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Throughout the 1980s, aerobics swept through popular culture. It was featured in music from Olivia Newton-John to John Travolta, and on television shows from Dynasty to Perfect. It was also promoted by a range of highly regarded fitness organizations.

AFAA believes that when you transform bodies, you also transform lives. Its new name reflects this vision.

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AFAA is the world’s leading group fitness certification company. Its trainers are a part of an international community that is dedicated to changing lives. As a member of the Preferred Club Partnership program, your facility can attract and retain AFAA-certified professionals and enjoy exclusive partner benefits, including live workshop incentives and preferred pricing. As the group exercise experts, AFAA-certified trainers have the practical knowledge and training to help their students achieve the results they seek.

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AFAA has been around for decades and is well-known as one of the top certifications for personal trainers. The certification has a written portion, which is followed by a practical portion. The exam is not considered easy, but there are a lot of resources available to help you prepare.

Most AFAA packages include study materials, practice quizzes with answers, and a digital subscription to American Fitness Magazine. Some include a workshop and a personal training exam. They also offer a variety of other perks such as a discount on a future Group Fitness Instructor exam.

These packages range from $500 to $699, depending on which ones you choose. The prices don’t include the cost of the AFAA Group Fitness Instructor exam, which is usually about $300. Most of these packages are a bit more expensive than those offered by other certifications, but they do include more study materials. In addition, these packages include time-tested study techniques, such as spaced repetition flashcards and mnemonics. This will help you learn faster and better, making it easier to pass the AFAA exam.

AFAA Practice Test

AFAA personal trainer certification is a great way to start your career in the fitness industry. However, the exam is challenging. If you don’t prepare properly, you may not pass the test. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help you study for the exam. AFAA also has group certification workshops, which can help you learn more about the material and prepare for the written and practical portions of the exam.

Unlike other certification exams, the AFAA exam has both multiple-choice and matching questions. It consists of 120 questions, with 20 unscored. The unscored questions do not count toward your final exam score. You have 120 minutes to complete the exam, which is more than enough time for most people.

Getting a good score on the AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer Exam is possible with careful preparation. You need to understand the critical concepts and study hard so that you can answer as many questions as possible correctly. You can also improve your chances of passing the exam by taking a few practice tests before you take it.

AFAA Approved CEU Courses

Finding continuing education credits for fitness professionals can be challenging. Most home study courses are not designed for the needs of fitness professionals and many do not have the accreditation required by most certifying bodies. But Exercise ETC offers a wide variety of CEC courses for fitness professionals!

AFAA Group Instructor Certification (GFI) teaches you industry-recognized methods for leading group fitness classes. This online course includes a voucher with enrollment that gives you prepaid access to sit for the certifying AFAA GFI Exam upon completion of the course and eligibility.


Sustaining Mobility & Movement provides group exercise instructors and personal trainers with tools to uncover dysfunctions in the body’s kinetic chain. These dysfunctions can lead to poor movement patterns and injury risk for clients/students.

Golden Hearts focuses on designing and teaching fitness programs for seniors. This online course explores the physiological changes that occur during and past midlife, as well as programming strategies for this age demographic.

This online program is pre-approved for NFPT CECs by the National Federation of Professional Trainers. However, not all NFPT courses are awarded the same number of CECs. Please check the awards statement on each course page to find out how many CECs your program will award.

AFAA Certification Requirements

If you’re interested in becoming a group exercise instructor, AFAA is the way to go. The certification program offers a variety of study materials, including online video lectures, presentations, and readings. It also covers the basics of fitness assessment, customer service, first aid, and teaching skills.

AFAA is a world-wide leader in fitness and TeleFitness education and has been providing professional fitness training since 1983. It has certified over 300,000 health and fitness professionals in 73 countries. Its professional fitness programs include personal trainer, aerobics and group exercise instructor.

Most group fitness certifications require you to earn continuing education units (CEUs) to renew your certificate. This process is usually a bit more expensive than obtaining the original certification, but it is important to maintain your credentials in the field of fitness. AFAA is one of the most lenient when it comes to CEU requirements, requiring only 15 hours before your two-year renewal deadline. This makes it a great choice for new group fitness instructors who are still learning the ropes.

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AFAA Group Fitness Study Guide

This AFAA Group Fitness Study Guide provides students with the practical techniques needed to teach group exercise classes. It explores different group exercise modalities, including yoga, boot camp, cycle, and strength training. It also includes an exploration of class design, music usage, and instructional technique. This course is available online, so you can learn at your own pace.

This study package is designed to help you pass the AFAA Group Fitness Instructor certification exam and prepare for your career in group fitness. It includes a study guide that is emailed to you, and downloadable videos of IFTA Master Fitness Presenter/Instructor Greg Sims reviewing the material. You can access these videos up to 5 times before you need to email the IFTA team with proof of completion.

You will also learn about the foundations of exercise science and human movement through an in-depth exploration of anatomy & exercise science. Moreover, you will learn how to properly prepare and lead safe and effective warm-ups for a variety of group exercise modalities. Finally, you will learn the fundamentals of incorporating nutrition in the fitness industry.

