CCAT Practice Test

CCAT Practice Test
Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test

The Criteria Cognitive Ability Test (CCAT) is a psychometric test that is used to evaluate psychological abilities. This test assesses a candidate’s ability to deal with problems and think critically. CCAT assessment test typically assesses a candidate’s cognitive ability by assessing factors such as learning speed, problem-solving ability, and critical thinking. This is a pre-employment test that recruiters commonly administer to candidates in order to determine whether a job position is a good fit for the candidate. Following the completion and evaluation of the test results, a profile report is generated and sent to the recruiter. The use of CCAT increases a recruiter’s chances of hiring the best candidate for a specific position.

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CCAT Test Section

Verbal Reasoning

This section, unlike many others, does not assess your reading comprehension. This section will put your vocabulary skills to the test by asking you to use analogies, opposites, sentence completion, and comparisons.

Logic and Math

It is important to note that this section is not about your math skills. Because the test is only 15 minutes long, you should not be expected to perform complex calculations. The math section assesses your ability to solve simple calculations (such as percentages), complete word problems, read tables and charts, and determine the next number in a series. The logic questions will require you to draw conclusions based on given facts.

Spatial Reasoning

In this section, you will be tested on your ability to analyze a series of shapes and figures and identify which one is missing or does not belong.

What Is a good CCAT score?

A good CCAT score is determined by the job you apply for. However, as a general rule, a score in the top 20% of candidates is considered a good score. That score on the CCAT is around 31. A score of 42 places you at the top of the scale for ANY job that the CCAT tests for. To put this into context, the average CCAT score is 24.

What CCAT score is required?

Your CCAT passing score is determined specifically for each position and depends on your position and employer.

However, the table below, based on an official CCAT sample score report, can give you a good idea of the required passing score for the position you’re interested in.

CCAT Registration

C-CAT applications must be submitted online at or Every year, the C-CAT is held in December/January (for admissions in February/March) and June/August (for admissions in August/September).

CCAT Prep Test Guide

Practice the full-length test simulations

You should practice full-length simulations of the the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test available on the internet to improve your CCAT cognitive test score. The full-length practice will provide you with a true sense of the test and what it takes to ace it. The real test consists of 50 questions that must be answered in 15 minutes. Continue practicing until you achieve your goal score.

Learn from your mistakes in the past

After each exam practice, conduct a self-examination. Consider the mistakes you’ve made. Find a way to avoid making such mistakes in the future. You can write down your mistakes and go over them again and again until you have mastered it.

Create shortcuts for responding to questions

You can save time by developing strategies for dealing with various types of problems. By practicing, you can anticipate the types of questions you will face.

Begin planning as soon as possible

Early preparation is crucial in determining your success on the CCAT. Start preparing early. Be aggressive in your planning. Every second counts, so begin practicing right away.

CCAT Questions

Is CCAT test hard?

The CCAT is a super fast-paced test. Also, keep in mind that you only have 18 seconds each question if you wish to complete all 50 questions (1 percent of CCAT test takers do so). However, aside from the time constraint, the questions themselves are not easy.

Can you use a calculator on CCAT?

During the test, you are not authorized to use a calculator. As a result, refrain from using one when training. You’ll come across number series and word problems in this section. For additional information about the CCAT’s math and logic section, go here.

What are the best CCAT prep course?

Here’s the list of some of the best CCAT courses:

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  • Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) Practice Bundle 2021

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How much does the CCAT cost?

The total cost of the exam is $100. If you need to retake a section, you will be charged $45. For $75, existing CPATs or CCATs can take a dual certification exam.

CCAT Sample Test Questions

Practice Test Question #1

One cookbook costs $9.50. Marie plans to purchase three cookbooks. When she gets to the store’s checkout, how much will she have to pay?

  • $22 
  • $23.50
  • $26.50
  • $28
  • $28.50

Practice Test Question #2

A total of 50 youngsters purchased tickets for the ghost train attraction on Monday. How many tickets were sold throughout those two days if 30% more youngsters bought a ticket to this attraction the following Tuesday?

  • 30
  • 65
  • 85
  • 115
  • 165

Practice Test Question #3

Running 30 kilometers takes three hours at most. Georges, on the other hand, takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to go the same distance. How long will it take Max to reach the finish line if they are both running a 15-kilometer race?

  • 10 minutes
  • 20 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 40 minutes
  • 50 minutes