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The Australian Medical Council 2025 (AMC) is a national standard-setting and accreditation authority for medical education and training in Australia. It was founded in 1985. The AMC’s purpose is to ensure that the medical profession’s education, training, and assessment standards promote and preserve the health of Australians. The Australian Medical Council (AMC) is a non-profit national agency that sets standards for medical education and training in Australia.

The AMC strives to foster a culture that respects, supports, and benefits from diversity. The AMC recognizes that its workforce is diverse and is committed to ensuring that its people policies and procedures are fair and transparent. Recognizing the value of individual variations in the workplace is an important part of workplace diversity. The AMC recognizes that in order to realize its goal of being a preferred employer, it must continue to assess its people policies and procedures and generate resources to implement better practice ways to meet the needs of its diverse workforce.

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AMC Examinations

The AMC examinations are designed to assess the level of medical knowledge, clinical skills, and attitudes required of freshly qualified Australian medical school graduates who are ready to undertake intern training.

They include a computer adaptive test (CAT), a multiple-choice question (MCQ) exam, and either an AMC Clinical exam or a workplace-based evaluation. To proceed with the AMC examinations procedure, your examination status must be indicated as “Eligible”:

• The AMC CAT MCQ Exam assesses knowledge of medical principles and practice in general practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, and obstetrics and gynecology.

• The AMC Clinical Examination evaluates medical, surgical, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, and psychiatry clinical abilities. It also looks at how well you communicate with patients, their relatives, and other healthcare professionals.

• The AMC Workplace-Based Assessment — in order to be employed in an eligible clinical position for WBA, you must have completed the AMC CAT MCQ Examination and been awarded registration by the Medical Board of Australia before applying for a WBA program directly to a WBA provider.

AMC Functions

The AMC’s major functions include:

• accrediting medical education and training providers and their programs

• developing standards, policies and procedures for the accreditation of medical programs and for the assessment       of international medical graduates seeking registration in Australia

• assessing the knowledge, clinical skills and professional attributes of overseas qualified medical practitioners           seeking registration in medicine under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law

• assessing the case for recognition of medical specialties

• giving advice and making recommendations to federal, state and territory governments and agencies, including           medical regulatory authorities, in relation to
o accreditation and accreditation standards for the medical profession
o the registration of medical practitioners
o the assessment and recognition of overseas qualifications of medical practitioners
o the recognition of medical specialties.

MCQ Examination

The AMC Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) MCQ Test is a fully integrated multi-choice question examination administered by computer in a single 3.5-hour session in examination centers throughout the world. There are 150 A-type MCQs on the exam (one correct response from five options) It emphasizes on essential medical knowledge, such as illness process understanding, clinical examination and diagnosis, as well as investigation, therapy, and management.

You must accomplish all 150 of the tasks. Failure to complete all 150 scored items on the exam may result in insufficient data for a reliable determination of your ability and, as a result, an AMC adaptive scale result. ‘Fail —Insufficient data to obtain result’ is the examination result.

MCQ Examination Results

The AMC has been working on a procedure that will allow candidates to download their AMC CAT MCQ Examination results by logging into their AMC candidate account, in order to align with the Clinical examination.

Four weeks after the AMC CAT MCQ Examination, candidate results will be available for download at 9.00 a.m. on Thursday. This improved approach eliminates the need for paper and manual processing, allowing candidates to receive their results faster. Candidates’ results from prior AMC CAT MCQ Examinations issued after February 2011 are likewise subject to this process. Candidates must still request a duplicate copy of their results via the Request for Duplicate Copy of Results form for results released before February 2011, as this process needs retrieval from the AMC’s archive system.

AMC Practice Test PDF

The AMC has created a number of books that can be used not just to help overseas medical graduates prepare for the AMC tests, but also as a useful aid in clinical practice. You should review and take practice tests as part of your preparation for the MCQ exam. If you’re looking for AMC handbook of MCQ PDF, AMC MCQ handbook PDF free download, or AMC MCQ handbook PDF, you’ve come to the right place. To familiarize yourself with the exam, we recommend taking our AMC MCQ practice test.


AMC Questions and Answers

The average annual pay at AMC Theatres ranges from $18,184 for a Concession Stand Worker to $144,328 for a Database Manager. The average hourly wage at AMC Theatres ranges from $7.50 for a Guest Service Agent to $26.27 for an HVAC Mechanic.

The medical examination is conducted by a doctor or an institution. Rates differ depending on the physician. For current prices, contact your local jurisdiction or an approved physician or medical facility. The price, however, varies from $100 to $500.

Is a national standard, independent working body tasked with evaluating International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and accrediting medical schools and specialize medical colleges.

It is quite difficult to pass this exam.

Taking the AMC exam demands advance planning, full attention, and, eventually, a foolproof study plan. Additionally, eating well and staying physically and mentally active are important factors to consider.

In Australia, IELTS is not necessary for the AMC exam. International medical graduates, on the other hand, require IELTS after passing the AMC 1 and AMC 2 exams in order to apply for jobs or internships at Australian medical institutes. (each segment has a 7.5 band)

The AMC 10 and AMC 12 answer forms take around three weeks to score and report after the competition.

It’s largely about sticking to a game plan that includes creating a study schedule, staying focused on the exam, and starting early with preparations.

The AMC exam lasts 40 minutes.

The AMC Multiple Choice Questions should be the first item to go over. To gain a sense of the types of questions that will be asked in the exam. Don’t rely on a large number of books. The next step is to comprehend the practice pattern. Using a real-time AMC MCQ preparation tool like Prepengo, practice managing time.

Yes, as long as a student is qualified to compete in the proper events.

Many of you have probably heard that the General Medical Council (GMC) of the United Kingdom would accept USMLE, MCCQE, and AMC pass results for full registration consideration. This would then allow these people to work as doctors in the United Kingdom.

The first section of the AMC exam is fairly difficult, while the second part is exceedingly difficult.

The AMC is waiving the $25 charge for the online MCQ Trial Examination during this development time, making the trial completely free. When finished, the new system will include the following features: New questions with frequent updates Improved feedback to users after response selection

The AMC stand for Australian Medical Council

Is to ensure that the medical profession’s education, training, and assessment standards promote and preserve the health of Australians.

Yes, absolutely! It is worthwhile for the following reasons: – These Bridging Courses provide an introduction to the Australian Medical System. – It establishes a network of possible colleagues and referees – It considerably improves your exam performance.