AWS Technical Assessment

aws technical essentials

AWS Technical is a cloud computing platform that offers several benefits for its customers. You can use it to build AWS projects and applications that can be implemented for different business needs. These AWS projects can also be listed on your resume to enhance your job prospects.

AWS Technical Essentials teaches you how to use core AWS products and services. It enables you to make informed IT decisions based on your business requirements.

AWS Technical Essentials

AWS technical support is a set of tools, technologies, programs and people that enable an Amazon Web Services customer to troubleshoot cloud deployment problems or improve the efficiency of their use of public cloud resources. Customers can open a case online or by phone. In addition, they can also get help with various other things, such as performing health checks and acquiring additional cloud resources.

AWS Technical Essentials is a course that introduces the fundamentals of AWS products and services, including compute, database, storage, networking, monitoring and security. This is a great way for students and professionals to start working with AWS and begin building fault-tolerant, scalable and cost-effective cloud solutions.

AWS offers different plans for customers, depending on the type of workload they are using. For example, if a customer is only testing or running a proof of concept, it would be best to opt for the Developer plan. However, if the customer is hosting production workloads and critical systems, it would be better to go for the Business or Enterprise plans. These plans add 24-hour access to customer service and communities, documentation, white papers, and support forums. They also include access to the 7 core Trusted Advisor checks and guidance to provision your resources based on best practices that increase performance and security.

AWS Technical Account Manager

The Technical Account Manager (TAM) at Amazon is a key role that works with customers to help them maximize the value of their AWS investments. They offer guidance and assistance with a wide range of topics, including cloud architecture, best practices, and service-specific recommendations. They also work closely with their customers’ development and operations teams to identify and resolve technical issues.

AWS provides cloud computing platforms that enable companies of all sizes to build and scale complex solutions quickly and cost-effectively. The company offers a variety of tools, including APIs that developers can use to integrate applications with AWS. AWS also has a library of resources for technical information, user guides, and best practices.

TAMs are responsible for guiding customers in their AWS journey and driving customer adoption. They are able to assess and support customers in all aspects of their AWS platform, including the most recent technologies. They are also available during non-business hours to handle urgent issues. In addition, TAMs must be able to communicate with customers in both technical and business language.

aws technical account manager jobs

Technical Account Manager AWS Salary

Hiring an AWS technical account manager can be a great way to maximize the value of your investment in AWS. TAMs help customers understand how to use AWS services and support them in meeting business objectives. They also provide ongoing technical assistance and guidance.

Moreover, they work closely with the AWS sales and customer support teams to ensure that the customer’s requirements are met. This role requires a high level of technical knowledge and the ability to solve complex problems. In addition, the TAM is required to be certified by AWS to demonstrate their skills and expertise.

Besides the salary, TAMs also get the opportunity to interact with some of the world’s most unique and diverse customers, doing groundbreaking work. They may also be able to increase their income by gaining advanced degrees or taking on managerial roles. In addition, if they work for a large company, they may be able to negotiate higher salaries. This is because larger companies have more money to spend on talent. Moreover, these professionals often enjoy working in an environment that encourages innovation and personal growth.

AWS Foundational Technical Review

In addition to its standard support plans, Amazon Web Services offers a number of different programs to help clients optimize performance and cut costs. These include a free technical review and training, building-block architecture support, and funding benefits. These programs help businesses save time and money by allowing them to focus on core business operations.


For example, a company could use the AWS FTR to mitigate risks in its software architecture and ensure that it meets security, reliability, and operational excellence standards. This would enable it to boost its marketplace sales and customer confidence. By demonstrating high levels of security and reliability, it can also increase its credibility, loyalty, and advocacy.

For instance, Imagine Communications used the AWS FTR to validate its SureFire video ad server. This technology delivers linear-like control and brand protection on ad-based CTV and AVOD streaming services. By achieving AWS FTR certification, the company is able to offer customers a consistent experience across all platforms. In addition, the AWS FTR certification allows Imagine to reduce its infrastructure costs and maximize the potential of its solution. 

AWS Partner Technical Accreditation

AWS Technical Accreditation is a recognition that validates the technical expertise of an APN Technology Partner. The accreditation demonstrates an APN Partner’s commitment to providing AWS customers with quality solutions that meet and exceed their business requirements. This certification also enables the APN Partner to access differentiation programs, go-to-market resources and funding benefits.

APN Consulting Partners are professional services firms that help organizations architect, build, migrate and manage workloads on the AWS platform. The criteria for selecting APN Consulting Partners include the depth of AWS knowledge demonstrated through training and certification; the breadth of experience proven by multiple customer engagements; and the technical capabilities confirmed through validation of solution design and delivery processes.

APN Technology Partners provide software that is built on or integrated with the AWS platform. They can provide consulting, professional, managed and value-added resale services, and develop and resell hardware devices. They can offer a wide variety of applications that are suitable for many different industries. Moreover, they can offer continuous optimization, which is necessary for the development of software on a cloud computing platform.

aws technical assessment

AWS Technical Account Manager Jobs

AWS Technical Account Managers (TAM) work with a set of customers to develop and execute strategies that drive customer adoption of AWS services. They also serve as a customer advocate, helping customers to identify and implement cost-saving strategies. They also work closely with AWS teams to resolve any issues that customers may have.

A TAM role can differ slightly from company to company, but is always a technical role. TAMs are often certified engineers and are able to support a variety of technologies. They work collaboratively with a customer’s IT organization to understand their products, typical workflows, and goals.

TAMs are also responsible for ensuring that customer accounts are properly configured and managed. They work with AWS service teams and customer advocates to help customers solve complex business problems. They also provide technical guidance to customers and assist in implementing best practices.

TAMs must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with clients. They must be able to articulate the value of AWS services and solutions to help their clients achieve their goals. They must also be able to proactively manage a large number of projects and initiatives simultaneously.

AWS Technical Account Manager vs Solution Architect


The technical account manager (TAM) at AWS is a position that provides technical and leadership support for a single customer or a few customers. They work with the customer’s IT organization to plan and deploy successful cloud deployments. TAMs are also responsible for managing a customer’s account and helping them realize optimal performance and growth.


Solution architects identify technology-enabled business opportunities. They do this by ideating practical, technical possibilities that represent value to the business. They also regularly review the architectural enablers produced by the SAFe team during PI cycles to ensure that they are delivering their intended functionality.

There are several certifications for solution architects, including the AWS Certified Solutions Architect. This program offers both associate and professional levels of certification, depending on the candidate’s experience. Another popular credential is the Microsoft Azure certification, which is for specialists that use Microsoft technologies to design and build applications and systems. 

AWS Technical Essentials Certification Cost

If you’re looking for a way to gain more credibility in the cloud computing world, an AWS technical essentials certification is worth considering. It provides a comprehensive overview of the cloud platform and offers hands-on practical exposure to core AWS services. This course is ideal for individuals responsible for articulating the technical benefits of AWS services, such as SysOps administrators and IT developers.

The cost of AWS training varies depending on the level of certification you’re after. Foundation level exams are available for $100, while Professional and Specialty certifications require more advanced knowledge. Regardless of the cost, an AWS certification will send a clear message to employers and recruiters that you’re serious about cloud computing. It will also help you to stand out among other candidates, making it easier for companies to hire the right talent.

Those who have already achieved AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate can take a specialty exam, which will validate their skills in a specific domain. For example, if you’re an expert in building Amazon Alexa skills, you can take the AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty exam. The test lasts 170 minutes and costs $300.