CCC Practice Test

Course on Computer Concepts
CCC Practice Test

The Society’s computer literacy program is the result of the National Task Force on Information Technology and Software Development’s recommendation. This course is intended to provide a basic level of IT literacy to the general public. This program was created with the goal of allowing the average person to gain computer literacy, resulting in larger and faster PC penetration in various fields. After completing the course, the user should be able to use the computer to prepare personal and business letters, access information on the internet (the web), receive and send mail, prepare business presentations, and create small databases, among other things. This allows small business owners, housewives, and others to keep track of their finances using computers and enjoy the world of information technology. As a result, this course is designed to be more practical.

Computer Concept Courses which is commonly known as CCC is an online certificate program that offers knowledge about Computer and Information Technology. Any individual can enroll in this course. The duration of the course is 80 Hours – (Theory: 32 hrs + Practical: 48 hrs). This course can also be offered as 10 days full-time intensive course. Candidates who have successfully cleared this course will be able to secure a job for the following positions:

       • Computer Operator
       • Data Entry Operator
       • Social Media Operator

Review and Test your Computer Skills!

Apply CCC Exam

Candidates can only apply for the CCC test on the internet. Candidates can apply for the CCC examination via NIELIT’s online examination form and fee submission service.

Age Requirement

Since this is a computer appreciation course, there is no minimum or maximum age requirement for taking the CCC Exam.

Examination Mode

The exam is conducted entirely online (CCC online test), with no need for a pen, pencil, or paper.

Examination Fee

The examination fee is Rs 500.00 plus relevant service tax.

How to Pass CCC Exam?

To be able to pass the CCC exam. On a regular basis, the incumbents should work on practice questions. For the same reason. They can practice for the CCC examination by downloading mock question papers from several websites. There are also prior year’s question papers accessible for candidates to get more practice.

The CCC exam is made up of 100 multiple-choice questions worth a total of 100 points. The applicants are given one hour to give answers. The exam requires a minimum score of 50% to pass. This means that only candidates who receive a minimum of 50% on the CCC exam are eligible for the certificate. It is important to note that there is no negative marking system.

CCC Exam Result

The results are usually released 15 to 20 days after the exam date by NIELIT. The CCC Result for February exams will be released in March 2021. Candidates could access their CCC Result by January 2021 for the January exams, which were held from January 9 to 13, 2021.

Grades are used to reflect the results of the CCC examination. To receive a valid CCC exam certificate, candidates must achieve a minimum score out of a maximum score. The following tables can help candidates comprehend the Grade Allotment:

What if I failed?

You can apply for a new CCC examination cycle at any time. There is still no limit.

Passed CCC Exam

The NIELIT will provide CCC certificates to the successful candidates.

Benefits of CCC Course

This course is intended to provide a basic level of IT literacy to the general public. This enables small business owners, housewives, and others to keep track of their finances on computers and get the benefits of information technology. As a result, this course is designed to be more practical.

Skills are improved at fast rate.

It’s tough to think of a career that doesn’t need the usage of a computer. Computers are used by journalists to search for material and edit text or video, while police departments utilize computers to store criminal data.

Even a self-employed shoe salesman can utilize spreadsheet software to keep track of his books on the computer.

Even a basic understanding of computer technology is required to complete daily chores and improve workplace effectiveness.

Employment Opportunities

Computers are used in almost every career, however being a computer technology specialist can lead to technical positions like computer programmer, technician, software development engineer, and server analyst. Because modern businesses are heavily reliant on computers, specialists are required to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the computers or the network.

Large firms also require electronic communication platforms, such as multimedia websites and bulk email systems, which can be set up by personnel with computer technology competence.

Who conducts CCC Course?

The CCC receives education and training from certain institutes. NIELET gives the institutes permission to run the programs. Nonetheless. While applying as a direct candidate for the NIELET CCC exam, students can learn through self-study. The students then finish the CCC, take the exam, and obtain the CCC certificate after scoring the qualifying exam marks.