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The API 571 Exam is a professional certification that validates advanced knowledge and skill in corrosion and materials. This certification is important for those involved in inspection of pressure vessels, piping, tanks, and boilers.

The 66 damage mechanisms in this recommended practice cover situations encountered in the refinery industry in pressure equipment. CASTI offers a comprehensive training program to prepare you for the API 571 Exam.

API 571

API 571 exam is designed to meet the needs of inspectors working in the petrochemical industry. It can be taken by corrosion engineers, integrity engineers, RBI engineers, maintenance engineers, and pressure vessels/piping/tanks/boilers inspection professionals. The API 571 certification will enhance your professional profile and provide a competitive advantage in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. The API 571 damage mechanisms course is designed to prepare candidates for this exam. This training will help you understand the various types of damage mechanisms and how they can be detected and corrected. It will also cover the underlying issues behind these damage mechanisms, and you’ll learn to identify if there is a potential corrosion issue.

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API 571 Certification

The API 571 Corrosion and Damage Mechanisms Certification exam is a test that validates specialized inspectors, corrosion engineers, and chemical engineers in the oil & gas industry. The examination consists of 70 questions that must be answered in 3.25 hours. The exam is designed to assess a candidate’s knowledge of the corrosion processes in refinery equipment and piping systems.

Candidates may take the exam online or in a testing center. Both versions of the exam are offered in English. Certification is valid for three years. Upon expiration, an inspector must reapply for recertification. Re-certification requires a fee and the passing of a full examination.

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API 571 Course

API 571 course is a highly specialized training for inspectors, corrosion engineers and other professionals in the oil and gas industry. It demonstrates knowledge of the different damage mechanisms in equipment such as pressure vessels, piping and tankage. The API 571 exam consists of 70 questions and is administered in three hours. It requires a score of 70% to pass.

The PetroKnowledge API 571 course is designed for anyone who plans to register for the API 571 Corrosion and Materials certification examination or any other inspection professional that wishes to thoroughly understand all 66 damage mechanisms found in API Recommended Practice 571 “Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in Refineries.”

CASTI’s online program includes lessons, practice exam questions and step-by-step solutions to help candidates prepare for the API 571 examination. The program also offers access to a live instructor. This enables students to ask questions and get immediate answers to their questions. The program is separate from the API 571 examination, which must be scheduled separately with API. The cost for the exam is not included in the course price.

API 571 Damage Mechanisms

The API 571 exam covers a broad range of damage mechanisms affecting fixed equipment in the refining and petrochemical industries. The course is intended for specialized inspectors and engineers in the field of corrosion engineering. The training course includes detailed explanations of the critical factors for each damage mechanism and their implications. It also explores basic prevention, inspection and on-line monitoring methods for each damage mechanism.


This is a five and a half day course that is offered by Pro-Surve Technical Services. The instructor is Marc McConnell, a well-known industry leader and corrosion expert. He used to be involved in writing the API RP’s and Standards. His courses have a very high pass rate.

The specialized API-571 damage mechanisms certification is ideal for inspectors, engineers and QA/QC professionals. This certification validates that the delegate has a thorough understanding of damage mechanisms seen in the refining and petrochemical industry. The knowledge is necessary to help identify potential damage and determine the remaining life of equipment. It also helps prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations that could result in loss of containment or unplanned outages.

API 571 Exam Preparation

The API 571 exam is a comprehensive examination that covers the entire scope of damage mechanisms in oil and gas pipelines. It consists of 80 questions and must be completed in 3.25 hours. The test is closed-book and multiple-choice. The test has a set passing score. It is important to study the exam materials thoroughly to increase your chances of passing.

The best way to prepare for the exam is to choose a training program that offers a full range of learning tools and support. CASTI offers a complete API 571 preparation course that includes detailed lessons, practice exams, and step-by-step solutions. They also offer e-instructor support and a money back guarantee.

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API 571 Jobs

The API 571 exam, or the Corrosion and Materials exam, is a highly advanced certification for corrosion engineers and inspectors working in the petrochemical industry. It features a wide range of topics and is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of these professionals. It is often a requirement for employees who work in fixed equipment mechanical integrity roles at oil refineries and other petroleum or petrochemical facilities. The exam also covers general damage mechanisms that may occur in these environments and the use of common NDT techniques, including RT, UT and MT. The test is 7.5 hours long and contains 170 questions.

API 571 Study Guide

The API 571 Corrosion & Materials Exam is an advanced corrosion and materials professional certification that validates the knowledge of specialized inspectors, corrosion engineers and chemical engineers. The course covers all 66 damage mechanisms that can occur in the industry, including cracking, leaking, crevice corrosion, erosion, electrochemical attack and many others. The certification is valid for three years, and you can re-certify at any time after 90 days. 


There are many benefits to becoming API certified, from job security to recognition in the field. But preparing for an API exam can be daunting. It’s important to study for the right things, so you can get a high score on the exam. You can find a variety of API certification study guides online, but not all are created equal.

The API 571 study guide is written by experts and includes a comprehensive exam preparation program that teaches you how to pass the API 571 test. The program consists of a series of videos, lessons and practice exams. It also provides a complete list of exam topics and a study schedule. It’s a great way to prepare for the API 571 exam without paying for expensive exam training courses.

API 571 Training

The API 571 exam is a specialized certification for engineers, inspectors and industry professionals who want to demonstrate knowledge of damage mechanisms observed in the oil, gas, petrochemical and refining industries. It’s important for anyone who inspects or maintains equipment to know the different damage processes and how to identify them so that they can prevent the failure of the equipment.

The AP-571 training is an excellent option for those who are looking to prepare for the API 571 examination. It offers a five-day course with instruction from Marc McConnell, a corrosion leader and API-certified instructor who used to be involved in the writing of the API RP’s & Standards. In addition to the training, the company also offers premium access to the API 571 study guide and practice exam.

This course is designed to help students pass the API 571 exam in one go. It covers all the exam topics and provides a variety of learning methods, including videos and quizzes. It also includes the latest API 571 dumps, which are constantly updated.