AZELLA (Arizona English Language Learner Assessment) Test

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The AZELLA (Arizona English Language Learner Assessment) tests students’ English language skills. It makes sure they meet both state and national standards. This test is key for placing or checking a student’s language skills. If a student’s Home Language Survey says they use a different language, they must take this test to see where they should study.

Once placed in a program for English learners, they continue to take this test each year. The goal is to reach a good level of English. Students who do well then get special help for two more years to make sure they do great in regular classes.

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Key Takeaways

  • The AZELLA assessment helps find the right place for English learners in Arizona.
  • A student’s score on the AZELLA shows where they should study.
  • English learners keep taking the AZELLA every year until their English is good enough.
  • Students who get a good score get extra help for two years in regular classes.
  • This test fits with the 2019 English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS).

Understanding the AZELLA: Arizona’s English Language Proficiency Assessment

The AZELLA (Arizona English Language Learner Assessment) is Arizona’s key test for seeing how well students know English. It checks their English language proficiency in all areas. This test is vital for helping English learners (ELs) in grades K-12 to excel.

What is the AZELLA?

The AZELLA is more than just a test. It’s a way for teachers to understand their students’ English skills. This test looks at if students can listen, speak, read, and write in English. It follows Arizona’s English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) closely. This helps teachers support ELs in their learning.

Purpose and Use of AZELLA

There are two main reasons for the AZELLA: placement and reassessment. When students first show they may need help with English, they take a test. This test figures out their English level and where they should study. After this, students keep taking the test each year. They do this until they get good enough in English to join regular classes.

This reassessment makes sure ELs keep getting better in all language areas. They work on their academic English language development and get stronger in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

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The AZELLA is vital for how Arizona helps ELs. It makes sure they are learning the English skills they need for school and the future.

AZELLA (Arizona English Language Learner Assessment) Test: Key Components

The AZELLA assessment is a key tool for checking how well students in Arizona know English. It looks at many parts of the English language to see where students are strong or need help.

Test Structure and Domains

This test looks at listening, speakingreadingand writing. It checks if students can understand and use English in different situations. The WIDA English Language Development Standards help make sure the test is fair for everyone.

Test Administration and Scoring

Students who are still learning English take this test when they start and every year until they do well. At the beginning, it sets their learning level. Later tests check how they’re improving.

Grades are given based on how well they know English. This helps teachers know what support each student needs.

AZELLA Test ComponentPurposeFrequency
Placement TestDetermines appropriate instructional level for newly identified ELLsAdministered upon enrollment
Reassessment TestMonitors language development and progress of ELLsAdministered annually until proficiency is achieved
Post-Transition MonitoringEnsures continued success of former ELLs in mainstream classroomsConducted for two years after reclassification

The AZELLA is critical for helping students develop academic English. It gives detailed information about what students are good at and what they can work on. This way, teachers can support each student to do their best in school.

Implications for Instruction and Support

The AZELLA test greatly affects how we teach and help students who are learning English in Arizona. It shows us where students need help the most, like in listeningreadingwriting, and speaking. The results help place students in the right learning groups and guide teachers on what to focus on.

Placement and Instructional Planning

The AZELLA test decides how well English students can use the language. This helps put them in the right classes. Teachers look at the detailed test info to make plans that fit the students’ needs. These plans help students learn better.

Monitoring and Reclassification

Every year, the AZELLA test checks how well students are learning English until they are really good at it. The goal is for students to become fluent English speakers. This way, students get the help they need to do well in their classes and become better English users.

The AZELLA test is very important in making sure all students have a fair chance at learning well. It guides teachers on how to help students learn English better. This prepares students for doing well in school and later in life.


The AZELLA (Arizona English Language Learner Assessment) helps evaluate and support English learning from K-12 in Arizona. It checks how well students listen, speak, read, and write. This helps place them in the right classes and understand where they need help. The goal is to help them get good at English and join regular classes.

AZELLA is key in Arizona’s efforts to help English learners. It looks at skills from basic reading to high school levels. This gives teachers a deep look at how students pick up English. The test’s scores are proven to be trustworthy and show how good students are with English.

Using AZELLA’s information, teachers in Arizona can make lessons that fit English learners’ specific needs. They track how they’re doing and help them improve their English over time. This focus on each student’s growth is vital for their future success in regular school classes. The AZELLA is a crucial part of how Arizona aids its mix of students, ensuring everyone is treated fairly in learning English.


What is the AZELLA?

The AZELLA stands for Arizona English Language Learner Assessment. It checks how well students know English. Schools use it to figure out where to place students for English learning.

What is the purpose of the AZELLA test?

The AZELLA helps in two ways. First, it decides where students should start learning English. Second, it sees how well they’re doing each year.

What are the key components of the AZELLA test?

The AZELLA looks at how good students are at listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English. It follows rules set by the state and country.

How does the AZELLA impact instruction and support for English learners?

The AZELLA scores shape which classes students should be in. It also helps plan how to help them learn English better. Teachers use the results to check how students are doing until they are fluent in English.

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