CAPM Practice Test

CAPM Practice Test
Certified Associate in Project Management

CAPM is an abbreviation for Certified Associate in Project Management. The Project Management Institute (PMI) in the United States offers this entry-level certification to professionals interested in project management. “The CAPM certification offers recognition to practitioners who are interested in or just starting a career in project management, as well as project team members who wish to demonstrate their project management knowledge,” according to PMI. If you have experience in other fields and want to move into project management, you can pursue this certification. A CAPM certification is an excellent way to start a new career.

The PMI Certified Associate in Project Management credential demonstrates to prospective employers that you are qualified to work as a project manager, even if you have little to no project management experience.

You can apply for the certification with either experience or a small amount of certified training, making it an excellent entry-level certification from one of the most prestigious certification bodies for project managers.

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How to get CAPM Certification?

To obtain the CAPM certification, you must pass a computerized test. The time limit is three hours, and you must answer 150 multiple-choice questions. The test does not penalize incorrect responses.

After passing the exam, you will be able to add the CAPM title to your name and signature.

This certificate is good for three years. To renew it, you must complete the CAPM CCR Cycle, which entails earning 15 PDUs in three years and reporting to PMI. Your CAPM credential will be extended for an additional three years as a result of this.

The eligibility period for the CAPM exam is one year from the date PMI approves your application. You will have three chances to pass the exam. If you do not pass the exam in these three attempts, you will be unable to apply for a year.

CAPM Certification Requirements

  • At least a high school diploma certificate or any global equivalent.
  • 1,500 hours of project experience or a minimum of 23 hours of project management training prior to the examination.

CAPM Application Precautions

  • Before you apply for CAPM exam, ensure that you have completed the CAPM certification training.
  • Before applying, notify your bosses and employers so that they can respond to PMI inquiries.
  • Do not offer overlapping experiences.
  • All educational certificates, experience certificates, and training programs should be photocopied.
  • Before submitting your final work, double-check everything.

CAPM Certification Cost

So, the Certified Associate in Project Management cost is largely determined by the type of course you choose. If you choose to get your project management education through an online course, the total CAPM Project Management Certification cost for you, including the exam fee, will be around $400 USD. Otherwise, if you continue your preparation with a CAPM certification classroom training, the CAPM Project Management Certification will cost around $1,500 USD, including the exam fee.

However, as previously stated, the CAPM certification cost does not include only the fees you will pay to the training provider or the PMI exam fee. You should factor in the cost of your time when enrolling in the CAPM Project Management Certification training. If you choose a self-paced online CAPM certification course, you will be able to manage your time more effectively, allowing you to get the most out of the training while also lowering the CAPM Project Management Certification cost.


The CAPM Certified Associate in Project Management exam assesses your understanding of the PMI framework, including its nine knowledge areas and five process groups. Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing are the process groups. Among the knowledge areas are:

  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project HR Management
  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management

CAPM Certification Jobs

Obtaining CAPM Project Management Certification is an excellent way to open up many potential project management job opportunities and can help you get your foot in the door with many high-profile companies. Here are some of the top jobs after CAPM Certification to help you understand the benefits of pursuing CAPM certification.

  • Analytics: There are numerous positions available in the field of analytics with a variety of companies. Candidates with CAPM certification or any other project management-based certification are eligible for these analysis-based jobs. Your dual education in data analysis and research can be an extremely valuable asset to many institutions in banking, medicine, and information technology. These positions typically include many responsibilities in addition to data analysis, such as communication, scheduling, and leadership, all of which are covered in the CAPM certification process.
  • Project Management: In some companies, starting as an Associate Project Manager or Jr. Project Manager is possible, and will often lead to a full Project Management position over time. Project management is the most common career path for CAPM certified individuals, as it provides the experience required to take exams for more advanced project management certifications. Scheduling, multitasking, coordination, and clear communication between your internal team and clients are all important skills for applicants to these positions. Depending on the field in which you find work as a Project Manager, your annual salary should range from $45,000 to $50,000, with the potential to rise to $100,000.
  • Engineering: The majority of your work as an engineer in this field will involve logistics, such as ensuring that a client’s demands can be met by your team. Your clients will need the project management experience that comes with CAPM certification, as well as the engineering skills that a STEM education can teach you. As a high-skilled position in high demand, there is a high likelihood of advancement, and the pay is competitive. An engineer’s average salary is around $80,000, with the potential to earn up to $130,000 as you advance.

PMI PMP Boot Camp

PMP boot camp offer an expedited path through the study process while eliminating the numerous interruptions in our daily lives. Enrolling in PMP exam boot camp is a sure way to stay focused and complete a concentrated amount of studying. Boot camps also provide the 35 contact hours required for the PMP exam.

What is CAPM Prep Course?

CAPM Prep Course will first assist you in meeting one of the prerequisites for taking the CAPM exam. Second, the Certified Associate in Project Management training or CAPM Course Online will help you prepare for the exam.

CAPM Exam Prep Online

Passing the CAPM exam, whether at a test center or through the best CAPM online courses, puts you in a good position to work as a project manager or coordinator. CAPM certification and online training require an investment of both time and money, so it is advisable to prepare for the exam in order to pass it.

Although you can retake the assessment, it is more stressful and requires more effort on your part. Understanding the CAPM exam cost and requirements prepares you for the effort required to pass the first time.

CAPM Benefits

You can assess the benefits of the CAPM classes online or CAPM training course online option here:

  • improved growth prospects
  • Certification that is recognized around the world
  • Recognition by peers
  • Learn best practices and how to do your job more efficiently.
  • The training in CAPM certification online program will prepare you for a career in project management.

CAPM training online programs prepare you for the certification while allowing you to prepare at your own pace. When you purchase a CAPM training course online, you will receive a lower price.

CAPM Certification Study Guide

What is the best CAPM exam prep certification and CAPM Study guide for you? To some extent, it is determined by your preferences, but you should also consider the following CAPM Study Guide content:

  • Do you have the certificate for 23 hours of project management education? This is required in order to sit for the CAPM certification exam.
  • This CAPM Guide should include a CAPM Study plan and, at the very least, an extract from the project management framework.
  • The CAPM Study Guide should ideally be your companion, a quick reference, and a source of tips and tricks.
  • If you want to be flexible, CAPM training online is the way to go. However, if you want to finish the class quickly, the classroom session is the one for you.
  • CAPM training course online enables you to prepare whenever and however much you want. However, whichever option you select, make certain that the CAPM Guide is comprehensive.