AFAA Group Fitness Test Answers

AFAA provides an online group fitness certification course that teaches the fundamentals of teaching in a group setting. The course covers topics including: muscular strength or endurance, cardiorespiratory conditioning, flexibility, skill development, and group dynamics. It also includes a written exam and a practical demonstration of class skills. Upon successful completion, participants receive an official AFAA Group Fitness certificate.

Which of the following is a training variable that should be considered when designing an exercise program? – Answer: alignment

AFAA Certification Renewal Application

IFTA requires all certification holders to maintain a current level of knowledge and competency in the latest fitness instruction. This is accomplished through continuing education and re-certification. The certification renewal application is an important part of this process.

Certifications are valid for two years from the date of issue. To renew, you must earn a minimum of 10 cec’s during the two-year period. All cec’s must be from IFTA approved workshops, courses, certification or IFTA home study options.

The IFTA website has a list of approved and non-approved CEC’s that can be used towards a certification renewal application. Courses that are not eligible for CEC’s include kinesio taping, diagnosing, massage therapy, counseling, hypnosis or chiropractic or physical therapy techniques (e.g. ultrasound, manual tissue/joint manipulation, acupuncture). A current adult CPR/AED certificate is required for recertification.

The online application allows you to edit the form before submitting. You can insert fields, highlight or blackout data for discretion, and even add a signature. Once you are finished, you can submit the form by email or through a URL. You can also download or print the form, or transfer it to your preferred file storage service.

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Questions and Answers

Incorporated in 1983 and based in Gilbert, Arizona, the Athletics and Fitness Association of America is a company that offers fitness education.

Athletics and Fitness Association of America certification is one form of fitness certification offered by this industry pioneer. Your career as a personal trainer, group fitness teacher, nutrition coach, wellness coach, or other fitness professional may be launched or advanced with the aid of an AFAA certification.

AFAA stands for Athletics and Fitness Association of America.

Although there are many resources available to you, the test is not thought to be particularly easy. The most crucial thing is to take preparation seriously.

You must complete at least 15 approved hours of continuing education units (CEUs) during each of your two-year certification renewal cycles in order to maintain your AFAA certification. These CEUs must include at least 2 from AFAA courses. CEUs can be obtained from organizations that have received AFAA approval or by petitioning for approval of non-preapproved courses.

A connected, comprehensive training experience is produced by the interaction of 5 components. The following components ought to be included in every class, according to AFAA.

You must select a certification program that aligns with your fitness career objectives if you want to become AFAA certified. The AFAA offers certifications in many different areas, including group fitness, personal training, nutrition coaching, and indoor cycling.

To pass the AFAA group fitness exam, you need to study the online course material thoroughly and understand the concepts of fitness, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and group exercise instruction. Some tips to prepare for the exam are:

  • Review the exam blueprint and focus on the topics that have more weightage, such as the human movement system and teaching multi-training and exercise techniques.
  • Use the study guide, flashcards, practice exams, and videos provided by AFAA to reinforce your learning.
  • Join a study group or find a mentor to help you with any questions or doubts.
  • Record yourself teaching a mock class and get feedback from others.
  • Relax and be confident on the exam day.
  • Finish all of the chapter and course quizzes.
  • Read the appendices and the textbook.
  • Go over the study manual.
  • Review the quizzes for the domain. -Pass the mock tests.
  • Create your own cheat sheet on topics you don’t understand and go over it at night before the test.
  • Make a study schedule and follow it. A realistic deadline for the exam and ample time for each topic should be set.
  • Reread the definitions of the essential words at the end of each chapter. Make sure you comprehend them and can use them in a variety of situations.
  • View the demos and videos offered by AFAA. Pay close attention to the instructor’s instructions, transitions, changes, and safety advice.
  • Use the quizzes and practice tests to gauge your progress and determine your strong and weak points. Review the justifications for the right and wrong responses.
  • Ask for assistance from other AFAA-certified trainers or instructors. Ask them for suggestions, criticism, and assistance. To communicate with other candidates, you can also join online discussion forums or groups.

If you are interested in working as a personal trainer or group fitness instructor, the AFAA is a good certification to have. Since 1983, AFAA has been a pioneer in the fitness sector and has certified over 350,000 fitness experts. The National Commission for Certifying Agencies has validated AFAA’s certifications as meeting its exacting criteria.

Your personal and professional objectives will determine if earning an AFAA certification is worthwhile. The AFAA certification can be a worthwhile career investment if you have a passion for fitness and want to assist others accomplish their health and wellness goals.

The National Commission for Certifying Agencies is proud to accredit the AFAA CGFI certification (NCCA). The NCCA is a nationally renowned third-party organization that confers accreditation on certification programs that can adhere to and meet its requirements.

Although they are not the same, NASM and AFAA are related. The acronyms NASM and AFAA refer to two different organizations: the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America. They both provide several programs and specializations for fitness professionals as professional certification providers.