Agile approaches are appropriate, factors including company culture, the complexity of services, and regulatory compliance should be taken into account.

The IBM Agile Service Manager position focuses on using agile concepts and practices to manage and deliver IT services. It is a part of IBM’s IT Service Management architecture. Driving the adoption of agile methods, working with cross-functional teams, improving communication, and encouraging agility within ITSM procedures are all part of the job description. The IBM Agile Service Manager seeks to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction by fusing the advantages of agile approaches with established ITSM practices.