Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics 2025


Math majors gain a deep understanding of the subject. They also develop a strong foundation in computing, which makes them stronger applicants for jobs and graduate programs. The program offers four options for undergraduate study: Applied Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Computer Science, and Statistics.

Review of numbers and operations; exponents and radicals; linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions; introductory calculus.

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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

A bachelor of science in mathematics is a degree that offers intellectual challenges and wide-ranging career opportunities. It is also a great foundation for graduate study. You will learn how to apply mathematical models and statistical techniques to analyze real-world problems and make data-driven decisions.

You can take a variety of different roles with a bachelor of science in mathematics, including actuarial work, computer science, or even teaching. Many students choose to work in the field of banking, where a good knowledge of math is required. A BSc in math is also an excellent choice for careers in general management, where you can use your problem-solving skills to oversee the various functions of a business.

The major in mathematics provides a broad introduction to the subject, with core classes covering algebra, analysis, geometry, and probability. It also enables you to customize your program of study based on your interests. The degree also allows you to take courses in complementary disciplines such as physics, economics, computer science, and engineering. The BA and BS degrees are very similar, but the BS degree requires more science and laboratory classes.

Bachelor of Mathematics Online

With a bachelor of mathematics online degree, students can build the analytical skills and critical thinking needed to work in fields like education, business, actuarial science, data analytics and more. This program also provides a solid foundation for students who plan to pursue a master’s degree in the future.

Students in this program will complete a combination of math core courses, math electives and specialized coursework such as calculus, differential equations and introductory computer programming. The program also features a built-in data science minor to help students develop digital skills that are essential in today’s data-driven economy.

The BMath program offers flexible course schedules, which make it possible for students to earn their degree at their own pace. The course content includes lectures, assignments and tests, which can be completed online at any time. Students can also access recordings of lectures to review at their own convenience. This flexibility allows students to fit classes into their busy lives. Students who are interested in an accelerated degree can take four weeks of classes each semester and graduate in less than four years.

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Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

A bachelor of arts in mathematics is an undergraduate degree that can lead to many different careers. It teaches students to apply the discipline of math to a variety of fields, such as data analytics, financial mathematics, actuarial science, statistics and computer science. The program is also an excellent preparation for graduate school. It provides a solid mathematical foundation and introduces students to topics such as pure mathematics, mathematical physics and statistics. The course requires rigorous study, but it can be rewarding if you like the challenge.

A degree in math can help you develop critical thinking skills that are useful in any career. It is also a great way to prepare for graduate school in business, law, medicine and other disciplines. You can also choose a specialized major in the field of mathematics that will focus on specific areas of study. For example, a bachelor of arts in mathematics with a concentration in bioinformatics can prepare you for an exciting career in the life sciences. The program also offers a concentration that prepares you for New York State initial teacher certification in mathematics, grades 7-12.

Bachelor of Applied Mathematics

A bachelor of mathematics degree is a great way to gain the skills and knowledge that will help you succeed in your future career. It can also provide an excellent foundation for graduate study in many fields. It takes three to four years full-time to complete. The degree can be specialized in actuarial science, applied and industrial maths, computer sciences or statistics.


The curriculum includes the fundamentals of mathematics and introduces you to modern mathematical research. Students will explore the classical foundations of mathematical disciplines like algebra, geometry and topology, as well as contemporary concern with numerical issues spawned by computers in courses such as number theory and differential equations.

A BA degree is a flexible option that allows you to customize your program of study to meet your personal goals and interests. Both the BA and the BS degrees include the same core subjects but the BS program requires a year-long sequence of algebra and analysis. Students can also apply for the honors program, which prepares them for interdisciplinary graduate training.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Jobs

With a bachelor’s degree in math, you can find jobs in many different industries. Whether you want to work in business, finance, computer science, or government, a bachelor’s degree in math can open up a wide range of career opportunities. You can also use your skills in the private sector or nonprofit organizations.

Those who have a passion for math can pursue careers in actuarial science, education, or computer engineering. They may even go on to become teachers or delve into the field of research. Math majors can also earn more money with a graduate degree in a field related to their interests.

A bachelor of arts in mathematics teaches the fundamentals of mathematics and provides a strong foundation for other fields, such as physics or computer science. The curriculum includes courses in pure and applied math, mathematical physics, statistics, and some computer science. In addition, students are encouraged to minor in disciplines with connections to mathematics, such as chemistry, physics, or finance. This helps them become stronger applicants in the job market and for graduate school.

