API 580 Certification

api 580

The API 580 Exam is a certification exam that assesses an individual’s knowledge of Risk Based Inspection. Its questions are based on API Recommended Practice 580 Risk-Based Inspection, 3rd Edition 2016. This exam is closed book and requires 3.25 hours to complete.

The API 580 Certification is valid for three years. You can apply for recertification 90 days prior to your certification expiration date.

API 580

API 580 Exam is a certification for inspectors, engineers, and petrochemical industry professionals that demonstrate their wide knowledge and high level of expertise in Risk-Based Inspection (RBI). The exam is based on the API Recommended Practice 580: Risk-Based Inspection, 3rd Edition, 2016. It takes 3.25 hours to complete and has 90 questions, 80 of which are scored. It is closed-book and no reference materials are allowed.

The API 580 exam is held at Prometric computer-based testing centers around the world. You must apply to take the exam through API’s website. You will need to provide documentation of your education and experience.

You can prepare for the API-580 exam using our free practice tests. These are available in PDF and desktop-based formats. They have been designed to match the format and criteria of the real exam. They also include flash cards for key terms and a glossary of important concepts. You can choose to purchase a subscription that updates you on the latest API-580 exam questions as they become available. These updates are provided for a period of 3 months from the date of your purchase.

API 580 Training

The API 580 exam is designed to test the knowledge and expertise of inspectors in the field of risk-based inspection (RBI). It covers the minimum and recommended elements for developing, implementing, and maintaining an RBI program. It also provides guidance to owner-users, operators, and designers of pressure-containing equipment for integrating RBI into their operations.

The exam is 3.25 hours long and consists of 90 questions, 80 of which are scored. The remaining 10 are pretest questions and do not count towards the final score. The questions are multiple-choice and closed-book. It is important to note that paper and reference materials are not allowed in the exam.

The exam includes questions based on the API Recommended Practice 580 Risk-based Inspection; 3rd Edition, February 2016. Many of these questions are based on experience rather than knowledge and understanding. This is a good thing, as API intends to verify your ability to apply and interpret your knowledge, not simply memorize facts. In fact, many of the questions have irrelevant information included in them, which is not meant to confuse you but simply to test your ability to separate relevant and irrelevant information.

API 580 Certification Cost

API 580 is an exam that validates a person’s knowledge of Risk Based Inspection. This certification is a great addition to a person’s professional credentials and demonstrates their expertise in this area. It is also a way to stand out from other candidates at job interviews. It is important to prepare for this exam properly before taking it.

To qualify to take this exam, a person must have an associate degree or equivalent experience. They must also have at least 10 years of industry experience. This experience must be documented on the application. Additionally, an individual must pass a background check and drug screening.

It is recommended to register and receive API approval (API authorization email) at least 3 months prior to your selected test window. This will ensure that you have a good chance of getting your preferred test center and date for the allocated 3-week test window. You can change your location or date up to 30 days before the last day of the test window for free, and between 5 and 29 days for a fee of USD 70 per change.

API 580 Course

The API 580 course is a training program that will give you the knowledge and skills to implement and sustain a risk-based inspection (RBI) program. It covers the minimum and recommended elements of a RBI program and provides guidance to owner-users, operators, and designers of pressure-containing equipment for developing and implementing an inspection program.


This course teaches the principles and practices of RBI based on API RP 580, Risk-Based Inspection (3rd Edition). It also includes practical exercises to help students gain hands-on experience in designing an RBI program.

The course is designed for engineers, inspectors, and maintenance personnel involved in corrosion, process safety, mechanical integrity, and RBI in onshore and offshore process industries such as oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, chemical, and power. It is also appropriate for those who have previously completed 510, 570, and 653 inspection certification courses. The exam is offered by Prometric and can be taken at one of their centers around the world. The exam takes 3.25 hours to complete and has 90 questions, 80 of which are scored. The remaining 10 are pretests and do not count toward your score.

API 580 Exam Preparation

The API 580 exam is a comprehensive test that covers the essentials of risk-based inspection. It includes topics like damage mechanism and probability of failure, risk management and mitigation, and reassessment and record keeping. It is a good complement to any other API class. Atlas Online Training offers API-580 practice tests and exam questions, which are the same as those on the actual test. They also provide a simulator and a timed practice test to help you prepare for the API-580 certification exam.

The APi-580 exam is based on API Recommended Practice 580: Risk-Based Inspection; 3rd Edition, 2016. The exam includes 90 questions, of which 80 are scored and 10 are pretest questions. The scored and non-scored questions are shuffled, so you should answer every question.

To qualify for the API-580 exam, you must have at least a BS degree in engineering or technology (1-year required years of experience) or a high school diploma (2-years required years of experience). In addition to meeting the education requirements, you must also document your professional work experience in the oil and gas industry. The exam is administered by Prometric and can be taken at a testing center around the world.

api 580 jobs

API 580 Jobs

The api 580 jobs are highly specialized and require a high level of expertise in corrosion control. This includes implementing corrosion management programs, on stream monitoring, and conducting risk based inspection based on api-580 methodology. Additionally, these professionals must review and approve recommended solutions for coating failures and cathodic protection. This role supports operating facilities, projects, technology deployment, and talent development of new corrosion engineers.

The American Petroleum Institute’s API 580 RBI certification is a valuable professional credential that demonstrates your advanced knowledge of risk-based inspection. It shows employers, owner/operators and clients that you have a deep understanding of this vital field. API 580 is available for inspectors who hold 510 pressure vessel, 570 piping and 653 above ground tank inspection certifications.

Mike has over 20 years of experience providing Inspection, RBI, and PSM program implementation, management, and training in the refining, gas processing, petrochemical, and chemical industries, half of which was directly with major oil and chemical companies. He is also a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP). He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kansas and is certified to API 580.

API 580 Passing Score

API 580 is a professional certification for inspectors, engineers, and other professionals working in the oil, gas, refining, petrochemical industry. It is a great way to show your employers and clients that you have a deep knowledge of Risked Based Inspection (RBI). This exam can be taken at in-person test centers or via remote proctoring.

api 580 class

The API 580 exam consists of 70 questions that must be answered in 3.25 hours. It covers the following topics: Damage Mechanisms, Probability of Failure and Consequences of Failure, and Risk Mitigation and Management. In addition to these topics, there are also 10 pretest questions that are not scored. The exam is open book, but only the API RP 580 publications listed on the Effectivity Sheet are permitted during the open-book section of the exam.

To pass the API-580 exam, you must have a good understanding of the subject matter and be able to answer all of the questions correctly. You can prepare by reading API RP 580 and by taking practice exams. It is also a good idea to participate in study groups with people who have the same goal as you. This will help you get additional knowledge and build your confidence level.

API 580 Study Guide

The API 580 exam study guide includes practice tests and exam questions with answers. It also has flash cards for quick reference. This comprehensive package is the perfect complement to any Atlas API 580 class, whether it’s online or traditional classroom training. You can even use the flash cards to study on the go, while driving or working.

The study guide covers the API RP 580: Risk Based Inspection, Third Edition and is designed to help individuals develop advanced knowledge and skills in RBI. The certification is an internationally-recognized validation that identifies you as skilled in RBI. To be eligible for this exam, you must have a current API 510, 570, or 653 certificate and work experience in the oil industry.

If you want to pass the API-580 exam on your first try, you should get the right study materials. These study resources will help you stay motivated and give you a better chance of passing the test in one go. You should also consider joining a study group. This will not only allow you to share ideas and discuss your doubts with other candidates but will also help you learn more about the exam topics.