ASTB E Practice Test

The ASTB-E exam can be intimidating at first glance. Its seven timed subtests require you to work efficiently without sacrificing accuracy. If you don’t finish a sufficient number of questions on an adaptive subtest before the test ends, you’ll receive a penalty score.

This is why the best ASTB E Practice Test is necessary to help you prepare for the exam. It’s designed to be as comprehensive as possible so that you can get the best scores on every section of the ASTB-E.

ASTB E Study Guide

The ASTB E study guide by Test Prep Books comes with test-taking tips that can help you improve your score on the exam. It also provides a variety of figures and examples to help you better understand the material. This book also includes practice tests and detailed answer explanations.

The book is available as an ebook or in print. It has been specifically designed for the ASTB E. This is a major advantage over other study guides, which contain information from previous versions of the ASTB test.

Mometrix ASTB study guides include an in-depth review of the ASTB test and a practice test with questions similar to those on the actual test. These guides are the best way to prepare for the ASTB exam, and they will help you increase your score.

The ASTB E assesses aptitude, math skills, and reading comprehension. It also evaluates a candidate’s knowledge of aviation and nautical terminology, familiarity with aircraft components and functions, and a grasp of basic flight rules and regulations. Although the ASTB-E is a challenging exam, it can be mastered with the right study guides and practice tests.

Aviation Standard Test Battery

If you’re looking to become a Marine Corps pilot or flight officer, you’ll need to pass the Aviation Standard Test Battery. The ASTB is comprised of seven different sections. Each section is designed to measure specific aptitudes and personal traits. This includes cognitive abilities, spatial understanding, knowledge of aviation and nautical information, familiarity with basic machines, and more. Depending on your admission program, you may also have to take additional sub-sets of the ASTB.

The first four sections of the ASTB are computer adaptive and consist of multiple-choice questions. They cover topics like arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and time and distance word problems. The next section, the ANIT, is another multiple-choice computer adaptive test that covers aviation and nautical information. Finally, the PBM and the BI-RV are both multiple-choice computer adaptive tests that contain 44 pairs of questions.

The ASTB is a difficult exam to prepare for, especially because it has a strict time limit. However, preparing with the right ASTB study guide can make all the difference.

ASTB E Flashcards

If you’re thinking about becoming an officer in the Navy or Coast Guard, you need to pass the ASTB. The test is designed to separate the best candidates from the rest and is used as the basis for choosing who gets accepted into officer training. Our standardized test researchers have uncovered several simple tips to help you succeed on the ASTB.

The ASTB includes seven timed subtests: reading comprehension, biographical inventory, math skills, aviation & nautical information, mechanical comprehension, and naval aviation traits. The test-takers’ responses are based on their ability to choose the multiple-choice answer they believe is correct. The exam questions are computer-adaptive, so they change based on your previous answers.

Taking the ASTB can be stressful and confusing, but it’s important to stay calm throughout the process. Keeping your mind focused on the task at hand can help you perform better and avoid making mistakes that will hurt your score. Getting enough sleep and eating a healthy meal before the test can also make a difference. Lastly, it’s essential to practice the subtests that you will be tested on in order to increase your chances of passing.


ASTB E-Book is a comprehensive review of the Aviation Selection Test Battery exam. It contains detailed explanations of each question, as well as practice test questions that are designed to help you improve your scores. It also includes helpful tips and strategies for studying. This ASTB study guide was made by experts for test takers who want to get a high score on the ASTB-E.

The ASTB-E is a computer-adaptive examination, meaning that the difficulty of each question depends on how you answer the previous one. This means that the first questions may be easy, but the subsequent ones will be more difficult. Therefore, it is important to prepare thoroughly for the ASTB-E.

Our ASTB Study Guide is the perfect study tool for anyone who wants to pass the ASTBE and become a Naval Aviator. It includes practice test questions, test-taking secrets, and easy-to-read essential summaries of the most important concepts on the ASTB-E. In addition, it includes a thorough guide to the math skills test, a review of the reading skills test, an analysis of the mechanical comprehension test, and extensive practice test questions with detailed explanations.

ASTB E Scores

The ASTB-E (formerly the ASTB-I) is used by the Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard to select candidates for officer training. The test assesses a candidate’s aptitude in several cognitive abilities, including math skills and aptitude, ability to extract meaning from written text passages, and familiarity with mechanical concepts and simple machines. The test also includes a section on spatial awareness and aviation knowledge. Those interested in becoming an officer can take the entire test battery or just the Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR) subtests.

A composite score of 5 or higher on the OAR is considered passing and is generally required for admission to non-aviation officer programs. The OAR consists of scores on the Math Skills Test, Reading Comprehension Test, and Mechanical Completion Test.

Each of these sections has a different set of questions, but the overall structure is similar. Examinees are asked to work briskly without sacrificing accuracy, and they should be careful not to guess. The OAR is adaptive, so the difficulty of the questions will vary based on an examinee’s previous answers.

astb-e testing locations

ASTB E Time Limits

The ASTB-E is administered at more than 250 locations, including Naval Officer recruiting stations and NROTC at universities. You can also take the test at military institutes and offices. The exam can be taken up to two times. However, each time you retake the exam you must wait thirty days between each attempt. You must be at least eighteen years old to take the ASTB-E. You will need a valid ID, social security number, and photograph to write the test.

The exam is scored on a percentile basis, meaning that your score compares to the scores of other candidates. Generally, a higher percentile score indicates that you performed better than other candidates. However, it is important to remember that your scores may vary between different adaptive subtests.

The Math Skills and Reading Comprehension sections of the ASTB-E include topics such as basic arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and the calculation of angles, perimeters, and areas. The Mechanical Comprehension section involves deriving meaning from a text passage. While this section can be challenging, Varsity Tutors offers the tools necessary to pass the test.

ASTB E Secrets

If you want to become an officer in the Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard then ASTB E is one of the most important exams you’ll ever take. The exam is very competitive, and you need to do everything you can to improve your chances of passing. Among the best ways to do that is by using top-rated ASTB study guides and practicing as many ASTB practice tests as possible.

ASTB E Secrets is the perfect test prep solution for anyone who wants to pass the ASTB exam. It includes comprehensive practice questions and detailed answer explanations, which will help you learn the material needed to succeed. It also includes a detailed overview of the ASTB, a guide to math skills tests, an examination of reading comprehension, a review of mechanical comprehension, and an analysis of aviation & nautical information.

You can get ASTB E Secrets either as a printed book or an ebook. The ebook is available for instant download and doesn’t require any software or special reading programs. The printed version of the book typically ships within one business day of ordering and comes with a money-back guarantee.

How Many Times Can You Take ASTB E

If you are interested in becoming an officer in the US Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard you will need to pass the ASTB test. Fortunately, you can retake the ASTB test up to three times. However, you need to be sure to prepare properly each time. It is important to take a quality ASTB E study guide that includes practice tests and detailed answer explanations.

ASTB E practice questions should be taken under timed conditions to simulate the pressure you will experience on test day. It is also important to get a good night’s sleep and eat well before the exam. Being rested and having a positive attitude will allow you to perform your best.

The ASTB-E is made up of seven timed subtests: mathematics, reading comprehension, mechanical reasoning, aviation and nautical knowledge, naval aviation traits facet inventory (NATFI), performance-based measures battery, and biographical inventory with response validation (BI-RV). The ASTB-E also utilizes computer adaptive testing, meaning that the test adapts to the examinee’s responses. Correct answers are followed by items of greater difficulty, while incorrect responses are followed by questions of a lower level.