Bachelor of Computer Science and Mathematics

Whether you want to apply math skills in business, science or the arts, this degree program will prepare you to excel in your career. You will learn to analyze information and use your analytical thinking skills to solve complex problems. You will also be able to communicate your ideas effectively through writing and orally.

If you’re interested in a more specialized program, the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics offers a deeper look at the subject. The curriculum emphasizes computer and mathematical modeling, which will give you a competitive advantage in the job market. You can even minor in another field to gain more career options. Emily Kaar ’17, for example, doubled majored in Math and Economics, allowing her to connect with a career in Washington, DC.

The BA program is best suited for adults seeking a career change or advancement, or who would like to enrich their life with the study of the discipline. Earn credits for what you already know through our Pathways to Math Success assessments. You can save time and money by earning up to 12 credits toward your degree for less than $50 per assessment.

Bachelor of Education Mathematics

Math is everywhere – from the grocery store to balancing your checkbook, numbers play an important role in our daily lives. But math is much more than numbers. It’s about critical thinking, logical reasoning and being able to solve problems. These skills can help you succeed in a number of career fields, including business, education and the physical sciences.


Whether you want to work in the world of finance, meteorology or even teach students, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics can take you far. It will give you a strong background in the field, and help you develop your analytical skills. You’ll learn to gather information and organize it logically, and you’ll be able to think critically about each solution.

There are two main types of degrees in mathematics — the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts. The difference between them is mostly bureaucratic, rather than curriculum related. Both provide you with a solid mathematical core within a flexible curriculum, and can be combined with many other majors on campus.

Bachelor of Mathematics and Statistics

Students who graduate from the bachelor of mathematics and statistics program have a broad range of career options. They can work in fields such as logistics, business, management and even medicine. They are in high demand for jobs that require critical thinking and data organization. Graduates also have the skills to find solutions to problems that are complex or involve uncertainty.

The BMath degree program offers a rigorous program of study in all areas of modern mathematics, including algebra, analysis, geometry and topology, mathematical physics and data analytics. It also prepares students for graduate study in applied mathematics or a related field.

Math majors are everywhere – Wall Street, Capitol Hill and Silicon Valley. They compute insurance rates, predict economic trends and create new computer algorithms. Their expertise and problem-solving skills are invaluable in all kinds of industries.

You will learn to analyze problems, solve them with numerical techniques and develop critical thinking skills. The program includes a range of electives, so you can customize your course of study based on your interests and career goals. You can also take classes in complementary disciplines to expand your knowledge of the world around you.

Bachelor of Mathematics Questions and Answers

A math degree is definitely worth considering as it provides a deep understanding of the subject and fosters strong analytical skills. It can lead to a variety of rewarding careers in fields like actuarial science, computer science, finance, and education. Moreover, it serves as a solid foundation for graduate studies.

With a bachelor’s degree in math, you can pursue diverse career paths such as actuarial work, computer science, teaching, banking, general management, and data analytics. The analytical and problem-solving skills gained through the program make math graduates valuable in various industries.

Yes, a math major can be highly valuable due to the wide-ranging career opportunities it opens up. Graduates can find roles in finance, science, technology, education, and more. The critical thinking and problem-solving skills developed during the program are sought after by employers.

Mathematics can be pursued as both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. While the core mathematical subjects are covered in both programs, a BS degree usually involves more science and laboratory courses.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Mathematics degree can secure roles in actuarial science, computer science, education, data analytics, and various business sectors. The program equips students with analytical skills that are applicable across multiple industries.

A Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is a degree program that offers intellectual challenges and versatile career opportunities. It involves applying mathematical models and statistical techniques to analyze real-world problems and make data-driven decisions. The program provides a strong foundation for graduate studies and various professions.

To obtain a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, you need to enroll in a relevant program offered by universities. The curriculum includes courses in areas such as algebra, analysis, geometry, probability, and statistics. You’ll need to complete the required coursework and meet academic requirements to graduate.

You can pursue a math degree online by enrolling in accredited online programs offered by universities. Online math programs typically provide flexibility in scheduling and allow you to complete coursework remotely. This option is ideal for individuals seeking to balance education with other commitments.