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ACSM Certified Personal Trainer Exam is a highly respected certification in the fitness industry. The course covers anatomy, exercise physiology, and nutrition, which is on par with most accredited personal fitness training certifications.

It also covers the business side of being a personal trainer, such as income calculations and career options. However, it doesn’t cover movement assessments as well as other mainstream certifications do.


ACSM Certified Personal Trainers are qualified fitness professionals who design and implement safe, effective exercise programs for individuals. They also collaborate with other health care professionals and organizations to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent chronic disease. In addition, they are required to maintain current CPR certifications. To become an ACSM CPT, a trainer must meet certain requirements and pass an exam.

The ACSM CPT exam is administered by Pearson VUE and consists of 150 multiple-choice questions, 120 of which are scored and 30 of which are pretest questions. Test takers have 2.5 hours to complete the exam. Several sections on the exam cover basic personal training topics, including client fitness assessments and the business of being a trainer.

This section of the exam covers basic preparticipation screening assessment, submaximal cardiovascular exercise tests, and muscular strength/endurance, flexibility, and body composition assessments. It also includes a breakdown of special populations and aging considerations, but falls short of covering movement assessments or correctional training. It does, however, offer a good overview of the cardiovascular and metabolic systems.

ACSM CPT Study Guide

To become a certified personal trainer (CPT), you must pass the ACSM exam. This certification requires a high school diploma, CPR/AED training, and the exam fee. To prepare for the exam, you should read and review the ACSM exam objectives. This will save you time by eliminating unnecessary study and will give you a clear understanding of what to expect on the exam.

The ACSM CPT exam includes 150 questions, of which 120 will count toward your final score. The remaining 30 serve as unscored pilot test questions. The exam is designed to take 165 minutes to complete.

The ACSM CPT exam covers the basic elements of a personal fitness program, including cardiovascular and strength training, flexibility, and body composition assessment. In addition, it teaches how to conduct basic pre-participation health screening assessments and submaximal cardiovascular and muscular strength/endurance tests. In addition, it gives a good overview of working with special populations. It also does a great job of covering business skills, as most personal trainers treat their career as a business first and foremost.

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ACSM Certified Personal Trainer Salary

The ACSM personal trainer certification provides a great introduction to the practical and scientific aspects of becoming a fitness trainer. It covers exercise physiology and health sciences more extensively than most other comparable certifications, making it a good choice for trainers who want to work with special populations. It also offers a solid foundation for specialty areas such as strength and conditioning training, health coaching, or corrective exercise certifications.

The certification exam is offered in several locations, and you must be at least 18 years old to sit for it. In addition, you must be CPR-certified and have a high school diploma or GED certificate to qualify. Many successful trainers have additional degrees in sports medicine, personal training, or similar fields.

The best way to prepare for the ACSM Personal Trainer Exam is by reading the official textbook, ACSM’s Fitness Professional’s Resource Manual. To increase your likelihood of passing the test the first time around, you can also use supplementary tools like our practice tests and study guide for the ACSM exam.

ACSM CPT Certification

The ACSM Certified Personal Trainers (ACSM-CPT) exam is a test of the practice-related knowledge that you will need to work as a professional fitness trainer. This exam can be taken anywhere in the world. It is designed for candidates who have a high school diploma or GED, and work primarily with apparently healthy individuals to enhance their physical performance.


The first section of the ACSM CPT exam is devoted to basic science and exercise physiology. Its coverage is in-depth and exceeds that of other mainstream certifications, such as NASM or ISSA. It also covers client fitness assessments. The textbook contains a number of tables that describe how to evaluate aerobic fitness based on age and sex standards. It also includes information on muscle strength and muscular endurance assessments.

The next section is devoted to practical programming and exercise prescription. This includes a comprehensive breakdown of special populations considerations. It also explains how to calculate heart rate intensity formulas, and discusses the appropriate methods for screening clients with chronic diseases. The ACSM also provides a good explanation of how to design workouts that are safe for high-risk populations.

ACSM CPT Exam Cost

When you want to become a certified personal trainer, you need to consider the cost of studying and getting licensed. The costs of the certification process can add up quickly, especially when you take into account the prerequisites, membership and exam fees. You can find more information about the ACSM-CPT exam on its website.

ACSM provides a free exam content outline, and you can buy its study materials online. These study guides and review courses include the ACSM-CPT textbook and a practice exam with multiple choice questions. Some companies also offer bundled book packages and online study tools such as PrepU, which adapts your quizzes to your level of proficiency.

The ACSM-CPT exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions, of which 120 will count toward your score. The other 30 questions function as unscored pilot test items that are used to evaluate the exam’s validity and reliability. The exam is 165 minutes long and you must answer all the questions correctly to pass the exam. You can take the exam for $279 if you are an ACSM member, or $349 if you are not an ACSM member.

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ACSM CPT Exam Pass Rate

The ACSM CPT exam is a challenging but rewarding experience. It is offered year-round at Pearson VUE testing centers throughout the United States and many other locations internationally. The ACSM CPT certification is a valuable asset for any personal trainer, and it can help you get more clients and earn higher pay. It also provides the necessary knowledge to address a growing industry demand.

Unlike other exams that require a certain percentage of correct answers to pass, the ACSM exam requires a minimum score of 550 points on a scale of 200-800. The exam is broken up into four domains, and each one covers a different study topic. Each domain contains 120 scored questions and 30 pretest questions.

The first domain covers basic concepts of exercise physiology and science. It tests recall and application, and makes up 20% of the total exam. The second domain is about the client’s fitness needs and goals. It tests how to assess a client’s readiness for exercise, as well as how to create individualized programs.

ACSM CPT Exam Prep

The ACSM CPT exam is one of the most popular fitness certifications available. Its content is comprehensive, and the certification is a great choice for new personal trainers or those looking to upgrade from another fitness certification. The exam also offers many practice questions and a sample domain quiz that help you know what to expect. The ACSM website provides all of the most reliable information about the certification and its content.

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The main study materials for the ACSM CPT are the ACSM Resources for the Personal Trainer textbook and the CPT Exam Content Outline, which is a free download from the ACSM website. These documents provide the essential knowledge you need to pass the exam. The textbook itself is well written, with diagrams and boxes that break up the text and make it easier to read.

Besides these books, you can find third-party ACSM study guides that include flashcards and practice quizzes. These study guides can help you get a better pass rate on the exam and reduce your studying time by 50%. Moreover, these study guides are available at a much lower cost than the official ACSM packages.

ACSM CPT Requirements

The ACSM exam is one of the most widely-recognized fitness certifications. Its physical activity guidelines are cited by many mainstream health and fitness publications, and its exercise physiologist certification is also well-respected. However, to pass the exam, you’ll need to prepare properly. Our study guide is the most thorough one out there, and it comes with a huge selection of ACSM-CPT flashcards and practice exams.

The CPT exam covers a wide range of topics, with the most important being resistance training and movement assessments. The ACSM also has a robust section on special populations considerations, which is particularly helpful given the organization’s public health focus.

The ACSM-CPT exam includes 120 scored multiple-choice questions and 30 unscored test items. You have 165 minutes to complete the exam. The ACSM offers a number of study packages to help you prepare, but they are pricey. Third-party packages such as the Trainer Academy offer better value and more comprehensive preparation materials. These include study guides, practice exams, and even a money-back guarantee. The study guide includes chapter-by-chapter breakdowns of the main ACSM textbook chapters.