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The Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate (ACA) certification is important in cloud computing. It shows you know about Alibaba Cloud’s main products and services. This guide will help you, giving an overview of what the exam is like, what you need to know, and how to get ready.

The ACA test checks if you understand the basics of Alibaba Cloud, like its structure, how it stays safe, and the best ways to run it. Passing the test means you can use and control the main products, like ECS, OSS, SLB, and RDS.

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Key Takeaways

  • The ACA certification shows you understand Alibaba Cloud’s key services, designing its cloud, and keeping it secure.
  • The test has 120 multiple-choice questions and lasts 2 hours. You need at least 60% to pass.
  • Alibaba Cloud has lots of study materials, like online courses, practice tests, and labs, to help you get ready.
  • The ACA is great for people like Developers, Technical Operators, and Architects. It proves you’re good at using Alibaba Cloud’s main products.
  • Getting the ACA can boost your career and earnings in cloud computing.

For Developers, Operators, or Architects, the ACA is a good goal. Learn the test topics and use the study materials mentioned to start your ACA journey. This can lead to new job chances in cloud computing.

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Understanding the ACA (Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate) Test

The Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate (ACA) certification is for those new to cloud computing. It focuses on Alibaba Cloud’s basic services. The ACA shows you understand the core services, architecture, security, and operations. It is great for Developers, Technical Operators, and Solution Architects wanting to show their skills in managing Alibaba Cloud’s key products.

Exam Format and Requirements

The ACA test has 120 multiple-choice questions and lasts for 2 hours. To pass, you need to score at least 60%. It tests your knowledge of Alibaba Cloud basics, architecture, security, and management.

Recommended Preparation Resources

For the ACA exam, Alibaba Cloud has many study resources. You can find online courses, practice tests, and labs. The “ACT81002 Alibaba Cloud Basic Products” course helps you learn to use Alibaba’s key products like ECS, OSS, SLB, and RDS. There are also practice tests with detailed answers to check your knowledge before the exam.

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Key Domains and Concepts Covered

The ACA certification exam looks at Alibaba Cloud’s basic products. These include Elastic Compute Service (ECS)Object Storage Service (OSS)Server Load Balancer (SLB), and Relational Database Service (RDS). Test-takers must show they know how to use these core cloud services.

Cloud Architecture and Deployment

The exam also covers cloud architecture and deployment topics. Candidates need to understand Alibaba Cloud’s building blocks and how to put them together. This includes setting up cloud services for different needs.

Cloud Security and Compliance

Keeping Alibaba Cloud safe and following the rules is key. So, candidates should know about Alibaba Cloud’s security featuresaccess management, and compliance best practices.

Cloud Operations and Management

The ACA test also checks if you can run Alibaba Cloud smoothly. This means you need to understand how to look after the systems, keep an eye on them, and if anything goes wrong, how to fix it. Being able to handle Alibaba Cloud setups well is important.


ACA (Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate) is key if you want to show how well you know Alibaba Cloud’s core products and services, cloud architecture, security, and operations. When you pass the ACA exam, you prove you’ve got what it takes. This makes you stand out to employers and opens doors in cloud computing.

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This guide gives a quick look at the ACA certification. It talks about what the test is like and how to get ready. With 16 certifications divvied into three challenge levels, the ACA exam is a great first step in showing your know-how in Alibaba Cloud’s cloud solutions.

Following the tips and tools in this guide, those aiming for success in cloud professions can prepare well for the ACA exam. This sets them on track for career growth and recognition in the ever-changing cloud world.


What is the ACA (Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate) certification?

The Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate (ACA) certification is for those starting in cloud services. It’s for people who want to understand and use basic Alibaba Cloud products. The exam tests your knowledge on core services, cloud setup, and more.

What are the exam format and requirements for the ACA certification?

The ACA exam has 120 multiple-choice questions. It lasts for 2 hours. You need to get at least 60% to pass.

What resources are recommended to prepare for the ACA certification exam?

To get ready for the ACA exam, Alibaba Cloud has online courses, tests, and labs. The “ACT81002 Alibaba Cloud Basic Products” course is a good start. So are the practice tests that explain the answers.

What are the key domains and concepts covered in the ACA certification exam?

The ACA exam covers Alibaba Cloud’s basic services, cloud setup, security, and management. You should know about services like ECS and SLB. It’s about understanding the essentials for working in cloud tech.

Who should pursue the ACA certification?

This certification is great for Developers, Tech Operators, and Solution Architects. It shows you know how to set up and use Alibaba Cloud’s key products.

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