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A nurse who passes the CCTN Exam can help patients with transplant procedures. Those who are interested in becoming certified can find many helpful resources to prepare for the exam. The CCTN exam is held nationwide.

Review courses can provide topical information, exam taking tips and strategies, and confidence that nurses need to enter the testing room. Some courses also include electronic flash cards that can be used to study.

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A CCTN Exam is a crucial step towards becoming a transplant nurse. It tests a person’s knowledge and skills and is used as an objective measure of a nursing professional’s qualifications. The test is designed to assess the abilities of an individual in all aspects of transplant care, including pre-transplant evaluation, organ retrieval and transportation, and post-transplant care. It also covers topics related to a patient’s medical and emotional well-being.

Using this study guide can help you pass the CCTN exam and improve your chances of getting a job as a transplant nurse. It provides a comprehensive guide to the test’s content and includes practice questions with detailed answer explanations. The guide is organized in a way that one section naturally flows from the next, so you’ll never get lost while reading it.

Our Test Preparation’s CCTN Exam Secrets Study Guide is the ideal prep solution for anyone who wants to pass the Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse Examination. It’s filled with the critical information you need to do well on the test – the concepts, procedures, principles, and vocabulary that the American Board for Transplant Certification expects you to know before you sit for the exam.

CCTN Nurse

The CCTN (Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse) exam is designed to test the competency of nurses who aid transplant physicians. It is a difficult exam, and passing it requires extensive study and preparation. The CCTN examination covers a wide variety of topics, including a review of medical monitoring techniques and the application of those techniques to high-priority concerns.

This is a great exam to earn, as it shows that you are a committed and highly skilled nurse in the field of organ donation and transplantation. In addition, earning certification will raise your salary and boost your job security. You will also have the opportunity to advance in your career by pursuing other professional certifications such as the CPTC (Certified Procurement Transplant Coordinator).

Our CCTN Exam Secrets Study Guide is the perfect study tool for anyone who wants to pass the CCTN exam. It includes a comprehensive review of all CCTN test sections and features practice questions with detailed answer explanations. These explanations will help you understand which questions you missed and why, so you can correct your mistakes on the next attempt.

CCTN Certification

The Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse exam is an American Board for transplant certification examination designed to measure a nurse’s capability to work for patients under the care of a physician. It consists of 175 questions, which are divided into three categories: recall, application, and analysis. The exam is designed to determine whether a nurse can perform the necessary monitoring procedures for organ transplantation.

The first category covers medical monitoring techniques, with 23 questions. The second category is pre-transplant preparations, with 17 questions. The third category is education and discharge, with 15 questions. The CCTN exam includes both best-answer and performance-level questions. Applicants are allowed three hours to complete the test. The exam is computer-based.

A woman who was preparing for the CCTN exam got the most upsetting news of her life on a late spring afternoon. She received her CCTN result and realized that she did not do well on the test. This was a blow to her self-esteem, as she had boasted to her friends and family that she would pass the exam easily.

CCTN Review Course

The Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse (CCTN) exam is a challenging one. It requires a thorough knowledge of transplant nursing procedures and patient care. This review course provides essential information to help you pass the CCTN exam on your first attempt. It is available online or in a hardcover book. This review course includes a practice test and flashcards, which are designed to help you prepare for the CCTN exam.

This CCTN online review course covers the latest detailed content outline designated by ABTC for the certification exam. The course combines critical thinking and analytical skills with an understanding of the role of the CCTN in the healthcare team. It also discusses the importance of professional caring and ethical practice.

The CCTN Exam is a difficult one, even for the most experienced nurses. A standardized test is a stressful situation for anyone. It is not uncommon for someone to think they will breeze through an examination, tell their friends and make plans for the future, and then have an upsetting reality check when they find out they failed.

CCTN Study Guide

The Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse exam is an extremely challenging one, so thorough test preparation is essential for success. Our CCTN Study Guide is the perfect prep solution, featuring practice tests with detailed answer explanations. This guide offers a logical organization and clear writing style that makes it easy to read and understand.

The book provides a complete review of all critical care core topics and includes the latest updates to the CFRN, CCRN, CEN, and FP-C advanced certification exams. The content is organized by key learning outcomes, providing a complete overview of the nursing knowledge and skills that are important to these specialty certifications.

In addition, each chapter concludes with an engaging and fun activity that helps students master the material. The book also features comprehensive coverage of all the ANCC domains and subdomains, as well as new questions reflecting the most recent CCRN-Adult exam blueprint. The companion Evolve website includes practice questions, flash cards, and study “cheat” sheets that are updated regularly. Thorough revisions of the Professional Caring and Ethical Practice, Integumentary, and Musculoskeletal Systems chapters match the most current CCRN-Adult exam content.

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CCTN Transplant

The CCTN exam tests a nurse’s ability to support the process of patient care for organ transplant procedures. The test also assesses the nurse’s recall of required medical monitoring techniques and application of those techniques to a variety of high-priority concerns. The CCTN exam includes 175 questions, with 25 unscored pretest questions and 150 scored questions. The CCTN is a computer-based examination, and requires 3 hours to complete.

Our CCTN study guide is packed with the critical information you need to pass the exam. It covers all the sections of the CCTN exam: Pre-Transplant Care, Transplantation, Complications and Post-Transplant Care. It also covers Virology Screening, Immunosuppression and Patient Education.

CCTN Certification demonstrates a commitment to quality patient care and a high level of knowledge in the field of solid organ transplantation. It is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from other allied healthcare professionals. Whether you are a transplant surgeon, nephrologist or pharmacist, this course will enhance your knowledge of the latest surgical advances and research in transplantation.

Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse Salary

Transplant nurses are specialized registered nurse professionals who monitor and educate patients pre- and post-transplant. They also provide psycho-social support and administer prescribed medications. They must be able to recognize complications and respond to them appropriately. They must also be able to collaborate with the transplant/VAD team.


The CCTN exam is challenging, and thorough test preparation is necessary for success. Our CCTN Study Guide includes everything you need to help you pass the exam, including practice tests and detailed answer explanations. It even has a self-assessment exam (SAE), which conforms to the actual CCTN exam specifications by one-half.

A CCTN credential shows employers that you have the skills and knowledge to care for transplant patients. RNs can obtain a CCTN by working as a registered nurse for at least 24 months, 12 of which must be dedicated to organ transplant care. CCTN exams are administered by the American Board for Transplant Certification and can be taken in many locations. Special accommodations are available for students with disabilities, such as extended testing time and a separate testing room.

CCTN Review Book

A full review of the subjects on the CCTN exam, with test-taking tips and strategies, real-world examples, and worked through practice questions. This easy-to-use guide also includes two complete practice tests to ensure you’re ready on test day.

Designed with the latest content outline, this book prepares students for success on the CEN exam. It features: A 25-question pretest to help pinpoint areas in need of intensive study Thorough subject reviews including Cardiovascular Emergencies, Pulmonary Emergencies, Professional Caring and Ethical Practice, and Multisystem Emergencies Easy-to-digest chapter outlines, with corresponding practice questions and answers and rationales Two full-length practice CEN exams, one printed in the book and the other accessed online for interactive questions and answer explanations

Master core clinical content with this essential review tool. Questions cover patient-centered care, physical examination and diagnostic testing, disorders of the major body systems, pharmacology, and health assessment. Questions that address key patient safety issues are marked with a QSEN icon and selected answer rationales address the Safety competency.