CELSA (Combined English Language Skills Assessment) Test

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The CELSA (Combined English Language Skills Assessment) is a special placement test. It ensures students make the most of their ESL class. It tests their current English skills. Then, it puts them in the right ESL class to make their English skills better.

This test is approved by the U.S. Department of Education and California’s BPPE. It’s for students with English as their second language. The CELSA has 75 multiple-choice questions. You have 45 minutes to finish it. It’s in paper-pencil and computer-delivered forms.

The result helps decide which ESL class to join. Moreover, it’s used to know if you can benefit from the class.

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Key Takeaways

  • The CELSA (Combined English Language Skills Assessment) is a strong English proficiency exam. It’s for top academic English check and university admission.
  • It looks at your English skills. This includes readingwriting, and speaking.
  • The CELSA is good for international students and others wanting in on college-level programs.
  • It’s in paper-pencil and computer types, with scores right there. This is good for knowing which class fits you best.
  • Your CELSA score is good for two years. It shows what ESL class or level you should be in.

Understanding the CELSA Test

The CELSA (Combined English Language Skills Assessment) is a key test. It checks a person’s english proficiency. This test is for high school, college, and adult ESL students. It puts them in the right English class based on their skills. The test has 75 multiple choice questions and takes 45 minutes. It uses a cloze format with real-life language. This checks reading, writing, and speaking.

Purpose and Benefits of the CELSA Test

The CELSA test’s main goal is to place students in the right ESL class. This ensures they get the best help to improve their English. It’s also a key test for university admissions. It shows if a student’s English is good enough for college. Schools use the CELSA to know if students are ready for college-level English.

Who Should Take the CELSA Test?

The CELSA test is for people who don’t speak English as their first language. It’s for those who want to do well in school or work in English. This includes students from other countries applying to U.S. schools. It also includes those living in the U.S. looking to improve their English. By taking this test, students can find out if they’re ready for college English courses.

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CELSA (Combined English Language Skills Assessment) Test Format and Administration

Test Structure and Duration

The CELSA is a 75-question multiple choice test. It takes 45 minutes to finish. You will see a passage with blanks. You need to pick the right word or phrase to fill in the missing parts. This part of the test is to check your reading, writing, and understanding of English.

There is no listening or speaking part in the CELSA.

Test Delivery Options

The test can be taken on paper or on a computer. On paper, you fill out a special form. Then, you send it to be scored. If you take it on a computer, your results go to the school right away. Both ways of taking the test show how well you know English.

Scoring and Interpretation

After the test, you get your scores right away. These scores are added to the school’s student system. They last for two years. You can use them to decide which English class you should take or for college programs.

Schools use a course placement chart to understand your scores. This helps them know what English level is best for you.

Test Preparation Resources

Many resources can help you get ready for the CELSA. You can find sample questions to practice. Also, many schools offer study materials to improve your English before the test. They want to help you succeed and feel ready for the test.

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The CELSA is a detailed test that looks at how well someone knows English. It’s often used by places like colleges to check the English skills of people from other countries. This helps them find the best classes and programs for these students. The test checks reading, writing, and how well someone can talk in English. Then, it makes sure these students get the right kind of English help they need to do well in their studies.

With the CELSA, schools can see if a student is ready for college courses in English. A study by Lorena Llosa, PhD, and George C. Bunch, PhD shows this. The test is good at checking how good someone is in English. It helps put students in the right ESL classes. This is important because it helps students succeed in college or their career by being strong in English.

The CELSA is very important for schools that have many students from different places. It gives them the information they need to help all students improve their English. By using this test, schools can choose the best ways to help students learn. This leads to success in school and after they graduate.


What is the CELSA Test?

The CELSA is a test for people who want to take ESL classes. It checks your English skills and places you at the right class level.

What is the purpose and benefits of the CELSA Test?

The CELSA helps find out how well you know English. It makes sure you join a class that fits your skills. This way, you can learn English better.

It’s also important for schools. It shows if you know English well enough for college in the U.S.

Who should take the CELSA Test?

Anyone who doesn’t speak English as a first language but wants to get better should take it. This includes those applying to U.S. schools and people living in the U.S. who need to learn English.

What is the structure and format of the CELSA Test?

The CELSA has 75 multiple-choice questions. You have 45 minutes to answer them. It’s a mix of reading, writing, and communication tasks.

You can take it on paper or on a computer.

How are CELSA Test scores interpreted and used?

After taking the CELSA, you get your results right away. These scores help place you in the right English class. They last for two years.

You can use the same scores for college readiness too.

What resources are available to help prepare for the CELSA Test?

There are sample questions online to help you practice. Many schools also offer study materials. This can get you ready and improve your English skills.

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